Leads and Testimonials

Linda N

"Payan Pools was quick to come out and take care of an issue with my spa- I can count on them to  provide great service"

Joe V

"My company ordered shirts and hats from Brilliant Marketing Ideas - very easy to work with great service, knowledgeable and answers the phone when I call"

John B

"I received my water bill and it had doubled, I called Ideal Plumbing and they sent someone out who found the issue quickly and repaired it, Great job".


"I ordered business cards and booklets from Replica Printing, not only is the service and product outstanding, they have convenient delivery too".

John Peek had a lead for Steve Hawley. John was at a client's house who had six garages and in one of the garages he had a vintage Jaquar -  John gave Steve Hawley from Hawley Auto Body's contact information so that the customer would have a reliable source for repair, restoration, and or appraisal.

John P- " Gary Moyer at Ferris & Britton is currently assisting me with some legal issues, he provides a quick response and has wisdom from years of experience Gary really knows what he's doing".

John P- "Ideal Plumbing was easy to work with, I purchased a water system from them and they came out and installed it quickly- now I have clean great tasting water-Thank. you Ideal Plumbing"

Linda N - " Thank you Greg for the lead to your company to take care of their upcoming marketing needs"