EDUHSDFA Executive Board

Planning Session (off-cycle)

AGENDA - July 25, 2017


Call to Order                                                                Notetaker: Jen Zimny


Jina Jumper, Stephanie Davis, Jennifer Zimny, Marci Brown,Jeff Zeller, Rocco Cardinale,

Eric Moeller


David Conrad, Jen Tomei

President’s Report -- Jina’s President Conference

  1. Brought back various literature from the conference for anyone to look at
  1. Full Budget for CTA - avail if want
  2. Educational Employment Relations Act - can get copy if want
  3. Bargaining update from CTA - New Hires (see below)


  1. Housekeeping Decisions                                                
  1. Meetings:
  1. Keep 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 4pm
  2. First meeting August 15th
  3. Main Location: Ponderosa High School, F15
  4. Continue snacks:
  1. 8/15:  Zimny
  2. 9/5:  Brown
  3. 9/19: Zeller
  4. 10/3: Moeller
  5. 11/7:  Davis
  1. Agenda formatting - Put old business before new business
  2. Robert’s Rules - Timekeeper assigned to Secretary to keep group on track
  3. Storage Facility
  1. Jina is going to look for a storage facility for all paperwork and materials
  2. Decision when we set the budget at the end of September
  1. Signatures on Bank Account:
  1. Suggestion from CTA for the elected officers of the executive board have signing privileges.  We will have Pres, V Pres, and Treasurer for now.
  2. Meet August 2nd at 3:30 at the School’s Credit Union, Placerville
  1. Business Cards w/Weingarten right:
  1. In past, elected officers got business cards - did not find a need for them much
  2. Decision not to order, spend money on, at this point        


  1. Roles/Responsibilities                                                                
  1. Responsibilities
  1. Reviewed CTA literature on our general roles with our members
  2. Reviewed the process for when there are allegations against our members
  3. When teachers come to you with an issue, keep documentation (write/personal email/etc).
  1. Bylaws
  1. Reviewed officer duties
  2. Standing rules - day to day operations - we do have and should consider writing down.
  3. By Law Review/Changes:  If there are any part of the bylaws that need to be reviewed or changed, let Jina know and we’ll set up a committee to work on.  Changes must be voted on by members - best time is T.A. voting or end of year elections.
  1. Meetings with  Administration
  1. Site reps to meet at least monthly with the administration (standing meeting) - keep communication flow opening
  2. Jina will be meeting with Tony and Steve monthly
  1. Trainings
  1. Reaching out to Joella to bring CTA training to us if need
  2. Annual CTA regional conference in Reno, Oct 28-29th
  1. Some of our members expressed interest in going
  2. Will review budget and make decisions in August/Sept

  1. Member Engagement                                                         
  1. Fair Share & the future (including CTA grant)
  1. Lawsuit challenging Fair Share, SCOTUS will rule in June
  2. Promote member engagement and involvement - CTA ⅔ grants avail
  3. Jen will put a discount flyer together for being members of CTA for the Back to School breakfast/ backside officers names/information
  1. New Hire new law & CTA360/MyFalcon
  1. CTA has rolled out a new app & database that will allow membership chairs to get new hires on and update addresses
  2. We are working on getting access for Jina and Jen
  3. Dbase will allow the FA to email members with pertinent information
  4. New law requires public employers to let unions have time to be able to have time with new hires. We already do this in August.  However it’s inconsistent rest of the year.  We have notified the district that we need better communication with them on when new hires happen in the district. This is the law, and we will be working with the district to improve this communication with this new law in effect.
  5. CTA suggests adding this to contracts - will refer to bargain team
  1. Socials, Info gathering meetings:
  1. Member Engagement -- will try socials at various locations quarterly, possibly happy hours?
  2. Stephanie will head the committee
  1. CTA workshop - Social Media Dangers
  1. Looking at doing a workshop on this for teachers or training us to present to our staff
  1. Back School Bkfst:
  1. Jen is going to create a one sheet for benefits, officers, website, Facebook group with QR codes
  2. Jina will issue President’s Address and all officers/bargain team will be introduced - keeping with tradition
  3. Jen needs help with vendor prizes, etc. as breakfast ends - all help
  4. All wear purple if can
  1. President’s communications to members
  1. Monthly Emails
  2. We will be able to use this new app to pull e-mail addresses to be able to more effectively communicate with our members
  1. Website & Facebook:
  1. Will roll out  to the faculty during the Back to School Breakfast - QR code

  1. School Board Outreach -- Postponed        

  1. Budget                                         
  1. Review budget items & address in Sept
  2. Budget finalized by Nov 30th (bylaws)

  1. Bargaining                                                                        
  1. Team,  Lead & who’s in the room -approval Aug 15        
  1. Discussion of Lead possibilities
  2. We need to reach out to Joella if would like her help with bargaining team - can provide resources and legal/regional knowledge
  3. Discussion pros/cons for President in the room - CTA recommends against.  Our Board would like a exec board member as a liaison.  Stephanie offered - “village knowledge” to support
  4. Stephanie shared her experiences and recommendations        
  1. Priorities - Decide 8/15
  1. Bargain team will review survey/issues and make recommendations
  2. Jina gave an overview of the district’s point of view of the budget with enrollment projections and budget projections from June Board meetings

  1. Issues - Postponed


Adjourned 2:30pm