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CV - Daniele Brugnara - English
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Daniele Brugnara

Pounding keyboards from over 15 years, aka Senior Software Engineer

Scurelle - Trento - Italy


Praim, Trento — Full Stack Developer, DevOps

2012 - March 2014 + July 2018 - PRESENT

Monitoring dashboard, using AWS and IoT.
Technologies: NodeJS, GoLang, AWS, IoT, GraphDB, Redis, VueJS

Futur3, Trento — Full Stack Developer, Product Owner, DevOps

March 2014 - June 2018

Networking, application server and client web page for a WiFi network sold to airports and shopping centres.
Technologies: NodeJS, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL/MariaDB, VPN, Proxy, DNS, Linux, Proxmox, HA, routing and firewall (Cisco, Huawei, iptables, ebtables)

Brugnara IT, Trento — CEO

2008 - 2011

Web software for tracking activities for delivery companies.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, etc.

Related companies — Full Stack Developer

2005 - 2011

In some other companies, over the years, I developed many software mainly for Web or on-premise.
Technologies:, PHP, MySQL, SqlLite, Qt, etc.


ITI G. Marconi, Rovereto — High School Diploma, Computer Specialization

1999 - 2004

With a final vote of 85 over 100.


  • Controlled mechanical ventilation system for my house, using Arduino
  • API for an Italian card game: briscola as a service, using Go (
  • App for storeroom management, using Meteor (
  • Web management for a ‘bread store’, using Qt
  • Website for online four hands writing, using PHP (
  • CPD in English


NodeJS, GoLang, Python, Bash

AWS, Proxmox, Docker, HA, Scalability, CI

MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Neptune

Linux, MacOS

VPN, proxy, DNS, DHCP, HAproxy, nginx, Apache

git, heroku


Italian (L1), English (L2)