Motion to Change Sectors into Collectives

Approved on March 20, 2018

Motion: to change Sectors into Collectives, with the characteristics, responsibilities, and rules of operation listed below.

  1. Characteristics:
  1. Collectives are working groups for curricular development, collaborative research, discussion, grant writing, and other activities.
  2. Collectives serve the English Department in a purely advisory role and do not participate in governance.
  3. Collectives get assigned time slots throughout the semester in the English Department meeting calendar.
  4. Attendance to and participation in Collectives is considered committee work for Personnel Committee action and evaluations.
  1.  Membership rules:
  1. Membership in Collectives is voluntary, and based on interest and expertise.
  2. Faculty (including adjunct faculty) and student representatives can belong to multiple Collectives.
  3. Faculty from other UPRM departments can participate in English Department Collectives.
  4. To join a Collective:
  1.  A faculty member must write a letter or e-mail to the Collective’s Coordinator stating their interest in joining.
  2. The Collective considers and votes on the request.
  3. Student representatives can join any Collective they’re interested in.
  1. Collectives can invite faculty to join them.
  1. Responsibilities:
  1. Collectives elect a Coordinator each academic year.
  2. Collectives keep attendance records and minutes of their meetings.
  3. Collectives submit yearly reports to the English Department Director on their activities.
  1. Procedure to create a Collective:
  1. The interested initial members write and sign a letter to the English Department Director stating the purpose, goals, and initial membership for the Collective.
  2. The Director informs the English Department of the creation of the new Collective.
  1. Procedure to disband a Collective:
  1. The members of the Collective write and sign a letter to the English Department Director officially disbanding the Collective.
  2. Collectives that do not meet for one academic year or have membership below 3 are automatically disbanded.
  3. The Director informs the English Department of any disbanded Collectives.