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Safety and Security
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EISD Safety and Security

Edgewood ISD is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff. We know students who feel safe at school are able to reach their full potential both academically and socially.

While our focus is on preventing and mitigating as many issues as we can, we also want our students and staff to be prepared to respond in case an emergency situation arises.

The following is a list of safety and security measures already in place:

The following is a list of safety and security measures for the immediate future:


Check In Procedures for Visitors, Parents/Guardians

Visitors are defined as: anyone other than an EISD staff member who wishes to enter a campus building during normal hours of operation during the school year.

Preparation is part of our safety and security procedures. We ask that all visitors wanting to have lunch with a student, a conference with a staff member, or to schedule any type of meeting please make an appointment with the campus office, then follow the procedures below.  

Visitor Procedures to Enter a Campus Building

  1. ALL visitors must check in at the administration building and state the purpose of the visit to a campus
  2. Must provide a state issued ID to the staff member for visitor information to be run through Raptor. Raptor is a school visitor management system that will scan state issued ID’s to identify security risks.
  3. Visitor will receive a picture ID pass to be placed on the top left corner of his/her shirt
  4. Administration staff will call the campus and advise campus administrative assistant of the visitor and his/her purpose
  5. Visitor will go to the visiting campus and once identity is verified will be allowed entrance
  6. Administrative Assistant MUST ASK THE FOLLOWING BEFORE ALLOWING VISITOR ENTRY: “Good Morning, please state your name, the purpose of your visit and let me view your visitor pass”. IF the person does not have a visitor pass, direct them to the administration building.

Parents dropping off lunches, backpacks, children

  1. Parent/Guardian dropping off lunches, backpacks, or other items will ring the buzzer, state purpose and leave items in the drop boxes located in front of each building
  2. Parents dropping off children PK-5 after 7:55 am will walk the children to the door and ring the buzzer and a staff member will come to the door to allow the student entry.
  3. Students in grades 6-12 will ring the buzzer and be allowed entry and report to the office

Early Pick Up-Please plan ahead

  1. Parents/guardians picking up a student PRIOR to 2:50 must ring the campus buzzer, identify who they are and state the purpose of the pickup and be ready with picture ID The parent must wait at the door until a staff member brings the student to the door for the parent to sign the student out
  2. Pick up changes made after 2:50 may not happen due to time and staff availability

Contractor Procedures to Enter a Campus Building

  1. All contractors must check into the Administration office and have his/her ID scanned through the Raptor program.
  2. All contractors must wear visitor pass on his/her uniform or clothing on the top left corner of  shirt