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Shabbat anuka v’Rosh  odesh Mikets hsShalom from Beth Aharon @ the Riverdale Bayit: December 28, 2019 | ל’ כסלו תש"ף - Issue #5780:13

Zəmanim & Services

Shabbat anuka & Rosh odesh Tevet*

Parashat Mikets

*** Tonight 6th Candle *** 

28 December 2019 * 30 Kislew 5780

Candle Lighting - 4:16pm

Hanuka-Lights/Minḥa/Kabbala/Arvit - 4:11pm

Shaḥarit - 8:30am * Latest Shəma - 9:38am

Zohar - 3:55pm * Minḥa - 4:00pm

Sə’uda Shəlishit / Shiur - 4:30pm

Shəki’a - 4:35pm * Arvit - 5:15pm

Tset Hakokhavim / Havdala - 5:20pm


Regular Week Prayers (Tefilat Avraham)

Shaḥarit: Sun: 8:30am *  Mon/Thu: 6:40, 8:00am * Tue/Wed/Fri: 6:45, 8:00am

Minḥa/Arvit: Sun-Thu: 4:20pm

Picture of the Week

In the Beginning - The First anuka

And so Judah and his fellow citizens celebrated the festival of the restoration of the sacrifices of the Temple for eight days, and omitted no sort of pleasure, but everyone feasted upon very rich and splendid sacrifices; and they honoured God, and delighted themselves with psalms of praise and the playing of harps. Indeed, they were so very glad at the revival of  their customs and, after so long a time, having unexpectedly regained their right to worship, that they made it a law for their posterity that they should keep a festival celebrating the restoration of their Temple worship for eight days. And from that time to this we celebrate this, which we call the Festival of Lights [phôta], because, I imagine, beyond our hopes this right was brought to light [phanênai], and so this name was placed on the festival.  

(The First Hanukkah -December 164 BCE. Josephus, Antiquities: 12.7.6-7 316-325 / 1 Maccabees 4:36-59)

This Shabbat & Beyond

Shabbat Rosh odesh Tevet - RH Tevet is this Shabbat and Sunday, December 28 and 29, starting Friday night, December 27. odesh Tov!

Təfilat ‘Erev Shabbat @ 2BM @ 4:22pm● Shaḥarit: 8:30am ● First Kaddish: 8:55am ● Shəma‘ Yisrael: 9:15am - all kids participate! ● Youth Groups: See the Bayit Bulletin for all programs ● Teen Tefila - it can happen only with you, teens!

Parasha: 9:45am ● Yimlokh: 10:40am - All kids are welcome to join!

Dvar Torah: 10:45am by Rav Dov Lerea

Kiddush: 11:45am - Kiddush is co-sponsored by Yesha’ya Kalfus & Malka Kaplan in honor of Rosh Ḥodesh Tevet, Ḥanuka, Beth Aharon, and the return of Cyril & Veronique; and by a Friend of Beth Aharon for being a welcoming community; and in celebration of Asaf Gadasi’s birthday, with thanks and  recognition to all soldiers.


Learning Service: 9:45am-11:00am with Livya Tinestit at the 2FL.

After Minḥa Mila baParasha: Understanding a word in our parasha. This week - "Makabi/Maqabi-מכבי/מקבי" - what does the name mean; which  is the right spelling; what was Hanuka’s miracle of light; and why 8 days? Basic (and love of) Hebrew is sufficient. At 2BM.

After Minḥa The Listening Room with Myra Estelle at the LBM.

After Minḥa Daf baTalmud: Daf yomi with the Dafers @ the 3FL.

After Minḥa Shiur baayim: Shiur in the main sanctuary.  


Condolences to Dan and the Sebbah family the untimely passing of Dan’s sister, Daniela Esther Benoliel bat Mouna & Shlomo Sebbah, zikhra livrakha.

Rəfuaa Shəlema to ‘Am Yisrael wounded bodies & souls and the sick: Reuven ben Aliza, Menachem ben Yehudit, Yig’al ben Sulika, Ruben ben Avraham López & Ela, Amir ben Malka, Yonit bat Yehudit, Ilana bat Victoria, Pesach Shlomo ben Alta Chaya Dvora, and Michal Haya bat Tamar.

