1. What’s the problem with LinkedIn

2. Stats

Maybe there’s another way..  Set up the challenge.

3. Introduction

4. Question 1 - Whats wrong with LinkedIn right now?

5. Why do you think people use LinkedIn? What are they expecting?

6. How can you do things differently and effectivey

7. Set up the system to follow to generate business

video connection - vineyard - personal

  1. Set goals
  2. Target audience - work out who you want
  3. Find them - search technique - headline; (business coach colon)

Filter by location

filter by second location

4. Send connection video - Show Angus example

What should you say in there? How does one structure it?Can you just straight up get to the point?

5.   Save urls in to folder

6. Audio file what if no response

6.   Phone as quick as you can

7. Bring in branded card -

8. Give offering

How do you ensure you annoy people doing this?

Set the challange - Join us.

8, Pitch to a 5 year old