Registration Timeline for Fall Season

Due Dates



4/23 - 5/20

$300 Team Fee waived

Designated Primary Team Contact

  1. Complete online Intent to Play Form 
  • SFYS staff will confirm team name, primary team contact and preferred league of play, then set up online registration module.

4/30 - 5/20

Thereafter, non-refundable
$300 team fee applies:

5/21 - 5/24

Designated Primary Team Contact

  1. Coordinate Team Online Registration 



Registration in the Affinity system closes 5/24 and there is a temporary roster freeze until July. In the intervening time, Primary Team Contacts may be asked to facilitate outstanding registration needs (replacement photos or documents, etc.)

early June
(SFRPD will contact and instruct teams)

Designated Primary Team Contact

  1. Apply with SF Rec & Park for Fall Practice Field permit
  • Verified Fall 2018 Teams will be contacted by SFRPD, with instructions on how to use the agency’s Spotery system to reserve Fall practice field space(s).


Team Manager

  1. Complete Fall League Team Census 
    This, coupled with previous team standings (if known or applicable), is what we use to determine Fall flight placement.

Team Manager

  1. Complete Fall League Team Schedule Request Form
    Note: Not all schedule requests can be accomodated. No bye request or schedule accommodation will honored during Playoffs.


  1. Team STAR must be declared by this date. If not already a USSF licensed referee, this person must complete pre-season STAR training by 8/31. Declare Team STAR.


Parents / Team Manager

Late player registration due to guarantee player eligibility for opening day of play



Team Voting Representative

  1. Primary Team Staff Training Deadline. Head or Asst. Coaches that want to coach must have online and field training completed by Labor Day weekend. Team STARs must have completed their training. Team Voting Rep must be declared by this date. Declare Team Voting Rep.

Week of 9/5


  1. Attend Pre-Season Coach Meetings : 6:30-8:30pm

Team Requirements for Registration

.. Reference: Registration FAQ for Team Role definitions

.. Reference: Staff Registration for Team Manager, Head & Assistant Coach Requirements

Steps for Team Registration

.. Reference: 2018-19 SAY-SFYS Team Registration Instructions (Public) for detailed step-by-step registration with screenshots

  1. Complete the Intent to Play form, paying particular attention to the compliance requirements.

  1. Register Staff and Players. SFYS will create team in Affinity system and send team registration instructions to Primary Contact to forward to team staff and players. Important : SFYS will communicate only with Primary Contact during the registration process, so make sure that person understands that s/he is responsible for communicating to players and staff.

  1. When the rostering is complete - or has met the minimum requirements - On the Team Details tab, scroll down to the Team Status field and choose “Ready to Activate” - or just drop us an email at info@sfyouthsoccer.com. Once we review the team, if there are no updates or replacement information required, we’ll activate the team. If there are pending items (like background clearance or required training), we’ll confirm whether the team is ready to go once those requirements are met. If there are problems, missing minimum requirements, or other non-compliance issues, the team may not be accepted. The Primary Contact is responsible for working with SFYS and their team to take care of any registration issues.

Fall Team Pre-Season Requirements

Reference: Registration FAQ for more information about each supplemental logistical step as well as other team needs like gear and uniforms (not supplied by SFYS).

  1. Practice Field Reservations (coordinated by SF Rec & Park)
  2. Team Strength Census 
  3. Team Schedule Request 

  1. Team Staff Training. Coaches and Team STARs who require licensing and/or training must complete those requirements before Labor Day weekend. Additionally, Team Voting Representatives must be declared.

  1. Mandatory Pre-Season Coach Meetings.