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Table of Contents:

  1. School Personnel Contact Information………………………………………….3-4
  2. Introduction and Welcome……………………………………………………...5
  3. Mission Statement, Philosophy, and Roles, Rights, Responsibilities…………....5 - 6
  4. Admission policy, fees & tuition, and FACTs information; ECE Tuition………..7
  5. Mass……………………………………………………………………………..7
  6. Procedures and Policies
  1. Arrival, Dismissal, Sign In - Sign Out Procedure…….....8
  2. Bus Service and Conduct…………………………...…..8
  3. Student Code of Conduct………………………….……8-9
  4. Dress code……………………………………………....9-10
  5. Emergency forms…………………………………….....10
  6. Attendance……………………………………………...10-11
  7. Emergency closing……………………………………...11
  8. Security and School Safety……………………………..11-12
  9. Custody………………………………………………....12
  10. Lunch…………………………………………………...12
  11. Lunchroom Volunteering………………………………..12
  12. Playground…………..………………………………….12-13
  13. Health…………………………………………………...13
  1. Health Information
  2. Health Exam/Immunization
  1. Band………………………………………………….....14
  2. Weekly Communication………………………………...14
  3. Field Trips……………………………………………....14
  4. Homework……………………………………………...14
  5. Insurance………………………………………………..15
  6. Internet and Technology Usage………………………....15
  7. Cell Phone Usage at School………………………….....15
  8. School Phone Usage…………………………………….16
  9. Marketing Student Achievement and Sharing the School Image...17
  10. Student Records………………………………………...17
  11. Report Cards & Grading………………………………..17
  12. Visiting During Classrooms During School Day……….17
  1. Associations and Volunteers
  1. Virtus…………………………………………………...17
  2. Athletics………………………………………………..18
  3. Home and School……………………………………....18
  1. SCRIP Program
  1. Good Shepherd Parish & St. James School Governance
  1. Parish Council, Finance Council, Education Commision..19
  2. Governance Board, Advisory Board…………………….19






Msgr. Tom Baxter




Anne Kman



Parish Secretary

Michael Benesh



Parish Business Manager

Michael McCabe




Sister Kathleen Loughrin



Student & Faculty Spiritual Advisor

Sharon Barry



School Secretary 

Mary Corcoran


Resource Room 

Enrollment Director

Mary Yockey

2nd floor

Fund Raising Director 

Claudia Lozano



ECE Lead Teacher 

Theresa Lustgraaf



ECE Lead Teacher 

Mary Ann Haack




Katie Jacobson



1st Grade

Beth Rife



2nd Grade 

Laura Tiller



3rd Grade 

Chris Eshun



4th Grade 

Trish Koch



5th Grade 

Lauren McCall



6-8 Math/LA 

Erin Schuenemann



6-8 Science

Mary Davidsaver



 6-8 SS/Rel. 

Tim Ehlert


Teacher Lounge

After Care 

Rocio Herrera


Spanish Room

Spanish- Pre-K-8 

Steffenie Williams



Computer K-5 

Linda Krueger




Gary Thornton



Physical Education K-5 

LuEllen Childers


2nd Floor


Kelli Selje



Band 4-8 

Tricia Norby


2nd Floor

ECE Director & School Counselor 

Mission Statement:  Together, we build a vibrant, safe and nurturing community through academic excellence and our shared faith integrated into a full commitment to Catholic identity.

Philosophy of St. James School

We believe that Catholic education at St. James is committed to nurturing the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical well being of each child.  

We provide a strong academic program, making every effort to meet individual needs of the students.

We integrate the arts and technology with academics to enhance our child-focused curriculum.

We create a loving and caring environment which fosters feelings of security and success for each student.  

We reach out to all children, teaching about Christ’s love and setting an example for living the life that Christ taught us.




