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“Singing guitarists Ian and Dustin Meadows prove that roots music is an unending resource, turning influences into an engagingly twangy sibling sound all their own.” - The Boston Globel

“Blending folk and country with a blues edge, the brothers Meadows pack a powerful punch for being just two dudes armed with only a couple acoustic guitars and a harmonica. But their harmonies are the type of stuff only siblings can usually muster and their songs smack of souls much older than their earthly years would let on.” - Chip McCabe

Hailing from the Connecticut River Valley of New England, Ian and Dustin Meadows, 23 and 21, have been making music together for more than a decade. The countless hours spent singing and playing together eventually resulted in concocting their unique blend of stripped down Rock n’ Roll, Country, Blues, and Folk music combined with honest songwriting, distilled through the brothers life experience and ever-changing outlook.

Since taking the stage as “The Meadows Brothers” in 2012 while both were still in High School, Ian and Dustin have logged tens of thousands of road miles, written a pile of songs, recorded a few albums, met a lot of interesting people, and had a lot of fun every step of the way. Dustin says “There aren’t too many things that beat getting to travel around and play music with your brother. We do it because we absolutely love it. The fact that people connect with the songs just makes it better.” Keeping it simple, continuously improving their craft, and not taking themselves too seriously are major tenets of the brothers code.  

Their parents taught them a love for music of all genres, and they always try to keep the diversity gleaned from this informal musical education a part of their work.

“We’re influenced by all the giants of American Roots music, but we’re not a traditional band.” says older brother Ian. “We’re all about finding the right vehicle for the song, and that can take a lot of different stylistic turns, even within the realm of folk music.”

The brothers released their third studio album, “Truth” in the fall of 2017. Recorded in Holyoke, MA at Ghost Hit Recording with producer and engineer Andrew Oedel; the album represents the culmination of a few years of weeding through notebooks full of songs and road-testing each one. The brothers also implemented their “jack of all trades” musicianship; featuring them on acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion, keyboards, and harmonica. “There’s not a note we didn’t play on this record, and I think we’re both proud of that.” says Ian. “We could’ve hired a killer band and just tracked the songs that way, but we wanted it to be a true Meadows Brothers album from the songwriting all the way down to the music, even if it was a little more of a challenge.” Sticking to their DIY ethic, the album was released on the brothers own label, Side Porch Records.

2018 will find the Meadows Brothers keeping the wheels rollin’. “We’ll be driving around, playing shows, writing songs, seeing the sights, and working on another record. What else would we be doing?”