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Central Prayer List
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   Central Baptist Prayer List

   October 2021

    Physical Needs:

    Bill and Karen Hunt

    Melvin Ellsworth

    Elva Bates

    Mario’s sister

    Mario Acevedo

    Haven Sherrill

    Kathy and Wilson Wyant

    Scott Bates

    Edell Butts

    Joan Babb

    Jack Babb

    Atticus Grashot

    Karen Pekerol

    Stephen Bates

    Caryn Martin

    Nico Acevedo

    Barbara Spear

    Eugene Bates

    Everett West

    Mary Townsend

    Jeremy Proctor

    Tylor Formont

    Barbara Johnson

    Aiden Alford    

    Dick Leach

    Rose Marie Bates


    Other Needs:

    CBCS Families


    Unsaved family members/co-workers

    Law Enforcement/1st Responders


    Care givers:  doctors and nurses

    Reece Hillman

    Kelvin Ruiz

    Gary and Mary (Townsend) Russell

    The Johnson Family (CBCS)

    Cody and Katie Sherrill  

College Students:

Antonio Acevedo

Katie Duperrault

Olivia Niblett



***Randy and Linda Perkins-Vietnam--Pray for

        Randy, he and Linda are traveling to AZ

        in order to get a second opinion

 ***Seilala Family-Papua New Guinea--Pray for

        Brenda during her pregnancy; she is

        dealing with high blood pressure.

Blanz Family-Costa Rica

Schweitzer Family-Sunrise FL

Evan and Chelsea West-Dartmouth MA



Stephen Bates

Family of the Week:

Lyndia Hillman and James Scott

CBCS Staff of the Week:

Viviana Santillan

Dalin Mitchell