M.F.E.S. School Expectations Matrix


Be Safe

Be Kind

Be Responsible


Always walk

Walk looking forward

Stay to the right

 Keep hands and body to yourself    

Speak softly or not at all

Hold the door for your classmates

Set a good example


 Hands to yourself

Use equipment appropriately

Listen and follow directions

Include everyone

Be a good sport

Use nice words and manners

Take turns and include everyone

Respect equipment

Line up when bell rings


Wait patiently in line

Sit on bottoms

Listen to adults

Say please and thank you

Be helpful to all

Set a good example

Use inside voices

Throw away your trash

Stay seated until excused

Leave a clean table and floor


 Push in chair

Sit on furniture properly

Listen to the teacher

Raise your hand

Act thoughtfully

 Including others

Keep the room clean

Be organized

Use time wisely

Do your own work

Follow directions the first time


Enter and work quietly

Listen to the Librarian

 Take turns patiently

Find your own space to read


Use lost boxes

Return space saver


Use sinks and toilets correctly

Throw away trash properly

Respect privacy

Wait your turn

Flush toilet and wash hands

Leave when finished

   Drop Off-


Watch traffic closely

Stay in designated areas

Use crosswalks

Respect everyone

Use nice words and good manners

Listen to adults in charge

Follow traffic rules