Spark Makerspace Phase 1 Safety Protocol

Starting June 2nd, 2020 Spark Makerspace is open to members at a limited capacity from 10AM to 10PM, 7 days a week.

During this phase, Spark Makerspace will not be providing any new tool or station certification classes and members are limited to stations they have already been previously certified per the station leads. We will also not be taking on any new members at this time. Members must comply with this safety protocol while in Spark Makerspace, which includes all the station-specific protocols. This guide will be updated as the situation evolves.

Please review and comply with the following if you use Spark Makerspace at this time.

Coming to the Makerspace


Before coming to the makerspace to use a station please review and reserve a station here: This virtual booking system will ask you to create an account for booking purposes. Please be aware: the system will create a 30 min buffer zone between users to allow for sterilizers to settle and to minimize the risk of member overlap, but that does not mean you have 30 extra minutes to clean up! Makers must leave by the end of their reserved time. Please manage time carefully so you have time to comply with all safety protocols and leave the station as you found it.


No more than one Spark member, or one group of Spark family members (household members you share germs with - limited to two individuals) may be in a station at one time, with the exception of the Woodshop. Two members may use the Woodshop at one time, as long as 6 feet of social distancing is continuously maintained if the two people are not from one household. Requirements for a "buddy" for specific equipment are still in effect.

Symptoms of illness:

Makers must not enter the makerspace if they are sick (see CDC COVID-19 Symptom Guide). This is not a time to take risks, if you are feeling the slightest bit ill or unsure, please stay home. If you think you may have had COVID-19 and recovered, please do not return to the makerspace until it is safe per the CDC Guidelines.

Traffic Flow:

At this time if you are working in the back use the back entrance, if you are working in a station in the front use the front door. Do not walk through one space to reach the other.

In the Makerspace


Makers must bring and wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times while in Spark Makerspace. Masks or respirators with an exhalation valve are not adequate protection by themselves. Exhalation valve masks must be covered with an additional fabric covering to capture exhaled droplets. If for medical reasons you are unable to comply, please email to discuss.

Safety Glasses:

Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the back half of the space, i.e. the Woodshop, Small Metals, Stained Glass and Drawing, Painting and Printmaking. There will be a bin of clean glasses at each door, and a bin marked “Used” where you must place the glasses you used when you leave at the end of your time. Makers are encouraged to acquire their own safety glasses if possible.

Social Distancing:

Six feet social distancing between members must be maintained at all times except for persons in your household.


The CDC recommends that you wash your hands often with soap and water. These are available in the restroom.


Clearly marked signage will be present on location denoting Cleaning and Safety Protocols.

Food and Drink

For the time being please do not consume food or drink inside of Spark Makerspace. If you need to do either please step outside.


Restrooms will be limited to one stall and one person at a time. Restrooms will be cleaned daily and a cleaning log will be posted. A sign will be hung denoting if the restroom is in use.


Cleaning/sanitizing materials will be available at each station and at each entrance. Follow the safety specific protocol for the station you are using. Protocols differ from station to station.  

What if a Maker who has been at Spark Gets COVID-19?


Please notify Casey if you have or it is likely you have COVID-19. We will inform the Spark Community via email the specific times a person with COVID-19 was at Spark without using any names.

Contact Tracing:

The digital door logs, schedule, and security cameras will be used for contact tracing. Makers must use their own key fob to enter Spark Makerspace.

Station Specific Protocol

Station Specific Protocols are added specific procedures to review and comply with when reserving a station. You are still to follow all of the Spark Makerspace Phase One Safety Protocols. For example: though Coworking may not specifically state wear a mask at all times, this is a general rule for all of Spark Makerspace and therefore must be followed when using Coworking.

Important Note: If Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) specific to a station’s safety protocol is out of stock, then that station is temporarily closed to avoid unsafe use.

Guidelines will be updated as the situation evolves.

Fair Use Policy

During Phase I of Spark’s Reopening Plan, resources are more limited than usual due to social distancing and sanitization requirements and therefore, a strict reservation policy is in effect. While a specific limit on the number of hours that a member may reserve is not set, Station Leads and the Executive Director reserve the right to institute a limit on a case by case basis to ensure equitable access to the workstations for the Spark community.




Fiber Arts:


Stained Glass:

Drawing, Painting and Printmaking:

Small Metals: Not yet open.

Thank you for making safely,

Spark Makerspace