Many Thanks to the Small family for sponsoring kiddush last shabbat.

Mazal Tov to Ari & Rafi on their Bar Mitsva.

Happy Birthday to Rav Dov Lerea, Asaf Gadasi, Ariel Douek, Anthony Re, Itay Azulay, and ... YOU!

From the Rabbis and More…

Rav Ovadia Yosef z”l ovadia.jpg

נר שבת ונר חנוכה, סדר ההדלקה

כמנהגנו יש מחלוקת, אולם נכון יותר לנהוג כדעת בעל הלכות גדולות, ולהקדים את הדלקת נרות החנוכה לפני הדלקת נרות השבת. וכן פסק מרן בשלחן ערוך. וכמו שנתבאר ענין זה באורך בספר חזון עובדיה על הלכות חנוכה (עמוד קעד).

נר חנוכה במוצאי שבת

במוצאי שבת, מדליקים בבית הכנסת נרות חנוכה, ואחר כך מבדילים על הכוס, כדי לאחר את יציאת השבת כמה שאפשר. ואף על פי שהמדליק נרות חנוכה, פורק מעליו את קדושת השבת, מכל מקום טוב להדליק נרות חנוכה בבית הכנסת אחר תפלת ערבית, שהרי כל הציבור שאינם מדליקים נרות, נשארים בקדושת השבת עד שיבדילו. וגם כדי שיהיה פרסומי ניסא בהדלקת הנרות בבית הכנסת, שהרי אם יבדילו קודם ההדלקה, רוב הציבור ילכו לבתיהם קודם ההדלקה, ולא יראו את ההדלקה בבית הכנסת.

כשמגיע אדם לביתו, יקדים להבדיל על הכוס תחילה, ואחר כך ידליק נרות, שתדיר ושאינו תדיר, תדיר קודם. (ומצות הבדלה היא תדירה, שעושים אותה בכל שבוע).

זמן רבינו תם

למנהג רבים ושלמים הנוהגים להחמיר שלא לעשות מלאכה במוצאי שבת, עד שיבוא זמן רבינו תם, הוא הדין שאף במוצאי שבת חנוכה צריכים להמתין שלא להדליק נרות עד זמן רבינו תם, מפני שאין זה מנהג טוב ותו לא, אלא ראוי ונכון לכל אחד ואחת לנהוג כשיטת רבינו תם, ובפרט שכן דעת מרן השולחן ערוך. וכפי מנהגו הטוב של מרן רבינו עובדיה יוסף זצ"ל, שעורר על ענין זה כל ימי חייו, ועורר גם אותנו לכתוב על כך בהלכה יומית, ורבים שמעו בקולו ועליהם תבא ברכת טוב.

ברכת בורא מאורי האש

אין מברכים ברכת "בורא מאורי האש" על נרות חנוכה (וכגון בבית הכנסת שמדליקים קודם ההבדלה, או אם טעה והדליק נרות קודם ההבדלה), שהרי אסור ליהנות מנרות חנוכה, ואין מברכים "בורא מאורי האש" עד שיאותו לאורו של נר ההבדלה, כלומר, הנאה מאור הנר, אבל על נר השמש שהוא חול, מותר לברך "בורא מאורי האש".

Ktav Torah - Mikets

This Shabbat is special Shabbat Hanuka and Rosh Hodesh Tevet and we read from 3 different sifre Torah:

One for Parashat HaShavua Mikets, then a second for Rosh Hodesh reading portion, then the third for Hanuka 6th Day Torah reading.

The Parasha starts with Pharo's dreams and ends in the midst of the dramatic encounter of Yosef with his brothers.

What’s the connection between Yosef's story and the Ḥanuka story?

Both the story of Yosef and the story of Hanuka depict a movement a transition from a state of captivity and darkness to awakening and emergence and then to light and salvation.

May we all be inspired to grow and emerge and glow and shine and flourish as the Menora and the Makabim and Yosef.

Shabbat Hanuka and Hodesh Tevet shel Shalom. Tbs

* Question is credited to Rav Eli Yoggev.

Rav Question - שאלת רב

When did we start using 9 candles (8+1) anukiya, instead of the 7 candles menora, used in the Temple, also by the Hashmonites?

