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COVID-19 Protocol Doppio

Revision 3: 09-06-2021

For Doppio activities, the guidelines as set by the government, the RIVM, the TU/e and Scala are leading.[1] This document serves as a refinement with specifics to our association.

1. General        1

2. Breaks        3

3. Activities        3

4. Performances        3

Appendix A: Factsheet Rijksoverheid        4

1. General

Some general rules are described below. These are adopted from the Scala protocol, unless they require more specification, in which case this is mentioned.

  1. Everyone needs to keep 1,5 meters of distance at all times. There is one exception to this rule; when necessary for acting, it is allowed to be closer together, but never longer than necessary.[2] In other words; even during rehearsals, keeping distance is the default.
  2. Everyone is required to stay at home if they identify with any of the five main characteristics as posed in the Scala protocol:
  1. They have one of the following (mild) symptoms: a cold, cough, a sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, trouble breathing, loss of smell and or taste, fever or an increased body temperature.
  2. If a person in their household has or has had a fever and/or trouble breathing in the last 24 hours.
  3. If they have been positively tested for the coronavirus. They need to contact the GGD for how long they need to remain in self-isolation.
  4. If a person in their household is positively tested on the coronavirus. After 10 days after the last contact with this person, while that person still had symptoms, they can come to Luna.
  5. If they have been instructed that they need to stay in self isolation.
  1. In case any of the above stated characteristics are identified after a rehearsal, the board should be notified immediately. In case of a positive test on the Coronavirus, the board should also be notified immediately. We highly advise people to comply with contact research by the GGD.
  2. In case of a positive test, anyone who has acted within 1,5 meter distance of the person must go into quarantine too. It is highly advised to plan a PCR test with the GGD in this case.
  3. For activities it is mandatory to register1, except for rehearsals, for which presence is assumed. Directors will register absentees for rehearsals and communicate these to the board of Doppio.
  4. The maximum amount of people allowed in the rooms are:


Maximum allowed number of people

Zeppelin (1.056b)


Submarine (1.050)


Dubbeldekker (1.056a)


It is not possible to pass each other in the Dubbeldekker. Because of this, an open door will indicate that there is someone present. Anyone outside will have to wait until the space is empty before entering.

  1. Everyone needs to wash their hands before leaving home and disinfect them when arriving at the activity. Disinfection gel is present in between the rehearsal rooms in the hall.
  2. You must arrive at most 5-10 minutes in advance. (You must also be on time!)
  3. Every rehearsal, at least one board member is present who is responsible for the safety. They will ask questions to determine whether the person is allowed to be present.
  4. Board members of Scala (associations) may at all times send members of Scala associations home in case they violate the agreements from this document and do not listen to directions of the board members to change this.
  5. The living room is only available when reserved first and only for specific activities. There is a maximum of 10 people allowed here. This reservation has to be done by the board and can only be done for committee meetings.
  6. It is mandatory to wear a face mask when moving through the building or rehearsal rooms; it may be taken off when you are seated. This includes the time before and after rehearsals, as well as breaks. Also during rehearsals, face masks need to be worn unless you are sitting or rehearsing.
  7. Both inside as well as outside, a maximum of 50 people can be in an area at once.

2. Breaks

  1. Breaks will be organized independently for both groups. They will hold their break in their own rehearsal room. Groups in the submarine will have their break from 20:40 to 20:55, groups in the zeppelin from 21:00 to 21:15.
  2. Refreshments are handed out in the hall outside Zeppelin. The responsible board member, together with an additional volunteer will be the only one to touch the cans and packaging. They will wear gloves while doing this.
  3. The players will leave their rehearsal room through the dedicated exit (in case the room has this, i.e. Zeppelin), get their refreshments and enter their own rehearsal room again through the dedicated entrance,  thereby avoiding any interference with other players.
  4. The board responsible and the volunteer will be the only ones that can enter the kitchen of the Luna building to make the coffee and tea, thereby taking into account the maximum number of two people in that space.

3. Activities

For activities, Scala has set up the following rules.

  1. On-campus activities are allowed if the activity is a board or committee meeting, or if they are cultural activities.
  2. All activities outside and off-campus follow the guidelines from the RIVM and the government. These can be found on and

4. Performances

Performances on the campus of the TU/e are allowed when taking into account the following rules.

  1. The Corona hall is open for performances with a maximum of 38 people inside, including actors/actresses, directors, technicians, and other required staff. No live audience is allowed.
  2. All people present in the Corona room are obligated to wear a face mask according to the rules stated in 1.12. An exception is made for the actors of the play.
  3. Performances outside (e.g. in the Markthal) are allowed without an audience. The same rules apply as for performances inside the Corona hall.

Performances that take place outside of the campus of the TU/e and on a location that is property of a cultural institution, are subject to the rules that are stated (in order of priority) by Rijksoverheid, the protocol of that specific location, and the Doppio protocol.

Appendix A: Factsheet Rijksoverheid

[1] The updated version of the Scala protocol can be found here: The government policies can be found here:

[2] See for details.