Students have the responsibility to do the following:  (Please initial each student responsibility)

  1. Obey all school rules;  
  2. Respect the rights of fellow students and school personnel;  
  3. Give service to others in their daily lives;  
  4. Be punctual and attend school regularly;  
  5. Follow the educational process;  
  6. Attain the best possible level of academic achievement;  
  7. Respect authority both in school and at school-sponsored activities;  
  8. Be responsible for their own actions;  
  9. Conduct themselves in each class in ways that contribute to the learning environment in a positive manner;  
  10. Seek counseling for personal and educational problems;  
  11. Read and obtain an understanding of all rules of behavior regulating their conduct in the school environment.

Students and parents may expect the following:

  1. A well-balanced, appropriate educational program;
  2. Freedom from physical and verbal threats and harassments;
  3. Safety of personal property;
  4. Courteous behavior from students, parents, and school personnel;
  5. Determination of appropriate and modest student dress in accordance with our current Dress Code;
  6. Confidential help regarding drugs or alcohol;
  7. A classroom and school environment that encourages and supports learning.


Parent Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for student attendance at school.
  2. Be responsible for student arrival on time to school.
  3. Read weekly and regular communications from the school.
  4. Return the plastic weekly envelope on a timely basis
  5. Complete and return permission slips with cost of trip on a timely basis.
  6. Complete and return lunch menu forms on a timely basis.
  7. Work with the teachers to support their child/ren on a regular basis.
  8. Communicate with classroom teachers with questions or concerns about their child/ren’s work.
  9. Guide their children to choose appropriate dress each day of school.
  10.  Pay tuition support on a timely basis.
  11.  Participate in volunteer activities to the best of their time and abilities, including Lunchroom dining room help, playground supervision, Spartan Stampede and Athletic Concession Support.  

IV. Admissions Policy

We at St. James School respect the dignity of God’s children.  All children have a right to a quality education.  In addition to the pursuit of academic excellence, we believe that a St. James School education will prepare children to live and work with others and to view all people as brothers and sisters.  To support this goal, the following considerations are made in accepting students at St. James School:

  1. Pertaining to the child or family which they come from, there is no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation. Children of all faiths are welcome and are expected to participate in the religious education program of the school.
  2. All application are completed online at:;
  3. Families will be notified of acceptance to St. James School within 30-days of completing the application;
  4. Families have two weeks to complete the enrollment process once they have been admitted into the school;   
  5. Previous school records will be required upon enrollment;
  6. Age, as determined by the child’s birth certificate, will be considered regarding grade placement.

Fees & Tuition


Parishioner Tuition   Monthly Payment                    Full Tuition      Monthly Payment

1 Child                     $3,600                $360                        $5,200                        $520                  

2 Children                 $7,200                $720                        $10,400                $1,040

3 Children                 $10,400        $1,040                        $15,600                $1,560

4 Children                 $13,600        $1,360                        $20,800                $2,080

Technology and book fees are included in this tuition.
Kindergarten pays an additional $300 to  support a Teacher’s Assistant position.
There are
no added fees for athletics at St. James School,
all fees are paid for by St. James School Athletic Association

Fees - $520 parishioner tithe charged to each family receiving the parishioner discount; $50 FACTs annual fee for each family.

Early Care and Education Tuition
3 &4 Year Old - Full Time –  Weekly payment  $235.00 Part-time - 3 days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday  $170.00 per week; 2 days: Tuesday & Thursday   $120.00 per week

Paying For Tuition and School Fees Through FACT’s

FACTs Information

St. James School uses and online payment system to pay for all tuition and school fees. Once enrolled in the school, families can sign up for an account by going to:

Financial assistance applications are also completed using FACTs. FACTs is a safe and secure way to pay for and automate the tuition and school fee process.

V. Mass

All students in grades Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, and 4 attend Mass at 8:30am every Friday. Students in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 participate in Mass at 8:30am every Wednesday. All of our students attend Mass; it is an integral part of the St. James School experience.

