IT Policy and Governance


The purpose of this document is to allow transparency with administrators, staff, parents, and students connected with Franklin Discovery Academy. This document will layout expectations and goals associated with student-level data systems and actual student data.

It is the duty of Franklin Discovery Academy to anticipate possible issues and/ or undesirable situations and create preventative measures and appropriate response plans. This must be done while allowing students needed access to physical and electronic (or digital) tools and maintaining utmost student safety from threats arising from either. Therefore, this document will also offer guidance and tools for implementing preventative measures and appropriate response plans.

Physical Security Policy

Franklin Discovery Academy should maintain proper safety of hardware and other physical security--preventing accidental and intended interference with regular use of such items. Access to such items should be locked and monitored, available only when proper credentials and I.D. are known or shown.

Network Policy

Franklin Discovery Academy should complete and maintain a Network map by the end of the 2017-2018 school year to insure where and with which entities students are connecting as part of online use. This will identify dependencies between physical and electronic items as well as Franklin Discovery Academy and other entities and highlight possible vulnerabilities within those dependencies.

Authentication Policy

Franklin Discovery Academy should maintain appropriate security clearance and log procedures to ensure data is only accessed by authorized individuals. Any data breach is to be reported to the school board. Franklin Discovery Academy may disclose PPI information to third party entities as allowed by federal and state law. A 3rd party disclosure should be on file and available for review. Franklin Discovery Academy shall have a written data breach plan.

Asset Inventory Policy

Franklin Discovery Academy should maintain a complete list of authorized devices to be used in our educational environment. Franklin Discovery Academy shall conduct a yearly inventory of all major computer hardware. A report should be presented to the school board by May of every school year.

Acceptable Use Policy

Franklin Discovery Academy allows student use of physical and electronic resources in order to further students’ learning of appropriate curriculum based topics. Other uses of physical and electronic resources will be monitored or prohibited. Staff and students together with parents must read, discuss, and sign the document linked below demonstrating the appropriate way to interact with and use physical and electronic (or digital) resources belonging to or accessed at Franklin Discovery Academy. This document must be signed and turned in before access to resources will be allowed.


Use of Electronic Devices on Campus

Cell phones and other electronic devices (smart watches, IPods, IPads, video games, etc.) are not to be used on campus. Students will be provided with school-owned devices to access the digital curriculum used in the classrooms.  If such media is brought to school, it should be turned off and be in the student’s backpack or given to the front desk to keep during the day. Students may make urgent calls home using the phone in the main office.

Parents are encouraged to confirm personal plans or arrangements outside of school hours.

Students who choose to violate this policy will be subject to Franklin Discovery Academy’s Discipline Policy.  

Students, employees, and invitees are prohibited from using electronic devices in ways that bully, humiliate, harass, or intimidate school-related individuals. This includes violating local and federal laws. All parties are prohibited from accessing inappropriate matter while on school property or using school-owned or issued devices. Unauthorized access, including hacking and other unlawful activities, is prohibited. Unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of personal student information, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 34 CFR, Part 99, is prohibited.

The use of electronic devices is prohibited during the administration of standardized assessment unless specifically allowed.

There may be administrative and criminal penalties for the misuse of electronic devices and local law enforcement officers may be notified if school employees believe that a student has misused an electronic device in violation of the law.

School-owned devices may be confiscated if a student violates the Franklin Discovery Academy Acceptable Use Policy. Personal devices may also be confiscated if they are used in violation of the school or classroom policy. The confiscated device may be retrieved by a parent at the end of the day. The use of privately-owned electronic devices to bully or harass other students or employees, and result in a disruption at school or a school-sponsored activity, may justify administrative penalties, including expulsion from school and notification to law enforcement.

Students and parents are personally responsible for devices assigned to the student, including loss or damage.