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Equipment Recommendations

For Narrators and Listeners


Most headphones and earbuds are fine, but you want to make sure they isolate you from outside noise and are comfortable. Here are recommendations if you need some:

Sony MDXRZX110 on-ear headphones $14.99

AudioTechnica ATH-M20x $49

AudioTechnica ATH-M30x $69

Phillips SHP9500 Hifi Precision Stereo Over-ear Headphones $72.50

Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphones $79

For Narrators


If you’re new to home recording and starting from scratch we recommend that you use one of the microphones listed below. If you already own your own audio equipment then let us hear it in the Voice Test.

If you can establish a quiet recording environment, you can get excellent sound quality from these microphones. And the quality does get better as you move up through the tiers; you get what you pay for. We’ve included links to some online vendors who carry these items but you can look elsewhere online or at a local music instrument store for some other pricing options if you prefer. If you’re uncertain about a microphone choice then be sure to confirm the return policy for the vendor before making your purchase...and keep your receipt!

Please note that we do NOT recommend the use of headset or lapel microphones, as they do not provide consistent and high-level audio quality. And although we know cost can be a concern, we also can't recommend the cheapest usb mics (like the Fifene). While the product description may mention "voiceover," they're mostly used for gaming and less precise recording applications, and can’t provide the quality our students require.

Tier 1 ($80-200):

Tier 2 ($200-500):

Tier 3 ($500+)

May want to consider a preamp as well at this level:


Check to make sure you’ll have the appropriate cables and accessories with the tier 3 mics.

Pop Filter/Windscreen

Many of the bundles above include pop filters, but if you opt for a mic in a lower tier and you need to get close to the mic for adequate input volume, a pop filter or windscreen is a good idea. Here is a link to pop filters that you can purchase through Amazon.  They range from less than $10 to $30. Make sure the one you choose will fit or attach to your mic. You can also create your own pop filter or mic isolation box if you like to DIY.

Silent Mice

Regular mice may leave a little clicking sound in audio files which can be annoying to users of our materials.  

Logitech M330 Silent Plus $14.99

VicTsing 2.4g Wireless Silent Mouse $7.99


Optional but may help with desk surface vibrations. Placing the mic on a piece of thin foam or a towel may help too.

Pyle Mic Suspension Boom Arm $17.85

Rode PSA1 boom arm $99

Desktop Suspension Microphone Boom Arm Stand Mount For Shure MV5 $29.87

Also see our Setting Up Your Home Studio document.