Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students Constitution (2017-2018)

Article I. Name of Student Organization

Section I. The name of this student organization shall be The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students, hereinafter referred to as SUMS.

Article II. Statement of Purpose

Section I. The purpose of SUMS is to serve the undergraduate mathematics community at University of California, San Diego by providing a structured environment in which mathematics-related activities may be carried out, including social and professional events, technical workshops, and events where invited speakers are present. The goal of SUMS is to promote a cohesive community of mathematics students, to strengthen bonds between students and faculty, and to provide an environment conducive to the exploration and appreciation of mathematics.

Article III. Non-Profit Statement

        Section I. SUMS is a non-profit student organization.

Article IV. Membership

Section I. Membership in SUMS is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at the University of California, San Diego.

        Section II. A member of SUMS shall have one (1) vote in all officer elections.        

Section III. A member of SUMS shall have one (1) vote in any vote opened to the membership by the Officer Board.

Section IV. In order to become a member of SUMS, a student must first submit an interest form. Then, they must attend at least two (2) Organization events and two (2) Organization meetings, and ensure that their attendance is noted. The officers of the club may also institute alternative ways to meet these requirements, communicated to members in advance, such as participation in special meetings or volunteer projects. After these requirements are met, the student will be added to the list of active members for the next academic quarter.

Section V. In order to maintain membership status, members must attend at least two (2) Organization events and two (2) Organization meetings each academic quarter, or fulfill alternative requirements set forth by the officers. Membership requirements will be reviewed after each academic quarter. Any member that fails to meet these requirements will be marked as an inactive member for the following quarter, and will not be allowed the aforementioned benefits of membership. Any inactive member completing membership requirements for a quarter will be marked as active for the following quarter.

Section VI. Any member may have their membership revoked for the remainder of the academic quarter or year for any violation of University of California San Diego policy, at the discretion of the officers and community advisor of SUMS.

Section VII. In order to run for officer positions in the club, the potential nominees must be active members.

Article V. Organization Meetings

Section I. SUMS shall hold an in-person meeting at least once (1) every week during the academic quarter, excluding finals week and/or any special provisions agreed upon by the officers.

Section II. Meetings are open to the general public. Any currently enrolled student at the University of California San Diego may attend.

Section III. Officers are required to attend all meetings. In the event an Officer must miss a meeting, they must inform either the President, Vice President, or Secretary at least 24 (twenty-four) hours in advance.

Section IV. Prior to these meetings, an agenda must be created and shared with all officers. It is the responsibility of all officers to contribute to and review the agenda before each meeting. Officers are expected to be cognizant of all current issues, agenda items, and ongoing plans.

Section V. It is the duty of the Secretary to ensure that meetings progress at a continuous pace and that all agenda items are covered. The President shall be responsible for ordering and determining the priority of agenda items. In the event that any agenda items are not addressed during a meeting, up to 5 (five) minutes at the end of the meeting will be reserved to scheduled follow-up meetings, to ensure that all agenda items are addressed in a timely fashion.

Section VI.  Meeting minutes will be made available on the official SUMS website after each meeting. Relevant announcements and updates will also be posted to the SUMS website.

Section VII. The Officer Board shall meet with its Community Advisor at least three (3) times each academic quarter. Any officer missing these meetings may be subject to disciplinary action.

Article VI. Officers

Section I. Only registered UCSD students may hold office in the organization. Only registered UCSD students may vote in elections for the selection of the organization’s officers.

Section II. SUMS officers shall have the power to bring any decisions affecting the club to a vote.

Section III. All SUMS officers are required to attend all meetings. Officers missing three (3) or more meetings within an academic quarter may be subject to disciplinary action.

Section IV. The Officer Board may consist of any or all of the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Chair, Publicity Chair, Web Coordinator, Technology Chair, Workshop Coordinator, and Historian. All officers on the Officer Board share responsibility for any and all administrative and volunteer duties.

Section V. The President shall be responsible for the planning, scheduling, and attending all meetings with Officers and the Community Advisor. The President shall also be responsible initializing agendas and chairing the aforementioned meetings, unless otherwise specified. The President is responsible for overseeing all Officers. The President will serve as a liaison between the Organization and University of California, San Diego faculty, including the Community Advisor and all affiliated representatives of Associated Students. The President shall be responsible for representing the Organization before the University and student body, which includes overseeing and approving all communications and advertisements produced by the Organization.

