(Effective July 1, 2014)

The safety and welfare of student riders will be the first consideration in all matters pertaining to transportation.  Safety precautions will include the following:

  1. Children will be instructed as to the proper procedure for boarding and exiting from a school bus and in proper and safe conduct while aboard.
  2. Emergency evacuation drills will be conducted at least twice a year, preferably in the afternoon, to acquaint student riders with procedures in emergency situations. The District will conduct practice in front and rear door evacuations, at the start of the school year after routes are established and consistent.  Drills will be conducted again during the spring.
  3. All vehicles used to transport children will be inspected periodically for conformance with state and federal safety requirements.
  4. As required by state law, classroom instruction on school bus safety will be provided three times per year.  This instruction should cover all topics discussed in the “Safe Riders Handbook” and should take place the first week of the school year, the period between the month of September and January, and the period between the month of January and the end of the school year.
  5. School bus safety instructions for students and parents will be provided each year in all student handbooks.

LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 90:1 et seq.; Highway Safety Program Standard No. 17: Pupil Transportation Safety


Adopted: April 17, 2014