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2. Making Dog Toys for the Humane Society  - St. Mary’s Key Club

This event is run in the fall time. It is a very simple project that only requires some old t-shirts and scissors. Clubs have to contact their local humane to see if they are willing to accept the dog toys after they are finished being created. All Key Clubbers have to do is collect old t-shirts from members, Kiwanians, students, others in the community, or thrift stores. 1 inch strips of fabric have to be cut from the t-shirts, excluding the hems. Then, braid the cut strands together. After three braids are created, braid all of them together and tie off the ends. Cut off excess fabric and then a dog toy is created, ready to be donated to a dog shelter.

3. Braided Bracelets for Children in Hospitals - Key Club Mississauga

Bulk packs of fabric and string can be bought from the dollar store for about $3/pack, and bracelets can be delivered by an executive personally.Fabric (cut into strips) and thick string in various colours

If the project were to take place, members would be able to work on braiding bracelets both during meetings and in their own spare time. Once a sufficient number of bracelets is reached, the bracelets can be packed and even a small note card can be included with each with a short anonymous message for the kids. Once the bracelets are packed, they can be personally delivered to the hospital or the pediatric division of the hospital.

4. Clothing Drive - St. Mary’s Key Club

Over a period of time, collect different articles of clothing for your drive. Make sure that you speak to your local shelter (or wherever you will be donating your clothing to) BEFORE your collection. Therefore, you know what the shelter needs the most and what your club should strive to donate. If this event is held in the winter, ask for any types of warm, winter clothing (ie, jackets, gloves, scarfs, hats, socks, sweaters).

TIP: Begin communication with everyone in your school community, so that you can have the most success and donations for this project.

5. Non- Perishable Food Item Donations - St. Mary’s Key Club

Contact your food bank prior to schedule a delivery time (if you have large amounts of donations) and to see what items are needed urgently. All non-perishables are brought to your club's local food bank (or anywhere else you would like your donations to go). Majority of the time working on this project is through advertisement and each individual bringing in their own donations. Donations in forms of money can be used to purchase what the food bank needs the most.

6. Book and Toy Donation to Orphanages - Key Club Mississauga

Contact local orphanages and ask them what the children specifically look for most of the time. Ask members to talk to their parents as they would most likely know what to donate as well. Springtime is the best time to get rid of things we no longer use or need as a lot of people are busy with spring cleaning. If members or their siblings (older or younger) have toys or books that they've outgrown or no longer are interested in, it's encouraged for them to bring them in and they will be donated to the local orphanage.

We need members to bring in toys and books that they no longer use or their siblings no longer need. Mostly children's books and novels are recommended but teenage books are also acceptable for any teenagers in the orphanages.

7. Survival Paracord Bracelets is a service project that takes at any time of the year. Materials needed for this service project are paracords, business card-sized papers, and regular paper and a printer. The number of members needed for this service project is one. Members weave paracords into bracelets and can be taught how to do so through Youtube videos. To assist with the creation of bracelets, a template can be printed out to be used during weaving. Using business card paper, notes can be written to the recipients of the bracelets.

8. Secret Santa Luncheon is a service project that takes place around Christmas. Materials needed for this service project are food, music, Christmas/Winter decorations, a person dressed as Santa, Christmas Dinner style (ham, turkey, potatoes). Members can prepare a Christmas-style luncheon and serve to other students at the school. Tickets can be sold for $5 a week beforehand ($10 for adults/teachers). All profit is donated back into school system to support those less fortunate that might not receive Christmas gifts.

9. Back to school stationary donation is a service project that takes place during the month of August and September. The materials needed for this service project are pencils, markers, highlighters, erasers, sharpeners, colouring pencils, erasers, mechanical pencils, notebooks, binders, sticky notes, etc. Members will be able to donate unused stationary items. Members can also choose to purchase stationary items while purchasing their own stationary items. At the beginning of the school year, school supplies can be donated schools, orphanages, and other local organizaitons that accept stationary items.

10. Colourfest - A.Y Jackson Key Club

        Materials needed: Long piece of rope, hula hoops, coloured powder, photo booth, face paint, balloons, Twister. This first starts with an introduction to the event. People gather around in a circle to play Hot Potato. People are then to go to different stations through a rotation system. Stations include: Tug of War, Hula Hoops, Twister, Magic Carpet, Blind Contour, Face Paint.

TOP TIPS: Organize people into groups (Ex. Groups A, B and C) to help in the rotation system.

