June/July 2019-Summer Health Tips at Home & On the Road

Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer. How we've missed you! Make your summertime a true pleasure and not a nightmare by following these tips.

1. Cover up and wear sunscreen.

Protect your skin from ultraviolet B rays (which can cause skin cancer) and ultraviolet A rays (which can cause wrinkles). Choose a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15. SPF provides protection against harmful UVB rays.

WebMD says, "For the vast majority of people, SPF 15 is fine… But people who have very fair skin, a family history of skin cancer, or conditions like lupus that increase sensitivity to sunlight should consider SPF 30 or higher."

If you're going to be sweating or in the water, it makes sense to invest in water-resistant sunscreen. (There's no such thing as waterproof.) And be sure to reapply often.

2. Wear a bike helmet.

Wear a helmet because bike helmets save lives. Protect that noggin of yours.

3. After you've been outside, do body checks for ticks on humans and pets.

Don't let the cold, snowy winter we experienced in the northeast fool you. Ticks are just as problematic as ever this season and not only if you're trekking through grassy or wooded areas, either. Even people who spend time out and about in cities should always spot check bare skin, clothes, and pets for pesky ticks.

4. Wear insect repellent.

Ticks aren't the only problems. Summertime means mosquitoes are back as well. Make sure you wear insect repellent if you're going to be outside in the late afternoon and evening.

5. Be mindful of fireworks.

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. Don't let this fun time turn into tragedy. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, "In 2012, U.S. hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 8,700 people for fireworks-related injuries; 55% of 2012 emergency room fireworks-related injuries were to the extremities and 31% were to the head." Let the pros handle fireworks. 'Nuff said.


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