Unit 4 Vocabulary Assessment


  • Demonstrate understanding of vocabulary words through correct usage in writing

Click here for Unit 4 Vocabulary Words

As an assessment to your Unit 4 vocabulary, you have two options.

  1. Write a short story below that uses all twelve of your vocabulary words. Each vocabulary word must be used correctly in the writing. Please BOLD or highlight each of the 12 words you use.  


2. In one of the occupation boxes in the table (located after the sample table below,) write a sentence that uses the vocabulary word in conjunction with that occupation. The sentence must represent understanding and correct usage of the word.




The scientists studied the denizens of Chernobyl to study the effects of radiation on the body.

To accommodate the additional test subjects, the date of the study will be moved one week.

The vials of contaminated blood were kept separate from all other samples.

The single spotlight illuminated the poet on stage.

Broken pencils and ripped paper lay strewn over the poet’s desk.

Grendel’s ripped off arm left him exsanguinated in the epic poem Beowulf.

Storm Chaser

CSI (Crime Scene Investigator)

Mall Cop

Mall Santa