VI. Procedures and Policies

  1. Arrival, Dismissal,  Sign In – Sign Out Procedure - As part of our School Safety Plan, any student leaving school before regular dismissal time must be signed out in the Attendance Log in the school office. Students returning to school after an appointment must be signed back in. Any student arriving after 8:10 AM must stop in the office to get a tardy slip before going to the classroom. To assure your child’s safety, inform the school office if another person is designated to pick up your child/ren. Please send that person’s name and your permission to the school office.  The parent must stop by the office to sign the child “out” and back "in" if applicable. Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises during or after school without parent permission.
  2. Bus Service and Conduct - St. James School presently has a school bus funded by Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD).  There are guidelines defined by both MMSD and the Diocese of Madison to determine bus rider eligibility based on where the student lives.  To inquire about getting on the bus route, please check with the school secretary for specific information about the areas and ages of students that are eligible to ride the St. James School bus.

    Riding the bus is a privilege. Seats will be assigned on the bus if needed to ensure the safety of all.  The bus driver will report disruptive behavior on the bus to the principal. Bus warning notices are served for those who are reported; the child may be subject to suspension or dismissal from the bus service.  If you have a question regarding eligibility, call the school office.
  3. Student Code of Conduct - The Education Commission and staff feel positive discipline plays an important role in the total education and moral development of each child. To that end, the Commission approves and endorses the following regulations regarding discipline procedures.
  1. Objective:

Disciplinary action is used as a consequence to an unacceptable behavior rather than a punishment. It should serve to strengthen and provide positive behavior instead of reinforcing negative actions.

  1. Discipline:

The Education Commission concurs with the Diocesan Board of Education in its philosophies regarding discipline. Each teacher is to develop his/her own classroom rules for safeguarding each student’s liberties and promoting each student’s education, religious and moral growth. It further allows the principal to lend assistance and guidance in the development and enforcement of the classroom rules and established rules for school behavior.

  1. Suspension:

Suspension is equally serious but its temporary nature allows its use only to a somewhat larger degree than expulsion, but must be used only after every other avenue has been exhausted. The avenues, among others include student teacher conferences, parent/teacher conferences, and parent/teacher/principal/student conferences.  

  1. Expulsion:

The Education Commission agrees with the Diocesan Board of Education that permanent dismissal is very serious and should be invoked only in extreme cases as suggested. Procedures for enforcing expulsion are available from the principal. Weapons in school are cause for immediate expulsion.

  1. Dress Code for St. James School - All students of St. James School are expected to dress so their clothing enhances the classroom environment and reflects student values. Adherence to the Dress Code Policy depends on the cooperation of students and parents.  The principal and staff reserve the right to make the final decisions on the appropriateness of dress. There may be exceptions to this policy on special days that will be announced ahead of time.


Tops (patterned or plain)

Pants, Capris, and Shorts



Mass Days/Dress Up Days




Pants & Shorts


Procedures for Dress Code Infractions

If a student in any grade (K-8) is in violation of the Dress Code, the parent will be notified by phone or email. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the parent may be asked to bring proper attire.  For students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, an office behavioral referral will be given. Repeated offenses will result in a conference between administration, parents, and students, and may lead to suspension from school.

[Dress Code:]

  1. Emergency Forms - Parents are asked to complete an emergency information form at the beginning of the school year. Please note any health concern: allergies, allergic reactions (bee stings, milk, nuts, etc.)   In emergency cases where no parent is available, persons listed on the Emergency Information sheet will be notified, e.g., in case of illness or accident. Emergency information must be on file in the office and at AfterCare if you use that service. Be sure to indicate an emergency/alternate contact person.
  2. Attendance - The attendance record is a legal document and remains in the student’s permanent record. For your child's protection, please call 608-268-9935 by 8:30AM if your child will not be in school that day. We need to account for all absences. Please contact school with the  reason  your child is not in attendance. You may also send an email to

    Please avoid scheduling dental or doctor appointments during the school day.  However, should such an appointment be necessary, your child will only be permitted to leave the grounds by presenting a written note/email or phone call from you. Students who are away from school for an appointment for two and half hours or more, will be counted as absent for a half day.   Your child MUST be signed in and/or out of the building by the parent/guardian.  Sign in/out sheets are in the school office. If students leave school prior to 12:30pm, they are marked absent for a half day.

    If you email the student’s attendance, please include the homeroom teacher and Sharon Barry in the office.

