Second-Grade Learning Outcomes - First Grading Period

This document highlights the focus standards for each grading period. Teachers may choose to review previously taught standards as well.

Language Arts - Reading

Uses phonetic strategies

Expands vocabulary

Demonstrates comprehension of fictional texts

Demonstrates comprehension of nonfiction texts

Language Arts - Writing

Writes for a variety of purposes

Edits writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling

  • Recognize and use complete sentences
  • Use and punctuate declarative, interrogative and exclamatory sentences
  • Capitalize all proper nouns and the word
  • Use singular and plural nouns
  • Use correct spelling for commonly used sight words, including compound words and regular plurals

Demonstrates growth in word study knowledge and applies it to writing


Number and number sense

Computation and estimation

Probability and statistics

Patterns, functions and algebra


Scientific investigation/reasoning/logic (2.1)

Force, motion, energy and matter

Social Studies