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“Smitha’s Story Cultural Fit of Interpreters” Video

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A Deaf Indian woman with glasses is sitting in an office, signing.


I used to work with an interpreting agency, so my experience with interpreters is through that I learned and realized that there’s not enough diversity within the interpreting community.

Now given, there exists a bevy of Black, Latino and Asian interpreters but to find someone who I identify with and shares my cultural background, that’s extremely difficult to find. It’s important because sometimes, with my Indian culture, we’re not as outspoken and culturally there are some sensitivities in certain areas.

It takes time to communicate and find someone who understands the tone of the community and is sensitive to that experience. That is hard to find. So if I can find an interpreter who understands and is familiar with my culture, and even better if we share the same culture, it simplifies communication which is beautiful.

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