    We encourage families to plan vacations at times that coincide with the school vacation schedule.  Please inform the principal of circumstances necessitating a vacation during school days.  Also, parents are to inform the school office if they will be out of town and their child remains in the care of another adult.  Please leave names, addresses and phone numbers of the adults responsible for the care of your child.  We also request emergency contact information [
    Full Attendance Policy can be found here:].
  3. Emergency closing - Per weather, natural disaster, or other acts of God, school will be closed and children should be kept at home. SJS contacts the local news stations if school is closed per weather. If Madison Metropolitan School District is closed, St. James School is also closed; however, due to our students traveling to school from across the entire City and neighboring communities, SJS may also be closed even if MMSD is in session. Families should Watch Channel 3, 15, or 27 in order to see if school is in session. The school will make every effort to update Facebook as well.
  4. Security and School Safety - A Safety Manual with specific procedures is located in the school office. A review of all procedures is conducted annually. The following security measures are currently in place at St. James School:
  1. Students are always supervised.
  2. Established drop off and dismissal traffic patterns are in effect.  
  3. All doors are locked 24 hours a day.
  4. A Fire Evacuation Plan specific to each classroom location is posted by the exit.
  5. Tornado, fire drill, bomb threat and other types of building evacuation procedures are in place with specific codes. A mutual agreement exists between Beth Israel Temple  and St. James School to share each other's facilities in the event of an emergency.
  6. Procedures are in place in the event of a playground emergency.
  7. Three adults supervise the noon recess.  
  8. Protective behaviors are taught throughout the school year and are reviewed periodically throughout the year.
  9. Teachers and staff are instructed on implementation of safety procedures.  
  10. Field trips are always led by at least one teacher and additional chaperones.
  11. We have established a visitor sign-in and sign-out procedures in the office.
  12. Safety & Communication Plan in the event of crisis or lockdown -  A school-wide safety plan which covers all school safety issues has been developed in consultation with the police and fire departments. Fire, tornado and lockdown drills are conducted yearly. If a school evacuation is necessary, we will walk to Beth Israel Synagogue at 1406 Mound Street; accommodations are available to us there until we are assured of safety. Children are supervised at all times. In the event of an evacuation, please allow the school personnel to communicate with you regarding picking up your child. In the event of a lockdown, suspicious intruder, or evacuation, the principal will communicate with families through email following the event.
  1. Custody - In the event of a divorce or separation it is assumed by the school that each parent has been awarded equal rights in regard to access to their children.  If there are special circumstances such as sole custody, limited access or restraining orders, copies of these court documents must be on file in the school office. The school needs full disclosure of the custodial agreement, or students will be allowed to go with either parent.
  2. Lunch - St. James School provides a healthy and balanced lunch to students for the cost of $2.50 per meal. Menus are published every four weeks. No student shall ever be turned away from eating, and parents are urged to keep track of their child’s lunch balance. For the 2017-18 school year, St. James School hopes to transition lunch fees into the FACTs payment system. For the first trimester, parents should pay lunch fees to Mrs. Barry in the office; beginning in the 2nd trimester, families will be able to pay lunch fees online. No soda, energy drinks, or other high sugar drinks should be brought to lunch.
  3. Lunchroom Volunteering - Each school family is asked to volunteer in the lunchroom five times per year, or to buy out of the volunteering requirement at a cost of $100. Lunchroom volunteer calendars are available at the main office from Mrs. Barry. You can use this calendar to sign up and make changes throughout the school year. However, we ask that each family sign up for the five shifts, or pay the buyout fee by October 1 of each school year.

    If you are scheduled to work a lunch shift and have an emergency that prevents you from attending, please call  268-9928 as early as possible, to allow the lunch staff to find a replacement. If you do not contact the kitchen by 9:00 am, and do not work your shift, you will be charged a $10 “no-show fee” through your student’s lunch account.