Section VI. The Vice President shall be responsible for assisting the President with all administrative duties within the Organization in their absence. This may include, but is not limited to, planning or hosting events, working with planning or volunteer committees to carry out events, communicating with Associated Students or the Community Advisor, and chairing meetings. The Vice President shall also be responsible for assisting in any and all planning efforts, which may include (but is not limited to) reserving or booking rooms, planning allocating of funding, and stewarding the process of room reservation and funding requests through Associated Students.

Section VII. The Secretary shall be responsible for attending all Organization meetings, taking minutes and ensuring that minutes are distributed amongst the Officer Board and on the official SUMS website. The Secretary shall also be responsible for assisting the President in making meeting agendas. The Secretary shall also be responsible for responding to all inquiries sent to the official SUMS e-mail account. The Secretary shall also be responsible for assisting the President and Vice President in all administrative duties. The Secretary is responsible for all the responsibilities carried by the President and/or Vice President, in their absence.

Section VIII. The Treasurer is responsible for coordinating with the Officer Board to create funding proposals. These include expected budgets, food orders, and proposed reimbursement or payment methods for each event. The Treasurer shall be responsible for documenting any and all funding obtained by the Organization through any source, as well as keeping detailed records of all financial transactions undertaken by the Organization or any of its members. This includes maintaining copies of all funding requests submitted to Associated Students, all receipts for any purchases made by members or the Organization’s funding manager, independently verified evidence of any profit generated from fundraisers.  The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining a ledger of all financial transactions undertaken by the Organization.

Section IX. The Events Chair shall be responsible for planning and deciding what events the club will do over the school year, as well as creating/managing the calendar of events and deadlines. This entails deciding what types of events to do, assigning a tentative date/location, and coming up with potential ideas for food or refreshments. If funding is involved, this position is also responsible for assisting in the acquisition of funding. This primarily includes helping to provide the details that are needed for a funding request to Associated Students, but in the future may also involve other sources such as fundraisers.

Section X. The Publicity Chair shall be responsible for ensuring that event details are communicated to the student body and the public. This involves working with other officers to finalize details such as event descriptions, times, and locations. This also includes heading any club advertising efforts, such as designing/printing/posting flyers, creating Facebook events, and reaching out to students via email.

Section XI. The Web Coordinator shall be responsible for assisting the Technology Chair on smaller, yet more frequent, tasks with regards to keeping the content of the official SUMS website regular. The Web Coordinator shall also be responsible for being the second point of contact for ensuring that events are properly advertised, scheduled, and non-disparate. If there are no other tasks to complete, the Web Coordinator is responsible for adding new content to populate the website.

Section XII. The Technology Chair shall be responsible for creating and maintaining the various technologies used by the club. This includes managing the build and deployment process of the official Organization website, stewarding the server access provided to the club via Associated Students, and helping to create tools to improve the Organization’s workflow. This may also involve maintaining any private or school-provided servers used by the Organization, and managing any digital resources (such as user accounts and login details) provided to Organization members. This position involves adding, updating, and maintaining the content on the official SUMS website. If a page for an event needs to be made, or dates/times/descriptions need to be changed on the website, the Technology Chair is the first point of contact. The Technology Chair shall also be responsible for working with the underlying code base for the website, including adding updates/improvements over time.

Section XIII. The Workshop Coordinator shall be responsible for helping to organize and set up any technical or hands-on workshops the club hosts. This may include procuring content for workshops, ensuring technical resources are made available, attending workshops and organizing volunteer efforts, being available to help with students’ questions, and may include presenting or assisting in the presentation of the workshops themselves.

Section XIV. The Historian shall be responsible for attending Organization events, taking photographs (with the permission of attendees) which will then be added to the official SUMS website and official SUMS Facebook group. The Historian shall also be responsible for tracking and organizing past meeting minutes and attendance information from previous events, as well as maintaining a history/archive page on the official SUMS website.

Section XV.

Article VII. Elections

Section I. The Organization shall, at minimum, hold public elections for all officer positions once (1) per academic year. Voters shall consist of qualified members of the Organization at the time of the election as well as current officers.

Section II. Elections shall proceed as follows. First, the President shall go through the list of officer positions one by one. For each position, the floor will be opened for nominations. Any member or current officer may nominate any other member or Officer for the given position. No member or officer may nominate or vote for themselves. The nomination may be seconded by any member or officer. If the nomination is not seconded, the nominee will not be considered for the position. If the nomination is seconded, the nominee will be added to a list of candidates. The President shall call for additional nominees, until no more are provided. The President will then call for a vote for each candidate (Yay, Nay, or Abstain). All present members and officers may vote, and may vote for any number of candidates. Votes will be tallied by the Secretary. Only candidates that receive a ½ majority vote (out of those present) will be considered for appointment. The President will then appoint the candidate with the most votes to the position. No candidate can be appointed to more than one position. If no candidate receives a ½  majority vote, a follow-up election must be scheduled and appointment of the position will be tabled until that time.

