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December 7th, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This letter is to inform you about the 2018/2018 CAPE (Craftsbury Academy Physical Education) schedule.  CAPE this year will consist of 3 winter dates on the Mondays of January 14th, February 4th, and March 11th.

Students have the option of going to Smugglers Notch for downhill skiing, the Craftsbury Outdoor Center (skiing, snowshoeing), indoor swimming and  recreation at the Stowe Swimming Hole, or new this year, winter hiking at local mountains (if weather is appropriate).

For all non-Smuggs students, the day will start with an hour of various physical activities, and a cooking/nutritional workshop in the afternoon.

If your son/daughter is going to Smuggs, the late bus will return to Craftsbury at ~5:30 PM. Students should be picked up at the school.

Financially, each activity will have various costs. The Academy cannot negotiate these prices, and they reflect the costs set by different organizations: The breakdown of each activity is the following:

Smugglers Notch Waiver:

Using the web link attached here you can sign waivers for each of your sons or daughters attending Smugglers Notch.

The first operation will be for you to sign a general waiver and initial it.

You will then fill in your own personal information (not for your students).

Then, you can fill in the waiver information for each attending student.

If you have any questions for me, please email me at

Payment Information:

Thanks to a generous grant, each student will be able to receive $14 dollars off of their CAPE monetary cost. For those students attending non-cost events, their money will go towards CAPE supplies and food for the afternoon events.

For payment, it would be greatly appreciate if each student had separate checks made out for each event. If not possible, a seperate check for each student (if you have multiple children) would be great!

Due to the complex nature of using money that we collect, which is sent to the district office for payment, and also weather-dependent cancellations, seperate checks for separate individuals for seperate events will enable better, more prompt reimbursement.

All checks can be made out to Craftsbury Academy and should be submitted with the attached form.  Prompt payment is appreciated before December Break.

For each check, please write the memo/purpose for ‘CAPE EVENT #_ Student Name or Student Event.’

 If your son/daughter is sick and you have paid, you will be refunded the full amount for the trip.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.  And please encourage your son/daughter to get the appropriate forms in ASAP.  Thank you for your time.


Ethan Self

CAPE Coordinator


Sign-up Schedule

Please fill in the attached form with your son/daughter and submit it to Mr. Self by December 21st.

 If your son/daughter plans on going to Smuggs, you should have him or her bring the rental form to the fitting on December 12th at 1:00 PM.

Scheduled Events:

CAPE 2018-2019

  1. Smuggler's Notch Skiing and Snowboarding ($24 without rental, $36 with rentals).

  1. Craftsbury Outdoor Center (rentals are available for nordic skiing and snowshoeing). Free of cost, but limited space. Waiver must be signed, if not already for school.

  1. Winter Hiking. Free of charge, but students need winter coat, mittens, hat, and appropriate footwear.

  1. Swimming Hole. $13 dollars per visit.

  1. Afternoon Food Workshops (cost automatically taken from CAPE grant).

 Remember, you can take off $14 towards your final cost below. You can do this in the total cost.

Event 1: ______________________________                         Cost ___________________

Event 2: ______________________________                         Cost ___________________

Event 3: ______________________________                         Cost ___________________

                                                                        Total Cost:______________

Again, please return to Mr. Self by December 21st!

By signing this document, you agree to any monetary requirements per event by completing and signing this document.

Student’s Name  ______________________________

Parental/Guardian’s Name _________________________