LSC Regular Meeting Notice and Agenda

Rufus Hitch Elementary School Local School Council

5625 N. McVicker Ave., Chicago IL

Tuesday, March 12th 2019 6:00 PM, School Library

Conference Line (605) 472-5406 Access Code 594135

Call Meeting to Order                                        Chairperson

Establish Quorum                                        Chairperson

Approval of Agenda                                        Chairperson

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meetings                Secretary

Announcements/Introduction of Guest(s)

Public Participation

Reports/New Business

  1. Chair
  1. Local School Council Advisory Board – Information
  2. Facilities Update
  1. Dress Code Update – Kevin Mackey
  2. Budget
  3. CIWP (Continuous Improvement Work Plan)
  4. LRE (Least Restrictive Environment)
  5. BAC (Bilingual Advisory Committee)
  6. NCLB/PAC (Parent Advisory Committee
  7. PPLC (Professional Personnel Leadership Committee)
  8. Principal’s Report

Announcement of Next Meeting