Chem 51LD Labs

Week 1: Lab Skill Review & Column Chromatography

        Review fundamental laboratory separation and identification techniques (extraction, TLC, recrystallization) and introduce column chromatography. Compare separation success across different techniques using same mixture.

Weeks 2-5: Enzymatic Kinetic Resolution with Candida antarctica Lipase B

        Preparation of racemic ester from ketone. Kinetic resolution using enzyme on solid support. Column chromatography. Polarimetry and enantiomeric excess.  Aggregate data pooled across all lab sections and used in report.  

Weeks 6-8: Analysis of Herbal Antioxidant Supplements

        Isolation of active ingredients from supplement pills by extraction.  Preparation of solution by dilution.  Visible spectroscopy of standards and experimental solutions.  Team research design and implementation.

Week 9: No lab sections

Week 10: Lab Practical (during normal lab time)

Summer Session Notes

Summer session classes meet in lab two times per week. Please see calendar for exact dates. Calendar is typically updated during Spring quarter.

Rev 3/1/18