    If you are interested in working additional lunch shifts during the year, you may sign up as an “emergency volunteer” in the kitchen office.  You will be paid $10 per extra shift beyond the required 5 shifts, via your student’s lunch account. Please sign up for 5 shifts on the lunchroom volunteer calendar to ensure all families have shifts available.  We will contact all emergency volunteers via email or phone if extra help is needed.  Volunteers are welcome to eat a free lunch.  Please contact Mrs. Barry with any other questions.
  4. Playground - We have paid supervisors on our playground during the lunchtime recess.        Each supervisor will have Virtus training and a thorough Background Check. There are certain times when the weather is too inclement for anyone to be outside (in which case the students will have indoor recess), so please bear the following in mind when preparing the children for school:
  1. Please prepare your child for cold weather. Areas of the body vulnerable to exposure to the cold should be covered (i.e. head, neck, hands, feet, etc.).
  2. The following rules apply:
  1. Snowpants/boots required for all students for snow mounds;
  2. K-5: boots and snowpants on any area;
  3. Middle School: boots for the snow covered grass and snow.
  1. Plan to send your children outside each day.  We will make the decision for outside recess each day depending on the weather before the beginning of each recess time. If students are too ill to go outside for recess, they should remain at home unless we have a doctor’s excuse.
  1. Health - A student needs to be symptom-free for 24 hours before they can return to school.  Also, if a student is put on an antibiotic, they must be on the medicine for 24 hours before returning to school.  In case of a lice outbreak, please treat your child and keep them home for 24 hours.  Recheck for nits each day for 10-15 days. No student is allowed to leave the school building because of illness without first reporting to the school office. Students need to be signed out by a parent.
  1. Health Information - State law generally prohibits the dispensing of medication (over the counter or prescription) by school personnel. Any medicine can be given only with a Medication Release Form signed by the parent and on file in the school office. All medication must be kept in the school office with a) the name of the child, b) the name of the medication and c) directions for dispensing.
  1. If you suspect that your child has influenza, please call to let the school staff knows. Symptoms include fever, sore throat, headache, muscle and body aches, and severe fatigue. Occasionally children may also experience nausea, vomiting or diarrhea although these are less frequent. (This is NOT “stomach flu.”)  
  2. If a child has a fever at or above 101 degrees Fahrenheit, s/he will need to be picked up from school.
  3. A child is to stay at home if the child is too sick to participate in school activities. A parent note is needed if a child is to remain inside at recess time because of a health concern.
  4. Vision and hearing screenings are given during the school year.

  1. Health Exam/ Immunization
  1. Students in grades 5 –8 who wish to participate in sports must have a physical examination card on file.  This is a Madison Diocesan policy.  If there is no card on file, students may not participate in any practices, scrimmages, or games.  A sports physical is valid for two years.    
  2. Kindergartners:  an immunization form must be on file at school by September 15. Hepatitis B vaccine is required for students entering kindergarten and 7th grade, and a chicken pox vaccine or the date of having chicken pox is required.  Vaccines against seasonal flu are recommended now for all children and should be available from the provider you use for your child’s immunizations.
  1. Band - Grades 4-8 are invited to join the St. James Band. Band, piano and guitar lessons are available at St. James.  Parents pay for these programs separately.  Scholarships are available for Band funded through the Panera Food Program.  Students new to the Band Program will have a meeting with the band teacher during the first week of school. Returning students will sign in with Mrs. Selje in the spring.  A meeting with 4th grade students wanting to be in band is in the spring. Band lessons begin for all students begin the second week of school each year.
  2. Weekly communication - Every Tuesday a packet is sent home  in a plastic envelope with the family’s last name on it. It comes home with the youngest child in the family. Another version is sent in an email.  It is important that you receive this information and read it. Notices of meetings, special events, fundraising events, menus for lunch, etc. are included in the mailing. Any organization wishing to send items home in this envelope must submit them to the office by noon on the previous Friday. When you receive the envelope, please return the envelope to school the next day.
  3. Field Trips - Field trips make a unique contribution to the curriculum. A permission slip, signed by a parent/guardian, must be obtained for each student participating in the field trip and the slip must be in the office before the trip. Phone calls giving permission will not be acceptable for field trips. Trips are planned to enhance the curriculum; students are encouraged to go on field trips. Field trips are privileges afforded to students; no student has an absolute right to a field trip.  Students can be denied participation if they fail to meet academic or behavioral requirements. All field trips can be paid on FACTs.
  4. Homework - Homework is a necessary part of education and may require parental supervision to promote accuracy, neatness, and completion of work.  A time for study should be set each school night. If there is not a formal assignment given, we suggest silent reading, reviewing work of the day, telling another person what one has learned, practicing math facts, etc.  Assignment notebooks are required for all 1st-8th grade students. Parents may be asked to sign the notebook each night to stay aware of work assigned and completed. This helps apprise parents of work in progress, and it helps students take responsibility for their learning.