Section III. Any officer may make a motion to hold a special election at any time during the school year. If the motion receives a ½ majority vote by officers, the special election may be scheduled. Special elections function exactly like the yearly elections described above.

Article VIII. Removal of Officers

Section I. Any officer may be removed from office for their failure to perform their prescribed duties, or for actions that are in opposition or violation of the stated purpose of SUMS.

Section II. Any motions for disciplinary action will first be brought to the attention of the Community Advisor. No officer may be removed without the explicit approval of the Community Advisor.

Section III. Removal of an officer may motioned for at any business meeting, or an auxiliary meeting may be called to address the issue. In such a meeting, any officer may make a motion to remove a specific officer. If this motion is seconded, the motion will be opened for discussion. After discussion, the motion will be brought to a vote. The motion passes if it receives a ⅔ majority vote. Any member or current officer may vote. If the motion passes, pending approval of the community advisor, the Officer in question will then be removed from their position. Access to SUMS resources, including digital login information, keycard access to any restricted areas, and access to organization communication channels and/or shared resources will be rescinded. If necessary, passwords and login information may be changed. If applicable, the officer will also be removed from the list of registered Principal Members. The duties of any removed officer will be redistributed among the remaining officers at the discretion of the President, and a special election may be called to fill the position.

Article IX. Line of Succession

Section I. In the event that any position is not filled and/or an officer is not present at a meeting, the order of succession of duties and responsibilities shall be as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Chair, Publicity Chair, Web Coordinator, Technology Chair, Workshop Coordinator, Historian, and finally, any volunteer committees.

Section II. In the absence of an Officer, it is the duty of the succeeding Officer, according to the order of succession, to take over all duties of the absent Officer. For example, in the absence of the President, it is the Vice President’s duty to take over all administrative duties listed in Article VI.

Section III. The extended absence of an officer may result in disciplinary action, up to and including the removal of the officer and reelection of the corresponding position.

Article X. Risk Management

Section I. SUMS at UCSD is a registered student organization at University of California, San Diego, but not part of the University itself.

SUMS at UCSD understands that the University does not assume legal liability for the actions of the organization.

Section II.  SUMS is aware that all registered students organizations that serve minors or the elderly have access to training on child and elder abuse prevention for its members through the Center for Student Involvement, online or in person (in person by request only). SUMS will develop plan(s) for activities and events where members will be interacting with minors or the elderly such that members will receive education and/or training on Child Abuse Neglect Reporting Act (i.e. avoiding one-on-one situations; working with minors in plain view of others; limiting calls/text messages/social media posts or other communications with minors), and how to properly report potential harm or neglect to minors or the elderly with whom they are working.

Section III. SUMS understands that liability forms must be signed by a parent/legal guardian for participants under the age of 18 (eighteen). SUMS is responsible for providing and collecting these forms.

Article XI. Community Advisor

Section I. The Officer Board shall choose a Community Advisor each academic year and is responsible for maintaining ongoing communication with the Community Advisor throughout the academic year.

Section II. All Official communications with University faculty or employees must be reviewed and approved by the Community Advisor before proceeding. Additionally, any and all personal or disciplinary issues must first be brought to the attention of the Community Advisor before any action may be taken.

Article XII. Financial Responsibility

Section I. SUMS reserves the right to undertake fundraisers. All fundraising shall be conducted in compliance with University Policy.

Section II. All funding obtained from any sources shall be recorded, documented, tracked, and verified by the Treasurer and Secretary. This includes but is not limited to: funds obtained from club fundraisers, funds provided by Associated Students for events, and reimbursements made for any out-of-pocket expenses. Detailed records of all financial transactions related to SUMS activities shall be kept at all times, and will be made available to Organization members, officers, or University officials upon request.

Section III. SUMS reserves the right to maintain an bank account, managed by one or several officers (designated annually), which may be used to house funds obtained, and may be used as a source of funding at the organization’s discretion. All documents pertaining to this account are to be made accessible to Officers and University Officials upon request. Any withdrawals or deposits from this account can only be carried out with no less than two (2) officers present.

Article XIII. Amendments

Section I. Any amendments to the Constitution must be approved by a ⅔ majority vote of all Officers. Amendments must be proposed to the President, who will then chair a meeting. During this meeting, all Officers vote to approve, disapprove, or abstain from voting for the proposed amendments.

Section II. Any amendments to the Constitution may be made, without a vote from the Officer Board, by the Community Advisor.