Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

February 11, 2012 at Butts’ Home

Board Members present were: David McLamb, Jim Wimbish, Mike Butts, Butch Blanchard        


Yeoman Report:  Sent out first dues notice by email early in January.


Purser Report:  Bank balance is $7,175.38.  Over $3,000 in dues have been received but not yet deposited. Outstanding bills are $400 for income tax preparation and $126 for North Carolina fees.

Dues invoice mailing to occur early in March.

Stock Actions:  Board ratified an earlier approval (2/8/2012) of the transfer of Dick Coburn’s stock shares to his sons.

Membership:  Donald R. Peet from Longs, SC has submitted an application with initial dues check.

Board approved the application pending payment of the Initiation Fee.

Moorings:  State park approved transfer of Jim Hutton’s mooring to Nick Logan.  State officials have said mooring balls must have Owner Name and Number on ball by April 1, 2012 or the state will remove the mooring.

Several members of the board have met with State level personnel to review the apparent incursion of a row of campground moorings into “our space”.  The board was assured that appropriate policy and action would be initiated to protect “our space”.  Board approved the survey of the boundary line extension out into the lake to facilitate the determination.  State personnel will determine in April.

 Events:                  April 14                Club Clean-Up in morning; Boats Clean-Up in afternoon

                        4th Saturday Monthly        Club Sailing

                        August 25-26                Isotope Nationals


Site and Equipment:  Hot water heaters are to be inspected, repaired, or replaced as appropriate, with wiring and piping to be redone to provide for energy savings by piping heaters in series and installing electrical time clocks.  

Several request to store boats on our canal property reveal the possibility that we could rent unused spaces to non-members.  If feasible, we would fence off an area, utilize the public entrance (not the Club gate), and operate on a pre-paid rental contract for each rental.

Board approved the replacement of the ship’s bell that is gone to honor Dick Coburn.

Web Site Publishing:  (http://ussailing.net/waccamaw) US Sailing is no longer going to host websites for clubs.  Our club will have to contract for a new host and will have a new website address and pay fees for domain name, and monthly hosting.  Guy Staat is looking into alternatives.

Next Meeting:   March ?

Respectfully submitted,

Butch Blanchard, Yeoman