The build is not map dependant, I only adjust lvl 7 & lvl 20 of this build. It's a sustained DPS build to pressure frontliners

and out-duel mobile enemy heroes like genji / zeratul and not rely on hitting all skillshots. I take seeker if I think I stay back and poke

and I take calamity if I think I will get resets in close combat (without the e range on 13 its not as easy to aim for E dmg usage)

I almost always take this build by now and I am convinced its the best build. Only downsides is having less burst and less mobility

but in return, you get more spell protection (spell armor lvl 1), more sustained dps due to lvl 4 / lvl 13 / lvl 16 and you can AA tanks

without being in complete danger because E has unstoppable frames (unlike Vallas Vault), but it depends obviously on enemy draft.

End of story : I take the build almost always by now, more sustained dps and Li ming evolves from a bursty spell only mage into an AA mage. The risk isn't that high as mentioned btw

you just need to understand what you're doing and play with your mobilty. The highest weakness is massive dive, if you cant escape or kill youre pretty much dead