Charlotte’s Speech 🐰


Think about the people killing the ocean animals. How would you feel if you were that animal? Hi, I’m Charlotte and today I'm going to tell you a little bit about endangered ocean animals. Let's get started. Did you know there are between 700,000 and 1,000,000 sea animals but nearly half of the sea animals are endangered or critically endangered and might even be on the urge of going extinct? Let me try and explain a tiny bit more.🐰💲


Why do you think ocean animals are endangered? Well ocean animals are endangered because of the poachers, medicine, fishing nets, human impact and other animals eating their eggs. For example the Hawksbill turtle, vaquitas, Sea Otters, Sea Cows, whale sharks, florida manatee, blue whales, Hawaiian monk seals, Porpoises, Polar bears and more. Now a fun fact: Did you know Blue whales are known for the biggest sea animal ever known on earth. And the blue whale is the size of 6 elephants, 3 buses and 1 airplane. And it weighs more than 150 tonnes and when the blue whale is fully grown it weighs as much as 24 adult elephants. Did you know the oldest blue whale was 110 years old? Normally blue whales live up to 80 or 90 years. It takes a female, 10 - 12 months for it to give birth to the calf. Has anybody here heard of the blue whale challenge? well apparently indian teens are committing suicide and more than 300 russians have died from it. Please don’t try this at home KIDS.🐰💲


Here are some websites that can help save the ocean animals from going extinct: Oceanic Preservation Society, Marine Conservation Institute, Project Aware, SeaWeb, Marine Bio, and WWF or other World Wild Fund. So sign up to one of those websites and you could be helping the ocean animals live instead of letting them die. Here is a riddle: What did the sand say when the tide came in: Long time no sea. Thank you for listening to my speech byeee🐰💲