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1.        Purpose

The Board strongly supports the concept that a thorough and effective school system can exist only if the day-to-day management of the schools is entrusted to dedicated and competent persons. Good management relies on the abilities of administrators to perform the responsibilities of the positions for which they were hired.

2.        Authority

        SC 1150, 1151,                 1164

It is therefore incumbent on the Board to pursue a plan of compensation, based upon responsibility and performance, that will provide fair and adequate financial incentive for all management personnel. To accomplish this commitment, the Board directs that such a compensation plan be implemented.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

Implementation of individual contracts and the administrative compensation plan shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent.

4.        Guidelines

        SC 1164

The individual contracts and the compensation plan may include:

  1. Description of the program for determining administrative salaries.

  1. Salary amounts or salary schedules.

  1. List of fringe benefits.

The compensation plan shall be determined through a good faith meet and discuss procedure, upon request, with appropriate supervisors and administrators.

The plan may include a description for determining administrative compensation.

Employees Remunerated By School Support Groups

School support groups who employ individuals to provide services to their organizations are required to remunerate such employees utilizing the District's payroll system. All appropriate employee/employer withholdings will be made in compliance with current state and federal laws.

        SC 111

        23 Pa. C.S.A.

        6301 et seq

Such employees who come into contact with students are required to provide updated Act 34 and Act 151 clearances.

If, at any time, the school support group no longer funds the position(s), the positions will be eliminated unless the Board agrees to fund them.

School Code

1089, 1150, 1151, 1164

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