An Exhibition of Art & Photography Focusing on the Beauty, Mystery, and Mystique of  Night Scenes

Nov 18 thru Dec 16

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 18th, 6-9pm


                38 CENTER ST, MIDDLEBORO, MA, 02346

                (774) 419-4160



True Grit Art Gallery is seeking artwork and photography for an upcoming exhibition focusing on night scenes or scenes of the dark, ie: moonlit landscapes, dark rooms, candlelight, artificial light, street lights, neon, etc.


This exhibit will focus on the night (dark) and the effect it has on our visual surroundings. The light of the moon, from street lights, or even from candels can enhance the beauty of our world, often adding color and energy or subtleness and mystery depending on the subject matter. Picture the vibrant energy of a colorfully lit carnival midway at night contrast against the subtle beauty of a moonlit landscape or seascape. Picture the haunting mystique and ambience of a solitary street light on some lonely road or a still-life lit by candlelight. The possibilities are endless. What we are not looking for: horror/ paranormal themed artwork 


This exhibit is open to any artists interested in participating. Interested artists should submit images of up to 3 available artworks via email to or via direct Facebook message. Artists may submit up to 3 works in any two dimensional (paintings,drawings,photography) or three dimensional (sculpture, assemblage) media they please. Please include a short bio along with a short artist’s statement on what the artwork(s) mean to you and/or how they relate to the theme of the exhibit. If offering the work(s) for sale, please include retail price points as well. Artists are encouraged to offer their works for sale but it is not a requirement. However, space is limited so keep in mind that True Grit Art Gallery is a commercial gallery operating on profits made through the sales of artwork.  All sales will be offered on a 50%/50% (artist/gallery split) consignment basis. Two dimensional artworks should be ‘ready to hang’ and fitted with appropriate hanging hardware (no alligator style hanging clips, please).


Deadline for submissions is November 1st, 2017


Accepted works must be delivered in person or shipped to the gallery premises by the following dates:to be announced. Shipped artwork should be in reusable packaging with a return label and return postage provided. We strongly suggest you insure your artwork if shipping. Consignment agreements for ‘for sale’ artwork will be signed by both parties either at time of delivery or prior to shipment. Gallery personnel will be in contact and organizing delivery of artworks with participating artists.


Artists with accepted works in this exhibit are strongly encouraged to attend the opening reception on Saturday, November 18th, from 6-9pm. It will be a great opportunity to showcase your talent to the general public, the art community, and of course we’d encourage you to invite plenty of friends and family to see your work as well.


Please don’t hesitate to inquire upon any further details.

True Grit Art Gallery, 38 Center St, Middleboro,MA 02346.

Tel.- (774) 419-4160


Or contact via direct Facebook message