The Raven Lord

Heroes of the Storm

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Ruler over the Raven Court, the Raven Lord’s dominion includes that of Cursed Hollow and Haunted Mines. However, in a bid for more power, he extended his reach outward toward Towers of Doom where he is currently battling the Grave Lord for dominance. A regal, learned and rather smug individual, he enjoys watching Heroes battle on his land in pursuit of victory. Offer enough to him and he may bestow his blessing upon you.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Merciless Sun”

In the realm of Raven Court the Raven lord is said to control the world's “merciless sun.” The sun beats down upon the realm until the raven lord releases the powers of darkness upon the enemy, affecting not only their moral, but also releasing the powers of the undead upon them. When the battle begins the Raven Lord player has the ability to control vision on the battlefield. This is represented as a beam of “sun” that is on a set patrol on the battlefield. The patrol has a set length and the player will activate their trait to set the starting point the end point of the sun. Positioning of the sun will be key when playing the Raven Lord. This slow moving beam is reveals an area similar to the size of a Lunara wisp, but unlike the wisp- it cannot be destroyed. The fantasy here is that The Raven Lord will be able to extort his use of the Merciless Sun to aid his team in destroying his enemy… and taking more realms in his name.

Mount-  The Raven Lord will have 2 forms- His humanoid form will have him on foot and dressed as a vampire count. Bleached white skin, high collar, a long sword in one had and a blood filled chalice in the other. When mounted the raven lord will take the form of a large raven and move at a mounted speed. The Raven lord will have a unique basic attack rotation comprised of 2 melee attacks followed by one ranged spell cast basic ability.

Q- “Bite”

This short range melee attack is activated the Raven Lord will bite the enemy and deal a small amount of damage to them. Unfortunately this bite is infectious and will give the enemy unit hit with it a debuff called “Cursed.” Cursed players will have a curse placed on them for a short amount of time. If a cursed player is in the light of the merciless sun they will also take ticking damage until they either leave the sun, the debuff falls off or they are eliminated. This ability can be used on any enemy unit in the game excluding structures.

W- “Drawn to the Light”

The Raven Lord has one skill shot… and this is it! He used his supreme magical powers to summon a purple orb that if it hits a enemy hero or merc will grab them and drag them towards the light of the Merciless Sun. The drag will only last for a short amount of time and will not take them all the way to the light- but will help the Raven lord player place heroes in the sun if the sun is within range. Of course, this can be talented into later to allow the orb to deal damage and drag enemies a further distance.

E- “Cursed”

The Raven Lord is known for his curses… as we all know! When this is activated the Merciless Sun sets and for a very short amount of time the area becomes Unyielding Moonlight. All enemies in this area are unable to attack the raven lord. This ability works on all enemy units including structures and only lasts for a short amount of time. If the Raven Lord uses an ability that calls on the  Merciless Sun, or the timer runs out, this ability will be canceled.

Heroic 1- “Relentless”

If this heroic is activated the area of the “Merciless Sun” will blind all the enemy players in the area and their screens will have a burned in image of what they are looking at when the ability is activated. This image will slowly fade back to the their true view, but allow the friendly team to push forward during this time and confuse the enemy team.

Heroic 2- “Coffin”

This is a crazy idea- so stick with me. When this is activated the raven lord selects a player to place into a coffin. This played is locked in the coffin and is unable to escape its dark reaches. Once the player is placed in the coffin a Raven Lord tribute will spawn near an enemy hero. A member of the enemy team will need to channel this tribute in order for the trapped player to be released. The channel time would be much shorter than the tribute capture on the Cursed Hollow battlefield. This ability is similar to an Anub web wrap, but insted of haveing to destroy the web wrap- the enemy team will need to channel the tribute. The ability can be talented into later to allow the coffin to deal damage to the player that is trapped inside. (Nails in the Coffin)

Specialty Skin

        Lestat (Interview with a Vampire)


Summons a Ghost to “Ballroom Waltz” with.

Kristen’s Choices






My Domain

The Raven Lord rules over every map from on high. He is not a character that appears on the battlefield at any time, helping his allies only from the use of his abilities. In addition, taking structures increases the potency of the Raven Lord’s abilities since, as a ruler, domination is all he asks as tribute.




Lord’s Blessing

A single target ability, Lord’s Blessing buffs the target Hero, giving them bonus movement speed and increased sight, including a brief period of total, unobstructed vision.


Sacred Ground

The ground below the target friendly Hero is now blessed by the Raven Lord. This means two things. First, friendly Heroes that walk on it are blessed with a buff that increases their ability and attack damage for a period of time. It will wear off if they step out of the area. If they step on, they are blessed again. Secondly, the Raven Lord’s E can now be used here for the remainder of the game.


Territorial Expansion

Able to slightly control the battlefield, the Raven Lord can open a portal from the base to a selected area that has been used as Sacred Ground at least once before.


The Curse of the Raven Lord

When activated, whatever tower or towers are being fought by your team do not attack your teammates, however they will still fire on minions. Structures will attack Heroes until they take damage from a Hero.


        Manifest Destiny

The time has come to take the map by storm and push the edge which rightfully belongs to the Raven Lord and his team. When activated, all areas that have been activated as Sacred Ground open up as portals. These portals are all connected, allowing teammates to dive in and out at will, causing nothing short of chaos on the map.


        Overlay Change - Through the Eyes of a Lord

Instead of the usual overlay, it is now made to look like it has been constructed as part of a lavish gothic estate. All colored portions, like the ability pictures and minimap, are designed to look like stained glass.


        Shake Your Tail Feathers

Birds land and shake their tail feathers at the camera.