WFE Pride PTO General Meeting
May 14, 2019
Meeting Minutes

Start time: 6:00pm
Board Members Present - Kara Frazier, Kali Wheeler, Melissa Brown, Lily Duncan
WFE Staff Present – Mrs Alligood, Mrs Angel, Mrs Wright, Mrs Andrews,

Kara began meeting by reading minutes from PTO Board Meeting on May 13th 

Kara turned the floor over to Lily who gave Treasurer’s report (attached). The current bookkeeping system is inaccurate because (1) the change over from the desktop version to online version requires some reorganizing and (2) the turnover of the Treasurer’s position resulted in inaccurate or missing records.

Lily has been researching quotes on purchasing a custom WFE canopy tent to be used for school events (Fun Run, Kids Rock Marathon, Field Day, etc). One quote so far was $1365 and Lily felt she can negotiate it lower or even find a different vendor with a lesser quote. Since there will be no more meetings until next school year, Lily motioned to purchase tent up to an estimated budget of $1365 over the summer. Kara seconded the motion. No discussion. Motion passed

The floor has turned the floor back to Kara, who discussed the Teacher Appreciation event last week. Teachers in attendance agreed that they enjoyed and appreciated it. Kara discussed the different aspects of the event last week (flowers, lunch, gifts, etc) and how the board spent more than previously budgeted. Kara motioned to increase TWA budget to $1000. Lily seconded the motion. No discussion. Motion passed.

Supply Boxes purchase deadline is June 15th. Teachers were asked to help remind the students these last few days of school. The new Supply Box company includes brand name products in the supply boxes. Only item not included are headphones. Several other schools in the area already use the same company and some speaking with other others, seems to have a great reputation. The pricing is also very reasonable. Lastly, the company is going to donate some boxes, that will be used to help some WFE families. PTO will coordinate with school guidance counselor Mrs. Prestage to identify those families who will benefit.

A new sound system is needed and has been verbally expressed by teachers. Wait to vote in the first of the year because we need quotes and a good system that has good reviews and will last.

New sign out front. Have several quotes however, there is no electrical out there. In order to get electricity run up to the front of the school, where ideally the new electronic sign would go, the cost would be too high. The cost to set up electricity would be as much as a new sign. PTO will continue to consider non-electrical sign options for now but will definitely do an upgrade.

Playground (front and back) equipment needs upgrading. Basketball nets need to be fixed. Kindergarten playground has a metal beam that could be dangerous. Stair by slide was broken. County might install insets. This summer a new track will be provided and installed by school board.

Teacher requests (attached). All 12 requests (total of $5,411.96) reviewed. Kara motions to accept all requests. Lily seconds the motion. No discussion. Motion passed.

Membership will be included in the upcoming house shirt sales ($10/shirt). This year, we will have house color shirts  with house logos instead of grade #. Instead of pre-ordering, we will have order forms available registration night and first week of school. PTO will donate shirts to students from low income families (will coordinate with Mrs. Prestage)

For the 2019-2020 school year, we will have new officers as well as some current officers changing positions. Kara Frazier will move to President, Liz Bucary will move to Secretary, Lily Duncan will officially move back to Treasurer, Kali Wheeler and Melissa Brown will join board as Vice Presidents (K-2 & 3-5), and Brenda Saunders will remain Parliamentarian. Mrs. Alligood motions the office nominations. MRs Wright seconds the motion. No discussion. Motion passed.

Spring fling feedback. The event went very well. Notes for next year: add music, more trash cans, outdoor lighting, give out house points to student families who can volunteer to help and clean afterwards.

Need more attendance at General PTO meetings. Would like to institute house points as reward for student families who can attend (track with sign in sheet). PTO will have a summer meeting with MRs. Alligood to schedule out the general PTO meetings for the upcoming year. PTO considering creating a type of “punch card” for when a student family member attends all 5 meetings, the student gets double house points.

Community rewards - Box Tops 4 Education is going digital. There will still be clipping available but will be phased out. PTO will try to create a drop off box for community rewards (cash saver receipts, box tops, etc)

PTO also to look into a school app (PTO funded) to help better communication, volunteer sign ups, event reminds, etc. Some examples of potential apps: Class Dojo, Bluetree (Burrus Elementary uses)

Meeting Adjourned: 6:30pm