Halloween 2017:

Four Tips for Frightfully Fun (and Safe) Evening

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The last few months have been crazy. The mad rush of summer is over, fall is here, and the holiday season is officially starting up. Although Halloween can be a fun time for the whole family, this spooktacular evening can cause some strain for your creeped out canine friend. At Deceased Pet Care, we have put together a quick list to make sure your pets are well cared for this Halloween.

Scares Everywhere

While us human know all the festivities and frights are just for fun, your pet might not be so aware. If your pet is prone to anxiety or aggression, it’s best to give them a safe and comfortable place to rest for All Hallows Eve. With so many random visitors, potentially threatening costumes, knocks, boos, and screams, your dog or cat can easily become overwhelmed and act out of character (or just defend themselves). If you think your pet is ready to join the festivities, make sure they are on a leash or kept close throughout the night.

A Terrifying Sweet Tooth

We know, it’s tempting to give your pet sweet treats. After all, they’re part of the family. But what’s delicious to us humans can be dangerous to our feline and canine counterparts. Instead of letting them sneak a taste of that delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (with just a hint of chocolate), provide them a delectable pet-approved snack instead. There’s no reason your extra family member can’t enjoy a treat or two this holiday. A jerky stick, a fresh bone, or maybe even that fabled cat-nip… there are a million ways to keep your pet happy this Halloween without a potential trip to the vets office. Be especially wary of foods like raisins and grapes which are toxic to dogs.

Fire/Wire Frights

Nothing sets the mood like some dimly lit pumpkins or fiendishly frightening ghoul, but all those candles can prove extremely interesting to your pet. They could paw or nose the flame and end up with a pretty severe burn. Or worse they could start a real fire.

Halloween is also full of electric decorations, and all those available wires might prove too tempting for your pet’s chewing habit. Make sure to avoid any new wires, hide them well, or avoid them all together. That’s one shock we’d like to avoid this Halloween.

Faux or No Trick or Treating

If you’re worried about how your pet will react during the night, you can always show them how much you love them by taking them for a Faux Trick or Treat before the night gets going. That way they feel loved, and might just be tired enough to sleep the whole night away.

We know what you’re thinking, “my cat can trick or treat!?” And yes, before you rule it out, not all trick or treats have to be neighborhood-wide. Set up a couple special treats throughout your home for your cat to explore and discover. For extra fun, see how long it take her to sniff out the goodies you’ve hidden, or lead him on the merry chase with the feline favorite laser pointer.

If you have a dog, an extra walk around the neighborhood would be gift enough. Make sure he’s always people friendly, and doesn’t get overwhelmed. If so, watch him slobber with joy as he get extra ear scratches from the whole block. If you’re not so sure your canine companion can handle the crowd, why not take him on a private treasure hunt? Set up a series of snacks that lead straight to a buried bone. He’ll remember how much you love him every time he bites into his freshly plundered booty (eye patch not included).

At Deceased Pet Care, we know how much your pet is part of the family. And if you’re like us, you started planning this Halloween weeks ago. But as much as we want the evening to be full of frights, fun, and family, we want it to be safe. Apply these four tips, and you're sure to share the festivities with your pet for many seasons to come.

photocredit: petphotos.com