A Story - of a different story

Just about today, in many earlier years

A child was born, offspring of a loving family

He cried & hiccuped, like babies do when their eyes are still closed

And when turned 8-days, into the Avraham covenant was brought

After 22 more days of starly stable care

He was brought to the Temple, for pidyon ha-ben

To the Temple he returned, when he was 12 - before mitsvot age

And once more he came back, an energetic young man

The lad was listening and talking, of love of Hashem

Asking questions and giving answers, not being afraid

Learning the Torah, the mitsvot that he kept

He thus turned a young sage, a rabbi - some say

He prayed in the shuls, on shabbat and mo’ed

Wearing tzitzit and, talit covered his head

He read the haftara, might have been even Hazan

Using, we can safely guess, a Yerushalmi nusach

Doing chesed and acting justly, he said - shall be adhered to by all

Loving mercy and walking - humbly with G-d

Awaiting redemption, for his people - he declared:

“There’s G-d in Heaven, and his earthly Kingdom shall return.”

His words were carries over desert and water

Reaching many urging souls in valleys and mountains

And his followers grew largely in numbers

As they were walking along him, merchants and farmers

And so grew the fear and so grew the rage

Of the City’s rulers - they wanted to keep him at bay

Till the Prefect one day, ordered: “capture!”

And the soldiers rushed to follow this rule

The wiseman was placed in jail - was tried by a court

Where he kept on praying, tefilin also donned

“I believe in Hashem” - he exclaimed once again

And then, he was sentenced to death

... No wonder when death, reached upon him in pain

Not a surprise, his crossers engraved

In Arameric script, up high on the wood

For all viewers to see: “King of Jews!”

And this fellow Jew, that zikhro lo livrakha

Is looking today, from the Heavens up high

At those who have carried, his message in vane

And he sees all the suffering, that was done in his name

And this fellow Jew is crying and weeping

And he is very very sad

And truly in great pain, muttering all day:

“That’s not what I said, that’s not what I meant, it’s not who I am,

I am a Jew!”

But being a Jew, he also can see the good that was made

For instance by, the Righteous Among the Nations... and Men

Or by the Balfour Declaration - homeland for his People

Or Trump’s Jerusalem Recognition - G-d’s crown jewel

And being a Jew, or just being a mensch

He forgives those - who truly repent

And welcomes those - who want to be friends

Ane prays for those - who didn’t yet...

....Continues on the right

On the Parasha & Beyond…

Parashah: Miketz - Bereshit (Genesis) 41:1-44:17

Historical Context: Location: Erets Mitsrayim and Erets Kenaan. Creation Time: the middle of of the 23rd century. General Calendar: approx. 1500-1550 bce.

ParaShort: First Sefer (1-6 Aliyot): Yosef interprets Par’o’s two dreams and predicts seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of famine. Par’o places Yosef in charge of food collection and distribution. Yosef marries Asenat, and they have two sons, Manashe and Efrayim. When Yosef's brothers come to Egypt to buy food during the famine, Yosef accuses them of spying. He holds Shim’on hostage while the rest of the brothers return to Kəna’an to retrieve Binyamin for him. The brothers return to Egypt for more food, with Binyamin. Yosef continues the test, this time falsely accusing Binyamin of stealing and declaring that Binyamin must remain his slave.

7th Aliya - Second Sefer: Bamidbar (Numbers): 28: 9-15 - Rosh odesh Tevet - followed by kadish.

Maftir - Third Sefer: Bamidbar (Numbers): 7:42-47 - Sixth Day of anuka - followed by kadish.

Haftara – Zekharia Chapters 2:14-17, 3:1-7

Haftit: B’ne Yisrael are returning from exile from the land of Persia to build the second Bet HaMikdash. B’ne Yisrael leave Persia with a sense of euphoria and they come upon the location of their Holy Temple and all they see is rubble and ruin. The prophet Zekharia dispels the gloom from his disheartened brethren by shouting, “Rani V’simhi Bat Tsiyon” – Sing and be glad daughter of Zion, Jerusalem, we are returning home.” (haftorahman)

Connection to the Parasha: The Haftara consists of three distinct parts. The final part of the Haftara clearly relates to anuka, the Prophet Zekharia sees a prophecy containing the golden Menora of the Holy Temple. This was the same Menora present at the miracle of anuka, when a small amount of oiled was sufficient to keep the Menora lit for eight days.

