February 2018

Where the Fire Inside Ignites Results Outside!

The more flames you see, the more you’ll feel the BURN! Challenge yourself and turn up the HEAT!


8:30am Zumba (Glay)

5pm Booty Burn (Rose Ortiz)

6:30pm FIYA Fit

7:30pm HipHop Inferno (Pierre)


8:30am Zumba (Glay)

10am Glow (Adrian)

5pm HardCORE (Tessa)

6pm Torch (Kayla)

7pm The Heat (D & George) 


9am Trim & Spin (Craig)

10am Zumba Toning (RoseMarie)

5pm Booty Burn (Rose Ortiz)

6:30pm FIYA Fit


8:30am Zumba (Glay)

10am HipHop Inferno (Pierre)

5pm HardCORE (Tessa)

6pm WERQ (Satarra)

7pm Glow (Adrian)


6pm HipHop Inferno (Pierre)

7pm Holy City Queens


10:30am Trim & Spin (Craig)

Gym Hours

Mon-Thurs: 4am-11pm

Fridays: 4am-9pm

Saturdays: 8am-6pm (barcode after 5pm)

Sundays: 8am-6pm (barcode only)

Childcare Hours

Mon-Fri: 5pm-8pm

Saturdays: 8am-12pm

Sundays: CLOSED

Zumba: Ditch the workout and join the PARTY! This fun and easy-to-follow cardio dance class combines high-energy and motivating Latin music with unique moves and combinations that make you feel like you are partying on the dance floor. It is something everyone can do- Zumba is the best way to dance away your worries.

BURNOUT: Try out OUR version of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). This class requires you to give 100% effort the entire class. It consists of quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by short- sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training keeps your heart rate up the whole way through and burns more fat in a shorter amount of time.

Glow: Join us for a unique class that combines Yoga and Pilates exercises that are designed to build strength and gain flexibility. It requires the strength for Pilates, balance of Yoga and energy revitalization of Ai Chi. It also enhances your breathing, alignment and balance.

Trim & Spin:  Start off with 30 minutes of weights to initiate that PUMP and finish with 30 FUN and INTENSE minutes of spinning to get your heart rate up to the “fat burn” zone that you dread doing on your own!

Hip Hop Inferno: Multiply our other spin class by 100 and you will get HipHop Inferno! This class is all about the intense bike training, but also incorporates scorching ab workouts all to bomb hip hop music!

Booty Burn: This class is exactly what it is titled. Not only will you feel the burn in your booty, but the rest of your lower body!

Zumba Toning: get the ZUMBA feel and add in some dumbbells and core exercises. The perfect way to dance and tone up all at once!

The Heat:  Not to be confused with “Booty Burn”...this class is a full body workout that uses your own body weight as well as light weights. Don’t underestimate it though! While the weights won’t be heavy, the reps will be high, causing you to burnout your muscles one at a time.

Torch:  Fall in love with a motivating sport-based cardio workout program designed to build power and energy. This high energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic exercises with strength and stabilization training.

HardCORE: Want to get those 6 pack abs you’ve been dreaming of? Join us for a class focusing all on your core, cardio and plyometrics!