11. Kids Against Hunger - Key Club Mississauga

The organisation accepts the donation and provides all needed materials for the project, so there is little needed from the Key Club. Kids Against Hunger sends representatives to run the event. A club representative can also assist. Using the provided food and packaging tools, dehydrated packaged meals are created to be send to other countries. Various foods such as rice and other dehydrated foods are placed into bags, then weighed. The plastic bags are then heat sealed and placed into boxes. More people are always useful to improve the efficiency of packaging. With enough people ~20, 2 separate packaging lines can be made to package alongside each other.

Ben - 7-11

Emily - 12-16

12. Eyeglasses for World Vision - St. Mary's High School

        Call out to the community to gather prescription or non prescription eyeglasses. Call out for old, gently used, or new glasses to be donated to World Vision. Have the donator tell you the prescription of the glasses to allow for specific prescriptions to go to those that need them.

TOP TIP: Promotion is key!

13. Terry Fox Run - Ingersoll District C.I. Key Club

        This event is run in September, as close to the actual date of the Terry Fox Run as possible. This event needs a predetermined route for the participants to run. It is also encouraged to have a speech prepared to give some facts about Terry Fox, and give some information on how the donations to the Terry Fox Foundation have affected those with cancer. The Key Club had an event where they raised money for the Terry Fox Foundation.$2 was charged to students previous to the event, as a 'buyout' for one period when the run occurred. Students were gathered outside, listened to an opening speech, Mayoral address, and other guest speakers. When finished, they then proceeded to go along a predetermined route, simulating 'Terry's Run'. Key Clubbers also stood at varied spots along the route to collect any extra change that people had.

14. Bake Sale

    The bake sale is an event that could run at any time throughout the service year.  A bake sale is run off of donations from your key club members.  Items can range from muffins, cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats.  Cost to run this event vary, however, donations are much appreciated.  The money raised can go to your local charity of your choice.  An excellent organization to donate to is the Canadian Food For Children.


16. Fleece Blankets

      Creating fleece blankets is a service project which can be done specifically in the winter season.  Materials include fleece/wool/cotton sheets, which can be made into an approximate 60 inches by 45 inches blanket.  Firstly, you will need to cut the sheets of fabric to the appropriate size.  Stack both pieces of fabric on top of each other and cut 2.5 inch slits all around the blankets.  Tie knots all around the slits, and once complete, send to your local homeless shelter.  Each blanket will cost approximately 5 dollars!

17. Tree Planting

       Tree planting is an event which takes place during the seasons of Spring and Summer. The materials needed for this event include: (1) trees, (2) soil and (3) shovels. These materials are usually provided by a separate organization. At this event, participants will plant trees throughout an area solely conserved for this activity. Volunteers are expected to wear appropriate clothing in regards to weather conditions and boots.

18. Not available

19. Christmas Cards and Blankets to Nursing Homes

       Christmas Cards and Blankets to Nursing Homes is a service project done around Christmas time. The materials needed for this event are Christmas cards and pieces of cloth. During this service project, members cut cloth to make blankets and decorate and write Christmas cards for the elderly. The minimum number of members needed is 10. One tip for this service project is ensure that blankets are made properly.

20. Letter to Veterans

      Letter to Veterans takes place in the month of October, specifically before Remembrance Day. An unlimited number of members within the club can participate in this service project. During this service project, members write letters war veterans and place them in envelopes to be sent.

21. Blankets for Nursing Homes

      Blankets for Nursing Homes is a service project that takes place during the Winter (November to February). The number of members needed for this project are 5 to 6. Different blankets can be made as a whole club. Raffle tickets can be sold and the winner can be given blankets to raise funds for nursing homes within the community. As tickets are being sold, donations can also be sought for. Social media can be used to promote to people to purchase blankets. Following the end of January, the club can collect what they have, buy more materials and make as many blankets as possible. Some tips for this service project are to ensure that as many people as possible are working to make blankets, be in contact with grocery stores and dollar stores to get deals on materials and make a clear promotion plan to sell raffle tickets.

22. No-Slip Socks

      No-Slip Socks is a service project done at any time of the year. The materials needed for this service project are socks and puffy paint. Although this service project can be done alone, the more people the better. During this service project socks are taken and the back of them are decorated with puffy paint. Once socks with puffy paint are dry they are gathered and delivered to the hospital to be given to the kids. Some of the tips of this service project are to be cute and creative! The number of members needed for this service project are 5-10.