Zephyr-Audio is designing and manufacturing high-end audio RX & TX modules, for uncompressed  wireless audio transmission, based on Daar© or Kleer© chipsets. You can still check Zephyr-Audio previous web site  dedicated to wireless boards design and services

Zephyr-Audio | Wireless lossless RX/TX modules


Along past years, Zephyr-Audio team members have been involved in technical development of many audio-related and wireless products.

We are pleased to show you some nice examples below :

YBA | YS201 Media Server stereo amplifier


Atoll | Wireless solutions for Hi-end amplifier


Elipson | Music Center all in one CD /DAB radio / Hifi wireless amplifier

Elipson | Planet LW Stereo wireless powered speakers

Elipson | Bridge audio wireless transmitter

Focal - JMlab | High-end Utopia speakers



Focal - JMlab |Hifi passive speakers and AV 5.1 systems



Focal |Integration speakers

Elipson | Planet powered Subwoofer

Elipson | Sound Tree Art multi-speaker

Elipson | Turntable with built-in RIAA, USB output and BT transmission



SMS | Wireless headphone

3D SoundLab | Headphone

Muzik |High-end wireless BT headphones with touch panel

Muzik |Sport BT  in-ears with advanced sensors

Branex | iTamtam iPhone & BT speaker

Geneva | World radio portable advanced speaker


Guillemot | WAE Wireless speakers


Tangent | CB/DAB/iPhone radios


Tangent | Fjord CB/DAB/iPhone speaker and mini BT speaker


Tangent | Classic BT speaker

La Boite Concept | PR/01 Powered BT speaker


Elipson | Lenny & Timber BT speakers

Holi | Bonjour iOT device

MEG | BLE Connected Pot

Boulanger | Oglo BT speakers


Focal| 2.1 Multimedia speakers

Focal | Professional CMS series monitoring speakers


Active Audio | RayOn series professional speakers

Nexo | ID series professional speakers


More products are under development in several domains:

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