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9/11/19 Saline DI Weekly Update
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Hi Saline DI families and supporters,

I often listen to music while working in my home office, even while I'm writing the Saline Destination Imagination (DI) Weekly Email.  Today on 9/11, the musical commemoration of that historical day by John Adams entitled, "On the Transmigration of Souls" started to play.  (Here's the link: It's a reminder not only of the horror of that day, but also of the power of the arts.  As we stop today to remember lost loved ones, and people we'll never have the privilege to ever know, let us never let the "A" in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) take second place to any of the other technical disciplines.  As I was reminded in a book entitled, "From STEM to STEAM" by Sousa & Pilecki, a couple quotes stand out to me: (1) "The main objective of both art and science is discovery", and "Arts and sciences do not compete; they are complementary.  The arts create a subjective view of the world, whereas science creates an objective view of the world.  A person's brain needs both views in order to make suitable decisions."

That's what we're about in Destination Imagination, a STEAM-based program:  helping students become innovative thinkers who can make suitable, informed decisions that make our world a better place.

So if you haven't registered your student yet, whether you are a returning Saline DI-er or brand-new to DI, please go to  We need you to do this before 10/15/19 so that we can match up students will similar availability for practices, and for recruiting a parent to serve as a Team Manager.  In other words, only by registering do we know you plan to participate in DI this year.  Here's a flyer that we developed to explain a lot of the questions you might have.  Plus, our website has a FAQ section, too:


This Saturday is our Fall Saline DI Car Wash Fundraiser at the Saline Middle School!  The current forecast is sunny & 78 degrees!  This typically generates between $500-1,000 for our organization to use directly towards programs that benefit your child.  Sign up with your family to help out for a 2-hr shift.  We need volunteers to help staff this event.  To meet new people and volunteer, please sign up here: Here's the flyer:

Looking ahead to October, Rebecca Groeb and I are planning an Improvisation Acting workshop that would help with ANY of the Team Challenges (see this link:  a DI student team might choose.  We don't have the signup ready yet on (please remember we ALL VOLUNTEERS), but here's the flyer to save the date:

And finally, we are collaborating with Steve Laatsch and Julie Myers to host an event at Heritage School on October 7th.  This is targeted for Heritage to start, but any Saline Area School family is welcome.  Here's a flyer for this event:


9/14/19:  Fall Car Wash Fundraiser: 10am-2pm at Saline Middle School

9/18/19:  Saline DI Team Manager Training at Liberty School Board Room from 7-8:30pm

10/7/19:  Partnering with the *NEW* Heritage Innovation Lab to have an evening of Instant Challenges.  Meet us in the Heritage Cafeteria from 6:30-7:30pm.  

10/12/19:  Improv Workshop (free!) at Liberty Auditorium (12:30-2pm: please eat lunch prior) led by Rebecca Groeb, Saline Community Education Cultural Arts Specialist (she's amazing!)

10/15/19:  Individual Team Member Registration deadline:  Online here by midnight:

Oct/Nov/Dec:  T-shirt Design Contest and recruitment of T-shirt sponsors

12/2/19:  Appraiser Registration deadline:  Link not available yet, but will be posted at

2/8/20:  Saline DI "DEMO DAY"; a dress rehearsal for teams plus Instant Challenges at Liberty School

2/22/20:  Region 2 Tournament:  at Saline Middle School.  Most likely 9:30am-3pm.  Schedule released 10 days prior to tournament.

3/28/20: State Tournament in Lansing, Michigan (Most Saline DI teams qualify for this.  Plan for it to be an all-day event:  some teams travel up the night before the tournament for Friday night fun and/or if the team has early Sat. morning competition)

Mar/April (TBD):  End-of-the-Season Celebration at Liberty School (weekday early evening)

4/18/20:  Spring Car Wash Fundraiser:  10am-2pm at Saline Middle School

5/20-23/20: GLOBAL FINALS:  Only for the top 3 teams in each level (by age) for each category who qualify at States


-Ginger Liemohn

Saline DI Program Coordinator

Vice Tournament Director, Region 2 Michigan Creativity Association


cell ph. 734-604-3664 (voice and text)

Facebook: SalineDI

Twitter: @Saline_DI

Instagram: SalineDI

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