Welcome to Grace!

We are thrilled you have chosen to celebrate our Anniversary month with us.  Remember this:  You are not a stranger; we are family doing life together.  Relax and enjoy the worship experience!

We are celebrating 7 years of Family Empowerment in Silver Springs Shores, Ocala, Marion County.  Over 5000 unique individuals/families have received variety of services (e.g. job search assistance, referrals, and assistance with basic family spiritual and physical need).  Hundreds have benefited from our empowerment workshops and community events.  


While we thank God for all that is done, we are more excited about the opportunity and experiences that lie ahead of us. It’s a new beginning! -going places we’ve not gone before; doing things we’ve never done before; and experiencing things we’ve never experienced before.

We invite you to join us on this journey! Join the Grace family! Worship with us! Support our Land and Building project for a greater community impact.  His blessings on you, -Pastor David Akaji



Grace Fellowship Church is hosting world-renowned Christian author and healing minister, Becky Dvorak, for a weekend of Healing and seminar on Christian healing. Becky is a prophetic healing evangelist who equips the Church and its leaders to walk boldly in the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Join us to claim the miraculous power Jesus gave his disciples. This will be a day of learning and experiencing divine healing.


The schedule is as follows:

Friday November 17 @ 5pm; Healing Service

Saturday November 18 @ 8.30 am Seminar and Healing service @ 5pm

Sunday November 19 @ 11am. Healing service


The Saturday morning seminar will consist of three sessions, each lasting approximately 90 minutes, with breakfast and launch provided. The event will conclude around 2 pm. Cost is $20 per person, to cover breakfast, lunch, refreshments and other expenses.

Plan on arriving around 8.30 am for parking, registration and continental breakfast


There will be no charge for the evening services, however due to limited space, registration is required both evening services and seminar registration.


Be sure to register for both events separately if you wish to attend.

Becky will have books and CDs for sale at the church, she charges no money for her training or healing services.   Freewill offering will be taken.


For more information on Becky and her ministry, please visit her website: www.authorbeckydvorak.com


2017 Phenomenal Woman: Celebration of Womanhood

Loving the New You

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25 (NLT)


What a wonderful celebration of womanhood we had at this year's Phenomenal Woman event. As always, the ladies of Grace Fellowship Church and the Resource Center did not disappoint. The weather that day started off gloomy and a few hours before the event, it began to pour. Everyone was sure that it would get rained out. However, as the time drew nearer, the women came pouring in! A little rain was not going to stop this day. It was well attended with over 130 ladies.


As the ladies came in, they were greeted by the inspirational music of Amy Rath. Her music was enjoyed throughout the evening. The first order of the night was an icebreaker. The women enjoyed a little friendly competition of making "fashionable" attire out of tissue paper. Cupcakes and fashion and bows...oh my! The room was filled with laughter and smiles as the ladies modeled their creations.


This year featured the stories of some inspirational women right here in our community. Women who overcame some difficult circumstances and situations that life had dealt them. Situations that no one should ever have to face. But these women survived and came out on the other side stronger than before, embracing their new selves and forgiving their past. There was not a dry eye in the room. These women's stories were inspirational and dared the rest of us to have hope in whatever situation we might be facing. They showed us that there is hope on the other side. After this, Karren Simmons took us to church with some melodious offerings of old classics. She stirred up a sense of comradery as everyone sang along with her in worship.


It was a perfect segway to the keynote speakers. Tolu Dada, who is a mental health ARNP and the associate pastor's wife, spoke to us about the "Psychological barriers to enjoying the new you". Some of her main points included letting go of our baggage, de-cluttering our minds and lives, and forgiveness. We later heard from Juliet Akaji, the first lady of Grace Fellowship Church. She spoke to us about "Loving the new you". In order to love the new you, there has to be a letting go of the broken pieces from our lives. We get possessive of our hurts and our baggage no matter how messed up they are because it is all we have. She urged us to let go of these broken pieces. Giving it to the only one who can truly fix our brokenness, giving us beauty for ashes. Beauty for ashes. This was beautifully expressed in the form of dance by Bethany Akaji and Genevieve Davis, two dancers from Grace Fellowship Church.


This year's Phenomenal Woman Awards went to Mrs. Monica Bryant and Mrs. Sandra Woods. Mrs. Monica Bryant is the coordinator of family violence prevention for the Marion County Children's Alliance as well as the chairperson for the local Domestic Violence Taskforce. Mrs. Bryant has helped to increase public awareness of the problems facing families. In addition, many women and families have received help because of her dedication and hard work. Mrs. Bryant, we salute you! Mrs. Sandra Woods has been a kindergarten teacher at Ocala Christian Academy for over 43 years. Through her work, many lives have been transformed, equipped, and empowered for successful careers and responsible lives. Mrs. Woods, we salute you!


Another year, another phenomenal event! Thank you to everyone who supported or played a part in putting it together. It was a success. A truly inspiring evening that won't be quickly forgotten. Until next year, stay phenomenally phenomenal!