1st Quarter

3rd Quarter


Complex Numbers

a. radian and degree measure

a. complex numbers

b. trigonometric functions : the unit circle

b. complex solutions of equations

c. right triangle trigonometry

c. trigonometric form of a complex number

d. trigonometric funcions of any angle

d. DeMoivre's Theorem

e. graphs of other trigonometric functions

f. inverse trigonometric functions

4th Quarter

g. applications and models

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

a. exponential funtions and their graphs

2nd Quarter

b. logarithmic functions and their graphs

Analytic Trigonometry

c. properties of logarithms

a. using fundamental identities

d. exponential and logarithmic equations

b. verifying trigomometric identities

e. exponential and logarithmic models

c. solving trigonometric equations

d. sum and difference formulas

e. multiple-angle and product-to-sum formulas

Additional Topics in Trigonometry

a. law of sines

b. law of cosines

c. vectors in the plane

d. vectors and dot products