My new book Run West: A Novel of the Civil War has just been published by Branden Books.  You can see the front cover on the right and read a description below:

In the winter of 1861, East Tennessee mountain boy Billy McKinney finds himself marching with the Rebels to engage the Yankees at the Cumberland Gap. He never wanted to fight for the South because his preacher taught him that slavery was wrong. Mostly, though, Billy fears getting killed. In his first battle, he charges through a storm of gunfire and cannon shot amid a driving, icy rain. All around him his friends fall, their mouths bubbling bloody webs of agony. Terrified, Billy decides to run. In his mad dash, he meets up with four runaway slaves led by Bev Bowman. They take him along on their flight, though as prisoner or partner remains to be seen.

Run West follows the five fugitives in a gripping account of their long, harrowing trek across the country in hope of finding safety and freedom in Indian Territory. During their wide travels, they witness decisive events of the war and the terrible fates of innocents everywhere. They suffer losses as well, while also forging bonds of their own on the long road they travel.  Run West is a compelling story of survival in a time of anguish and conflict that no one could escape.

You can order Run West by clicking on Branden Books or Amazon right now.