6th Grade


 Items needed which will be collected in homeroom and shared:

 (Please bring these items on the first day of school)

          (4) Glue sticks

   (2) Boxes of tissues  

   (1) box of 24 number 2 pencils  (No mechanical pencils)

   (1) pack of 4 low odor thick Dry Erase Markers (basic colors)      

   (1) can of Clorox Wipes  

   (1) pack of 100 3x5 individual Note Cards with lines (non adhesive)

   (1) pack of colored pencils

Items needed for individual use:

 (Please bring these items on the first day of school)

             ONE 3 inch 3-ring binder (No Trappers or Expanding Binders)

  1. Package of clear Page Protectors (minimum 20 count)
  1. Daily Planner

      (1)  Pencil Pouch to store the following;   

                (1) pair of scissors          

                (1) package of #2 pencils

           (2) highlighters

       (1) Package of wide-ruled notebook paper (not spiral)                

       (1)  small pair of Earbuds, no headphones

       Calculator “Texas Instrument” (TI-30XIIS) optional


ONE (2 in) 3-ring Heavy-Duty open binder (any color)

NO TRAPPERS or 3-Ring Binders with expandable files, straps, or pockets.

(2) Composition Graph Ruled notebooks (no spiral notebooks)

(1) pack of loose leaf/Quad Filler 3-hole punched graph paper-4 squares per inch (10 ½” by 8” / 26.7 x 20.3cm)

Social Studies-  

(1) composition book


(2) composition books

(3) two pocket folders (hole punched)

 Items to have on hand at home for homework:

*There may be additional items added the first week of school depending on individual classes.