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Family and Student



Our Vision

McGlone Academy is committed to creating a school family where every kid achieves excellent outcomes in both academics and the arts, while simultaneously building 21st century skills to become changemakers in our Montbello community.

Our Mission        

McGlone Academy ensures we achieve our vision for all students and the Montbello community by providing rigorous and supportive educational experience to students from ECE through 8th grade. We achieve this vision by setting ambitious goals and prioritizing resources to meet the needs of every student.

School Goals:


Prioritized systems, structures, and practices:

Core Values

McGlone’s teachers, staff, administrators, students, families, and community partners are grounded in common understandings and application of the following core values which are rooted in both the Denver Public Schools’ core and those developed by the McGlone community as part of the school turnaround effort.  






Positive Intervention Behavior Support

McGlone makes school culture a top priority by nurturing a school family where every kid achieves excellent outcomes in both academics and the arts, while simultaneously building 21st century skills to become changemakers in our Montbello community.

We call ourselves the McGlone Family because our culture is one where everyone is valued, and we work to create an inviting atmosphere for all students, honoring Spanish language as an asset and supporting and engaging students across ELA­E and ELA­S classes as well as with peers on IEPs and ALPs.

We anchor school culture and community in our core values, and we make it a reality at McGlone through setting clear, high expectations for students and staff members; deliberately describing specific actions and rewards for students and staff to create equality and build community; structuring student­ leadership opportunities; and providing myriad socio­emotional supports. The goal is to create a positive environment in which each and every member of the McGlone community feels invested in the school while we’re reinforcing student emotional and social development.

McGlone Academy uses positive behavior interventions and incentives. We understand that school-wide discipline systems are integral parts of how we will form the safe and positive learning environment at school. Our positive behavioral systems will promote pro-social behavior, thus increasing opportunities for maximizing academic achievement.

We are McGlone Wolves… Act Like Lobos!

L – Learning all day, everyday

O – Our school, our community

B – Be Safe, Be respectful, Be responsible

O – Own your behavior

S – Practice Self Control

There is a ticket system in which students are rewarded for displaying LOBOS behaviors. Students are provided with positive feedback to reinforce positive behaviors. Grade level teachers decide how they will use tickets to incent and recognize positive behavior at each grade level.

Students are expected to demonstrate good citizenship and appropriate social behavior at all times. Behavior is never to infringe upon the rights of other students or adults, thereby disrupting the learning process or school environment. A teacher or supervisory adult may remove a student from the classroom or playground area when the student deliberately

causes a discipline offense that violates the safety or respect of others.  Our focus is on recognizing and reinforcing positive behaviors, however we must also have structures for addressing serious behaviors that disrupt learning or may result in harm to others.

An outline of these District procedures found at:



The goal of student discipline is to teach students to behave in ways that contribute to academic achievement and school success, and to support a school environment where students and staff are responsible and respectful. The purpose of this policy is to support school discipline that:

It is important that parents and students abide by the following safety rules at school and while coming to and leaving school:

Students are expected to:

Teachers will generally manage classroom problems with the student and parents. Repeated events of misconduct will be referred to the student advisor for disciplinary consequences. Progressive disciplinary methods are employed at McGlone Academy. Teachers have a plan to enforce their classroom rules. This plan consists of several interventions, which include:

Consequences for inappropriate behavior are established in each classroom in addition to the school wide discipline policy. All major discipline issues and concerns will be handled by the Student Advisor or Administration according to both McGlone Academy School’s discipline policy and Denver public schools discipline ladder.

If you have concerns/complaints regarding any discipline or policy of the classroom or school, we ask that you use the process below:

1. Teacher

2. Student Advisor

3. Dean of Students

4. Assistant Principal

5. Principal

Educational Program

McGlone’s program provides all learners equal access to a high quality education through the strategic integration of core academics, language skills, core values and application of technology.  The educational program is built upon a culture grounded in our four priorities:

Report Cards

As a part of Denver Public Schools, McGlone Academy uses standards-based report cards.

Three or Four times a year, students receive:

Field Trips

You will be notified of any field trip involving your child.  A notification/permission slip will be sent out prior to the event.  The notification will include all specifics of the trip such as date, time, transportation details, and your cost.  If you have a financial hardship, please contact your child’s teacher.  You must give written permission for your child to attend.  

Emergency Contact Information

Having up-to-date emergency contact information is vital to the safety of your child.  Please ensure that all emergency contact information provided to the office is accurate and up-to-date throughout the year.  If your phone number or address changes please notify the school immediately.

Food Guidelines:

We are hopeful that these Food Guidelines help our students to learn that healthy food is good food and also to avoid food related issues in the classroom and cafeteria.  

