Choir Parents Association Meeting

February 11, 2019

Call to Order: 7:08 pm


Chris Schwarz

Nancy Llanos

Amy Rice

Kim Silva

Tyffini Furlong

Rebecca Nice Parrone

Jamie Parks

                Balance on hand (1/14/19:)  $25,849


Total: $13,365.93 (Balance before Expenses)

The above information includes the Cabaret money and because there is more money still in envelopes given here at the meeting and at home, numbers will change.


        Total Expenses: $1368.58

        Other Accounts:

                Cabaret Expenses have not been figured out yet

                Tucker Jones: -$1300.00

                Choir Student Accounts (negative balances): -$1515.60

                Non Choir Students Accounts (negative balances): -$244.63 (hold on graduation)

        Total Other Accounts: -$3060.23

(The Choir Student and Non Choir Student negative balances may go down after bagging)

        Total: $16,426.16


                Ticket Sales: $2420.51


                Joe Lesky: $300.00

                Rebecca Nice Parrone: $28.10 (sparkling cider)

                Jamie Parks: $21.33 (tablecloths)

                Jamie Parks: $8.78 (sugar/creamer)

        Profit: $1945.60        CPA: $972.80  Director’s Fund: $972.80

                Cabaret: In future no posters to advertise, only social media

        Reimbursements: forms need to be filled out BEFORE money is reimbursed.


                Candy procedures need attention - discussion tabled for now

Met with Mr. Wilson regarding school safety. Franklin PTO concerned about evacuations and how to ensure kids are safe and that they go home w/ who they are supposed to go with.  He had no answers for this.

Evacuation Day was due to a phone call threat “Boom”

They discussed the difference between a shelter in place vs. a lockdown

Discussed Shared 911 - Phone system app teachers use.

The group shared gaming license was completed and sent it, no idea when it will be received back.

Marriott $180-ish per person for 2 nights, breakfast included 4 to a room.  No penalty for not using all the rooms reserved.  Trip money goes to Rebecca.  Rebecca will speak to Suzi about trip payment tracking.  Rebecca will speak to Tim about required number of chaperones for the trip.

Publicity: Chris Schwarz does not have artwork, Tyf will forward to Chris.  Chris will email Tim to find out how many signs (wood and yard)

Posters: supposed to be done at the school but new librarian doesn’t want to do them.  Chris will find out why.

Concessions: Sumi, Stella and Eddie will take on concessions.  Tyf will clean out concession part of the closet and label everything.  Rebecca will ask Sumi to get Sign-up Genius ready

T-shirts: 2 companies: Jessie’s T’s and Screenstyles (usually used)  Tyf will coordinate with Tim.  Tim has a special request.  Deadline is 2/25.

Playbill: Avis Good will handle playbill boosters and coordinating ads, boosters, etc.

Costumes: Rebecca will email WSS group regarding shoes required for the show.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM