Annual General Meeting

Sunday 27 November @ 7.00pm to 8.30pm online via ZOOM

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Please note that the time of the AGM has been changed from afternoon to evening to accommodate the avail- ability of committee members. We hope this has not caused inconvenience. Do join us and have your say in how Kent Humanists goes forward in the new year.


(1) Report on group activities for 2022 by Communications Officer Rob Wheeler

(2) Report on our financial situation by acting Treasurer, Steve Bowen

(3) Election of Committee for 2023

Briony Kapoor, Peter Morgan, Steve Bowen, Rob Wheeler, the 2022 committee members will be standing for the 2023 committee. If anyone else would like to be on the committee please drop us a line.

(4) Appointment of officers for 2023

Proposal for discussion — that we appoint only two officers this year: Treasurer and Communications Officer and that the functions of chair and secretary be rotated amongst the committee members at the meetings.

(6) Future pattern of meetings — In person or online? Time and day of week?

Proposal for discussion — that winter meetings are held online once a month in the autumn/winter (October to March) and in person over the spring/summer (April to September) with some odd additional ad hoc in-person meetings in a pub over the winter for those who might be interested. In the Summer we can vary our meetings to have walks and visits as well as speakers. If we are Zooming our winter meetings should we change the day and time to a weekday evening instead of Sundays?

(7) Subscriptions for 2023

Proposal for discussion — If we are not hiring a hall for half the year should we lower the sub? We will still need some income in view of our use of Zoom but that is the only expense we are likely to have over the winter.

(8) Charity

Proposal for discussion — If we are not meeting in person during the winter is there any point in adopting a charity for the year?

(9) Update on local SACRE [*1] membership (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) by Steve Bowen

(10) Interfaith activity

For discussion — We are represented at Canterbury interfaith meetings (CANDIFA)by Richard Norman. Briony and Steve attend Ashford Interfaith Group. What activities should we be planning for the forthcoming year? Should we apply for corporate membership of both groups and should we also include attendance at the Medway group (MIFA). I note that even though we have not been actively involved in MIFA for many years they still include us on their website as supporters! We are paid up until March 2023 for CANDIFA.

(11) Ideas for meetings in the new year

For discussion — We could have a meeting on the monarchy in June, just after the coronation. It will be our first in-person meeting of the new season and very topical.

Humanists UK now have a Branches Pilot Project Manager. His name is Alastair Lichten. Not quite sure what this new post is all about but he has been in touch asking to meet us so it might be a good idea to ask him along to one of our early zoom meetings—perhaps Jan or Feb.

Humanism: What’s it all about?

Kent Humanists have recently produced a short introductory pamphlet on Humanism for  new members and enquirers. Have a look at it and tell us if you think there is anything we should add. We hope you find it interesting and helpful.

CLICK HERE to download it free (134 Kb PDF doc) 

Living Well

The Big Questions is a new series of ebooks from Humanists UK offering humanist perspectives on how to lead confident, happier, and more fulfilled lives in this the one life we have. The first is titled Living Well and covers four topics: Thinking well, Finding meaning, Being good, Dying well.

CLICK HERE to download it free (11 Mb PDF doc) 

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Brain food in East Kent!

In  case Kent Humanists  is not enough stimulation for your brain, here are a couple more local meetings that might interest you….

Thanet Thinkers meet each month in the Churchill Pub in Ramsgate. See their WEBSITE for details. Email the organiser John Hall at to get on their mailing list

Whitstable Sceptics meet at Whitstable Labour Club, Belmont Road and Whitstable Umbrella Centre, Oxford Street. See their FACEBOOK page for details and email organiser Graham Simpson at to get on their mailing list.

Our Diary for 2022

Sun 23 Jan 2022 — All about Happiness

Sun 20 Feb 2022 — Recreational Drugs, Ethics and Legislation

Sun 20 Mar 2022 — Does art make us better people?

Sun 24 Apr 2022 — Living Well — Introduction to the new set of Humanist practical ethics booklets (date shifted to avoid clash with Easter weekend)


Sun 19 Jun 2022 —Let’s talk about heredity monarchy. What does it give us? Do we still need it?

Sun 17 Jul 2022 — Let’s talk about the BBC. What is the future of public broadcasting? In the modern age should all broadcasting be funded by subscription and advertising?

Sun 21 Aug 2022 — Let’s talk about ‘Green Consumerism’. How can we promote sustainability through what we buy and consume? Should we all go vegan as  David Attenborough recommends?

Sun 18 Sep 2022 — Let’s talk about WOKE’ism and Political Correctness. Are these liberating or oppressive movements?

Sun 16 Oct 2022 — Let's talk about War and Peace. Can war ever be justified? We will look at the Just War theory and how it relates to Ukraine, Pacifism, War Crimes, and how refugees should be treated.

Sun 27 Nov 2022 — Annual General Meeting

Sun 18 Dec 2022 — Christmas Social

About Kent Humanists

Kent Humanists normally meet on the third Sunday of each month at St Stephens Church Hall, Hales Drive, St Stephens, Canterbury, CT2 7AB. Our meetings are open to anyone interested in Humanism and are not restricted to members. We ask only for a nominal contribution towards the hire of the hall.

You can become a full member of Kent Humanists for an annual subscription of £15.00 or £10.00 if you are a member of the national organisation Humanists UK.

Students who take advantage of Humanists UK free subscription scheme may also join Kent Humanists for free. Please email for further details.

Our Charity for the year 2022

At each AGM Kent Humanists choose a charity to support for the year. This year's charity is The Kitchen CT9, part of the charitable company, Thanet Iceberg Project. The Kitchen provides home cooked meals largely prepared from surplus food either for free or an affordable donation. It offers a community space, a warm place to spend the day, mental health support and creative activity. It also runs a community fridge scheme.

“You drop off good but unwanted food

We check it is safe to eat and packaging is undamaged

We relabel it with clear guidance on its use by date

We store it in the Fridge or Freezer as appropriate

Anyone can help themselves to what is on the shelf.”

There will be an opportunity to donate cash at our regular monthly meetings.

Humanist Speakers

Kent Humanists are always pleased to consider requests to talk about any aspect of humanism to your group or society. Please contact us directly if this is of interest.

We also have a number of trained school speakers accredited by Humanists UK available for assemblies, classroom talks and diversity days with material suitable for all year groups. Please book through Humanists UK  who will forward the request to us.

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➤ Meetings Code of Conduct - Our speakers are invited guests; please treat them with courtesy and respect. Respect the diversity of views expressed and phrase disagreements politely. It is better to question than argue. Do not attempt to dominate the conversation. Defer to the chair; it is their role to manage the meeting.

➤ Kent Humanists is a partner of Humanists UK which means we support their activities and campaigns. For more information and details of how to join see their website