Classroom Parties and Food

A class party is defined as a time when students have a social period with or without food.  Each class may have 3 parties during the school year.   Parties are to be limited to one hour or less, preferably at the close of the school day.  Parties should be curriculum-related as opposed to holiday-related.  Treats for a birthday or other purpose are to be distributed to students at dismissal time only. The treats must be store-bought/pre-packaged only. No home baked/cooked foods will be allowed. We do not celebrate student birthdays with a “party” even with parent request.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

Parent/Guardian Commitments

Volunteer Opportunities

McGlone offers various ways for you as parents to become involved in your child’s education.  Your involvement throughout the year will help to improve the quality of our children’s education.  Please contact our Family Liaison in the office to find out more about volunteer opportunities.  If you would like to volunteer in your child’s classroom please talk to your child’s teacher.

Attendance Policy

It is essential for students to attend school daily in order to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to be college- and career-ready. Parents, guardians and students are all responsible for making sure students are on time and ready to learn.

School attendance is required by state law for students up to age 17 (Colorado School Attendance Law -C.R.S. 22-33-101 et seq.). Students must attend a minimum number of hours of school in order to comply with the law. These minimum requirements are 968 hours in a school.

Below is an overview of the different types of absences.

Excused Absence

An excused absence requires approval by both the parent or guardian and the school. In some cases, documentation from the parent may be required so that the school can excuse an absence. Examples can include a note from a healthcare provider.

Unexcused Absences

Exceptions to the Colorado School Attendance Law

• Temporary illness or injury

• Enrollment in a private school

• Physical, mental or emotional disability

• Suspension, expulsion or denial of admission

• Certificate to work

• Legal custody by public agency

• School-approved work-study program

• Home-based instruction


“Truancy” is also known as an unexcused absence, which is an absence without parent or school permission.

Habitually Truant

“Habitually truant” is defined as four unexcused absences in one month and/or 10 unexcused absences in the school year.

The school may notify parents or guardians of absences by one or more of the following methods:

• Telephone call

• Parent conference

• Home visit or Truancy Notice after the student is habitually truant

In order to support the family of a student who is habitually truant, the school will attempt to understand reasons for the student’s absences. To do so, the school will provide support that could include meeting with the student, counseling, tutoring, meeting with both parent and student, referral to support programs and/or implementing an attendance plan or medical plan. We encourage families to stay in close communication with school staff to address reasons that the student might be missing school. A truancy court proceeding may be initiated if the student

continues to miss school.

Tardy Policy

Please ensure that your student arrives on time ready to learn each day.  Teachers will notify parents if a student is tardy more than 3 times.  Homeroom teacher will notify Family Liaison once a student has been tardy an additional 3 times and a plan of action will be created with the parent to eliminate future tardy days.

School Day

ECE school day is 8:25 to 3:00.

Kinder through 7th grade is 8:05 to 3:30.

There is limited supervision on the playground before school, done by administration, teachers and paraprofessionals. Supervision on school grounds begins at 7:40am each morning. Children should not enter the building before school except during inclement weather and “indoor” days. Students attending breakfast club may enter the building at 7:15am.

Arrival Procedures

Students are to be standing outside in line when the morning bell rings at 8:05 am.  Any student not there in time to enter the building before 8:10 shall be considered tardy, and must go to the office to check in and receive a tardy slip.  A late student may not enter the classroom without a tardy slip.  Kinder-2nd grade students will line up on the walls outside their doors and enter the school through their exterior doors.  3rd-5th grade students will enter the building from the playground (east side) of the building. Middle School students will enter through the Middle School wing.

ECE will promptly begin instruction at 8:25. Students should line up outside their classroom doors and wait for the teachers to open the doors. Additionally, students must be signed in  by a parent/guardian each day once they enter their classrooms.   Any student not there in time to enter the building and get signed in by a parent/guardian before 8:30  shall be considered tardy, and must go to the office to check in and receive a tardy slip. Additionally, the parent/guardian must walk the student down to their classroom and sign them in.

Withdrawal of Students

You must let the front office know if you will be withdrawing your child from school.

Release of Students

If you need to pick up your child early, you must show proof of identification. Students may only be picked up by those adults listed in the registration packet and/or on the dismissal form. ECE students may not be signed out by anyone under the age of 18.  In order to maximize learning time, please schedule doctors’, and other appointments, first thing in the morning or in the later afternoon so your child misses the least amount of the school day. We do not allow early dismissals after 3:00, (2:30 for ECE) unless a parent has a doctor’s note or has notified the office previously.  

School Closings (snow and other emergency closing)

The Denver Public Schools policy concerning inclement weather is as follows:

Dress Code

Students are to follow the McGlone uniform dress code, which includes:

Students who are not in uniform will be given a loaner shirt to borrow, and if it is a repeat issue, families will receive a call from the office so the  appropriate clothing for the student is delivered to the school.

Dress down days will occur occasionally throughout the year, on these days please observe these “Dress Down” expectations:


If your child takes medication, we ask that you provide the original prescription bottle to the school nurse/ nurse’s aide. She will then dispense the medication to your child. Students are not allowed to take the medication from the nurse’s office. Thank you for your help with this matter.

Thank you!  

As always, see us with ANY questions!

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McGlone Academy Core Values - Honesty * Wonder *Empathy * Respect * Perseverance