A Story - continues:

But he never forgets!

He just simply won’t!

And that’s why he can’t

And will never understand

His fellow brothers & sisters, who don’t fully accept

Their people’s history, his nation’s faith

And follow the masses’, glee and celebration:

“They placing at home, a tree for my birthday?!”

But he is also very thankful

For those loving safe-Keepers

Who preserved the Book

Of the Hashmonites Jews

A book which tells the glorious victory

Of his ancestors the Maccabees over their enlightened enemy

And who played for him a great role

After all

That’s only what he wanted:

A free Jewish Kingdom, of love and of care

And to celebrate Hanuka, for eight oily days

ag Sameya to all

tbs :)

The Weekly Riddle

There are 9 lit candles in the hanukiya, 1 shamash plus 8 candles. A strong breeze comes and extinguishes 2 of the candles. When you come back later, you see that the shamash has also been blown out. To make sure no more flames go out, you shut the window. Assuming the wind doesn't extinguish any more candles and you don't relight the extinguished candles, how many candles do you have left in the end?

(Guess before you take a peek. The answer is on the back page.)

Tevet - טֵבֵת

The Month of Tevet טֵבֵת is the fourth month of the Jewish year and the tenth month of the ecclesiastical year on of Hebrew Biblical calendar. It follows Kislev and precedes Shevat. It is a winter month of 29 days. Tevet usually occurs in December–January on the Gregorian civil calendar.

The word Tevet is pronounced by Yemenite Jews "Teveth," and by Ashkenazim “Teves.” It comes form  from Akkadian ṭebētu which means something sinking into it. It seems that the rains and the deep mud that characterize the month have been dubbed this.

In the Beit Israel this month is called Tabit.

The sign of the month is Capricorn - גדי.

Speechless in the Parasha -  Mikets

How many times are Pharo’s dreams told? When you dream a strange dream, do you get up and try to figure out the dream or go back to sleep? Why? Do you believe in dreams?

Hanuka Quiz: Mikets

Kids: Hodesh Tevet is the _____ month of the Jewish year.

Teens: In Biblical times Hodesh Tevet was the _________ month of the Jewish year.

Adults: How many times is the number “seven” mentioned in our parasha?

Experts: Can we use a circular hanukiya on Hanukka?

Scholars: What is Josephus Flavius Hebrew name, and what is the name he used for Hanuka?

Time to Smile  

Contemporary History Class in Israel:

“I don’t understand what’s the big story with 1 oil jug lasting for 8 days... doesn’t 1 oil jug last for over a year in every Israeli falafel stand?!”


Future History Class in Israel:

“Many years ago the Likudnikites beat the Kadima party rulers. A miracle happened and Netanyahu lasted for 8 terms.

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- Egypt renovated the historic Eliyahu Hanavi synagogue, one of the largest in the Middle East. Restoration began in 2017 and it will reopen inshalla in January.  I think that Nissim Mosseri prayed there. Ask him :)

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Hanuka Trivia. Raffle party with great prizes: Electronics, Jewelry, Fine Dining, and more...; Hanuka crafts and Driedle competition for kids and adults; Good Eats for all Diets: Israeli Food, Pizza, and Sufganyot! Fee: Adult (age 13 an up) $15; kids (ages 4-12) $10; Family $50; + raffle ticket. Payment at Door or Here: Donate On-Line >All BAnners and Friends are welcome! Volunteers needed. Contact Rahel Wachsman for raffle help @ We need your support! May we all have Hag Hanuka shel Or!

A Moment of BAN

“One of the hardest things is to move a name from the refuaa shelema list to the condolences section :(  

May Daniela’s memory be of blessing and inspiration. Amen.”

Riddle Solved

 There are 3 candles left in the end, the shamash plus 2. The other 6 candles that manage to stay lit melted down completely.

Hanuka Quiz - Answers: Mikets

Kids: The forth month.  * Teens: The tenth month.

Adults: 28. * Experts: Yes * Scholars: Yosef ben Matityahu. Holiday of Lights, in modern Hebrew Hag Orot or Hag Urim.