With a team backed by 18 years of experience in acoustics and electronics for audio products design and manufacturing, Zephyr-Audio is aimed at providing manufacturers with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

From off-the shelf, ready-to-integrate modules (OEM), platforms to fully custom-created, ready-to-sell products or subsystems, rest assure that our team and partners have accurate expertise in fields such as acoustics,electronics, RF, mechanics, manufacturing, testing, packaging, etc ...

So let's make your product a success!


Main expertises


Electro-acoustic product development, with driver design, passive crossover design, DSP tuning, and overall project management


Electronic design, including RF schematics design, Bluetooth and BLE products design, associated softwares

Project development support

According to your project needs, Zephyr-Audio will scale the team with skilled and dedicated collaborators, in order to offer you the best support for :


Extended industrialization services

We will also be glad to offer complementary support for :

Team leaders

Adrien STACHOWICZ   Co-founder

Senior acoustic engineer and project manager

Matthieu CLAIRE   Co-founder

Electronic hardware and software chief engineer


Company information


27, avenue du Bas Meudon
92130 Issy les Moulineaux
SAS au capital de 30.000€
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