    Students in 5th through 8th grade, and their families, are able to check homework assignments and grades daily through TeacherEase. In accordance with best practices for teaching and learning, each child should expect to have 10 minutes of homework per grade level per night. For example a 1st grader can be expected to have 10 minutes of homework per night, and a 6th grader can expect to have 60 minutes. We understand students are very busy after school, and it is important to be involved in extracurricular activities and to play. Establishing daily homework routines will mitigate against accumulating too many projects or assignments. Nobody wants to have their 1st grader have an hour of homework on a Thursday night, or have a 6th grader doing four hours of homework on a single evening. Time management and communication are critical.
  5. Insurance - Parents are responsible for providing medical and accident insurance for their children while the child is at school and/or involved in school activities.
  6. Internet & Technology Acceptable Use Policy - The Internet and school provided technology are tools. Students are expected to use the Internet at school for educational purposes.  They will review guidelines for computer use during class. The purpose of student access to the Internet is to support the educational goals of our school by providing access to unique resources and the opportunity for collaborative work.

    St. James School has established the following provisions for computer and Internet usage:
  1. Students are expected to be aware of the printer settings, screen settings, folder locations, folder contents, or trash items.  Misuse of any hardware and software will result in disciplinary action.
  2. The use of the Internet service is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use may result in loss of privilege.
  3. Students must not reveal personal information online.
  4. Should a student access an inappropriate website knowingly, he/she will lose the privilege of computer access.  An inquiry may be made about how the access occurred.  If a teacher deems a site inappropriate for school, the student must close the site immediately.
  5. If you prefer your child not use Internet at school, you must send a written statement to the office.
  1. Cell Phone Usage at School  - In order to focus on academic preparation and spiritual formation, cell phones are prohibited from 8am - 3pm. There is a 3-strikes policy for cell phones. If a phone is seen or heard, it will be collected by staff and the following protocol is carried out:
  1. First Offense - phone is confiscated, turned into the principal, and behavioral report is completed in Teacherease. The student may pick up their phone after 3pm.
  2. Second Offense - phone is confiscated, turned into the principal and a behavioral report is completed in Teacherease. A parent or guardian must come into school to pick up the phone.
  3. Third Offense - phone is confiscated, turned into the principal, and behavioral report is completed in Teacherease. The student is no longer allowed to have a phone at school, and will be required to turn in their phone in the main office by 8am each day. Further infractions will lead to suspension.
  1. School Phone Usage - The school office phone is available to students.  There is a telephone in each classroom.  Students may use these phones to contact their parents should a need arise. The Internet is to be used only if a teacher, parent, or trusted volunteer is present in the computer lab or classroom.
  2. Marketing student achievement and sharing the school image - At various school events, we take photos which are posted to Facebook, social media, and to the school website. Some of these photographs are published in the newspaper. If you object to your child’s picture being published, please let the school secretary know. We keep a “Do Not Photograph” list in the main office and can add your child to the list upon request.
  3. Student Records - If a parent wishes to see the record of his/her child, a written request must be submitted to the office 24 hours in advance. The school will provide non-custodial parent(s) with access to the academic records and the other school-related information (calendars, special programs, etc.). If there is a court order specifying that information should not be given, it is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the school with an official copy of the court order.
  4. Report Cards/Grading - Report cards are provided to families at the end of each trimester. Typically, report cards are sent home in November, March, and June. Your child’s teacher will be sharing information on expectations and grading procedures. Parent-student-teacher conferences are held in November. Whenever a concern arises regarding a child’s grades, progress, or behavior, the first step for the parents is to see the teacher(s) or person most immediately involved.  If parents would like to make an appointment to speak with a teacher, please arrange such a conference with the teacher through email or call the school office.
  5. Visiting During Classrooms During School Day - As a safety procedure, please enter through the school office and get a “Visitor’s Badge” before visiting the classrooms or other parts of the school. This identifies you to everyone that you have accessed the building through the main office. We welcome open discussions with parents and their child/ren but request that you not visit the classroom unannounced or without pre-arranging the visit with the classroom teacher.  You will need to sign the “Visitor’s Sheet” in the office before proceeding to a classroom.  If you have not made arrangements with the teacher to come to the classroom, the secretary will call the teacher before you go to the classroom.

