Early Dismissal --.

01.  Lunch today: Pulled pork, french fries, fruit, milk.

Breakfast tomorrow: Caramel roll, fruit, juice, milk

Lunch tomorrow: Cheese pizza, broccoli w/cheese, fruit, milk.

02. College/Military Reps:

Fri. Jan. 11, MN West law enforcement, 11:30 am during lunch in cafeteria

Thurs. Jan. 24, MN West, 10:00 am


Tues., 1/15 - Dynamic Reading, P1


There will be an FFA Floriculture meeting January 10th in Barron's room.  If you can't make it please talk to Talitha to get more information.

Small Animal Practice after school on Wednesday's

Fish and Wildlife practice during lunch in Library Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

BIG Practice will be next semester during Intro to Agriculture.

Competition for all is February 15th


Turn in your Resume & Cover Letter to Mrs. Ourada ASAP. This is past due and is required for graduation. You will become ineligible to participate in activities if this is not turned in by Mon., 1/14.

Wyatt C., Spencer L., Ethan P., Andrew Q., Erika S., Grace W., Alan Y.

06. Scholarship Deadlines

Feb. 15- Basin Electric Power Coop (Redwood County students)

March 8- Redwood Electric- Operation Roundup (Redwood County)

07. New books in the library. 

365 Days of Wonder   by R.J. Palacio (The Author of Wonder)

A quote for every day of the year about courage, friendship, love, and kindness.  Includes words of wisdom from such noteworthy people such as Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr., Confucius, Goethe, Sappho, etc.

 08. ALICE Training for staff and students will be on Fri., 1/11, 12:50-2:50 PM in the gym..

        This training is not intended to scare anyone or make anyone feel our school is unsafe. As with fire or tornado drills, we want all to be prepared for such situations.

        Scenario trainings for grade levels will be in the media center as follows.

Mon., 1/14 - 9:30-11:30, gr. 12

        12:50-2:50, gr. 11

Tues., 1/15 - 9:30-11:30, gr. 10

        12:50-2:50, gr. 8

Wed., 1/16 - 9:30-11:30, gr. 9

        12:50-2:50, gr.7


Thurs., 1/10 - 6:00-8:30

Fri., 1/11 - 3:30-5:30

Sat., 1/12 - 9:00-noon

Mon., 1/14 - 6:00-8:30 w/potluck

Tues., 1/15 - no practice

Wed., 1/16 - 4:30-5:30

Thurs., 1/17 - 6:00-8:30

Fri., 1/18 - 3:30-5:30

Sat., 1/19 - noon-3:00.

10. The school board approved a 1/2 credit required Lifetime Fitness class.

-Starting with class of 2020, 10-12th grade will be required to take a Lifetime Fitness course to graduate high school.

-You can get a jump start on this by taking Lifetime Fitness 2nd semester as a skinny period 5, as a quarter 3 block in period 3, or as a quarter 4 block period 3.

Talk with Mrs. Ourada if you would like to make scheduling changes to meet the Lifetime Fitness requirement..

11. 2nd semester begins on Tues., 1/22.Students will have ONE DAY, the first day of the new semester, to make changes to their schedule. Make changes before the end of the first day, or no changes to schedule will be accepted. Take a look at your 2nd sem. schedule online. You can make changes with Mrs. Ourada anytime before the 2nd day of 2nd semester.

12. School will dismiss early on Fri., 1/18 with shuttles at 12:30 and regular routes at 12:55.

13. There are a few people who would like to order some clothing so we are doing a second chance order for Fanclothe clothing   The catch is, we need at least 15 items.   We currently have 5 items.  Please spread the word. Contact Mrs. Ross if you’d like to order.

14. The College Physics class will be gone on a Lab final Jan 18.  They will leave at 7:30am and return around 7pm.  This includes Camryn B, Joel B, Daniel D, Parker F, Kate J, Jacob K, Ben O, Jace P, Andrew Q, Nathan R.

15. Snow week has been moved to the week of February 4 - 8.  There will not be a coronation for snow week.  There will be a dance for grades 9-12 on Friday night 2/8 after the boys basketball game.

16. JH Knowledge Bowl - Competing at region competition today, 8:00-3:15 -- Mason B., Colton C., Luke D., Gabe G., Timothy K., Dan K., Zach K., Elijah M.

17. ACT registration deadline is Jan. 11, to take the Feb. 9 ACT.  Register online at  Our high school code is 242665.

18. Speech - Jump Start Clinic 1/12

Bus leaves WB 7:15/ WG 7:40/ Lam 7:55

Turn in your fees

Practice: 1/9  WB 3:30-5:30

               1/10 WG 3:30-5:18.

19. The freshmen and Jay Her will be going on a field trip for physical education on Thursday after lunch (12:30) until the end of the day. 


Saturday January 12, 2019

Walnut Grove Activity Club


5 pm- 10 pm

 Ages 10 and older

  Games, movies & misc.



01. Weekly Progress Reports are due on Wednesdays. Reports are printed by 7:45 AM on Thursdays.

02. PLC on Thurs.., 1/10, 7:45-9:15.


Mon., 2/4 - ECFE at WB, 5:30. No ECFE in January.

Sun., 1/12 - Open Gym at WB & WG, 1:00-3:00.

        Kids’ Open Gym at WB, 3:00-5:00.


Thurs., 1/10 - JH GB at Slayton, 5:00. Bus leaves WB at 4:00.

        BB, SWC at WB, 6:00. Supervisor-Mr. W., Concessions-Juniors, Conc. Supervisor-Sandbulte

        JH BB, MCC at WG, 4:30.

Fri., 1/11 - GB, Ellsworth at WB, 6:00. Supervisor-Theisen, Concessions-Juniors, Conc. Supervisor-Cuff

        WR at Bemidji Tourney

        9th BB at Edgerton Tourney, 6:00. Bus leaves WB at 4:20.

Sat., 1/12 - GB, YME at SMSU, 1:45. Bus leaves WB at 10:15, WG at 10:35.

        BB, YME at SMSU, noon. Bus leaves WB at 10:15, WG at 10:35.

WR at Bemidji Tourney

Speech at Mankato. Bus leaves WB at 7:15 AM.

Cheer at Marshall. Bus leaves WB at 10:00 AM.

Mon., 1/14 - BB, MCC at WB, 5:00 (C game). Supervisor-Theisen, Concessions-Music Boosters, Conc. Supervisor-Nelson/Cuff.

Tues., 1/15 - GB at Edgerton, 6:00.

        JH GB, RRC at WG, 4:00.

        JH BB at Lamberton, 4:00.

Thurs., 1/17 - BB, Springfield at WB, 6:00. Pep band plays. Supervisor-Theisen, Concession-Sophomores, Conc. Supervisor-Byers.

        WR at Granite Falls, 6:00.

Fri., 1/18 - S1 ends, school dismissed at 12:30.

GB, ECHO at WB, 6:00.

        JH GB, ECHO at WB, 6:00.

        JH BB, Lakeview at WG, 4:30.

Sat., 1/19 - JH GB at Fulda Tourney, 8:30 AM.

        JH BB at Fulda Tourney, 9:00 AM.

        BB, Ellsworth at WB, 6:00. Supervisor-???, Concessions-Juniors, Conc. Supervisor-Sandbulte.

        WR, Plum Creek Tourney at Tracy, noon.