Kindergarten Supply List

Backpack: This will be used daily for your child’s snack, extra clothes and take home bag.

Indoor VELCRO Shoes: These will stay at school as their indoor shoes. Please do not buy lace up shoes because it is hard for the teacher to tie shoes for all of the children.

Lunch Kit: Please include 1-2 healthy snacks for your child each day.

One Complete Change of Clothing: Pants, shirt, underwear, and socks. Please label each item and place in a ziplock bag their name on it. This will stay at school in case of accidents or spills.

Lysol Wipes: 2 containers

Glue Sticks: 2 sticks

Crayola Markers: Please buy 2 pack of thick markers (8+ pack)

2 inch Binder

Please DO NOT label any of the supplies:)

Thank you for your support!!

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