VII.         Associations and Volunteers

  1. Virtus - All parents, volunteers and employees are required to take the Virtus Training and complete a background check if they spend time in the classroom, lunchroom, playgrounds or field trips with any students.  This training is required by the Diocese of Madison.  Classes and background checks are carried out online. Please go to:

    To complete the background check, you need to fill out the form online. Both the class and the background check MUST be completed before you are able to help with our students in any way.
  1. Athletics Association - The Athletic Association is the organizing body which supports the interscholastic sports programs for boys and girls in fifth through eighth grades. There are no fees for student athletics but families are expected to volunteer and work the concession stand at events.    Possible ways to volunteer include parking cars during the UW football games, working the concessions at volleyball or basketball tournaments. The Athletics Association supports the following extracurricular opportunities for SJS students in grades 4-8:
            Boys - Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball
            Girls - Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
  2. Home and School Association - The Home and School Association includes parents or legal guardians of currently enrolled students, and representatives from the school faculty.  Any parent or legal guardian is welcome to attend the meetings.  Meetings are held monthly during the school year.

    The Home and School Association does not make decisions on curriculum, school policy or anything regarding the St. James School staff. The Home and School Association raises funds for school needs through the SCRIP program, Food Carts at
    Back To School Night in September and the Art & Science Fair in May, and the proceeds of the Spartan Stampede.  The working budget is based on the net revenue of these programs.  The budget is developed in August and voted on at the first Home and School meeting of each school year.  The Home and School budget is completely separate from the school budget.

The objectives of this organization are:

1. To support and strengthen the efforts of St. James School;

2. To provide parental assistance to the pastor, principal and teachers in carrying out activities of the school;

3. To project and strengthen the image of the school in the wider community;

4. To promote worthwhile projects for the benefit of the school and to help in the conducting and/or funding of those projects;

5. To encourage and foster a spirit of cooperation and community within the school community;

6. To provide an educational forum on topics of interest to parents & teachers.

The Home and School Association is always looking for new members.  It collaborates closely with the school administration and faculty to carry out the mission of the school.

  1. SCRIP Program - Parents and families participate in The St. James School SCRIP Program.  The SCRIP Program is run by the Home and School Association.  In the SCRIP Program, the school purchases gift cards at a discount from over 100 vendors and sells them at their face value.   Half of  the amount of profits earned from each family’s SCRIP purchases are deducted from their tuition account in April each year.  You can purchase gift cards from the school office each day.  SCRIP gift cards are also available for sale in the school lobby on Mondays and Thursdays after school.  Additionally, it is possible to sign up to purchase cards online.  You can pay for your purchase with cash or check, not credit cards.  If you buy groceries and gas; if you go to restaurants, fast food places or pharmacies; you will find SCRIP cards to be a great way for you to earn dollars toward your tuition account and money for the school.
  1. Good Shepherd Parish & St. James School Governance
  1. Parish Council, Finance Council, Education Commision - St. James School is an apostolate of Good Shepherd Parish. Msgr. Tom Baxter is the sole administrator of the parish. Good Shepherd Parish has a Parish Council and policy making advisory boards: Parish Finance Council and Education Commision. The Finance Council meets the third Tuesday of each month, and the Education Commission meets the third Thursday of the month.
  2. Governance Board, Advisory Board - St. James School has a Governance Board who oversees the Advisory Board. The Governance Board meets every other month, and assists in finding new members for the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board meets monthly and exists to raise the profile of the school and to secure funds needed to support the SJS mission.



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