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Science of Reading Research

Compiled by M. Smith @smithtexasteach         Last updated 7-30-2020

Read in July 2020 COMING SOON!

Read in June 2020

Phonics and morphology go together

Sight Words by Monique Nowers

Drawing on Reading Science Without Starting a War

Are Sight Words Detrimental for Beginner Readers?

Reading Instruction Self Reflection Jocelyn Seamer 

Perspectives on Language Winter 2020

Rhyme and reading: a critical review of the research methodology

Experts Say Reading Recovery Is Not Effective, Leaves Too Many Children Behind 

Postcard from the US: The current controversy about teaching reading

Put “Whole Language” on Trial

How the Science of Reading Informs 21st Century Education

How to teach: It is bigger than The Reading Wars

Jacqui Moller-Butcher and her extraordinarily important findings (and suggestions) regarding ‘look-alike reading’ in KS 3

Combining Phonological Awareness and Word Recognition

MRI to study the reading brain

Sound Walls Kastner Literacy Nugget

Change Management: The Science of Reading 

Prioritizing Educator Knowledge Through Grassroots Activism

Systematic phonics instruction belongs in evidence-based reading programs

Race, Class, and Reading Research

Learning to read and write - a schema, Part 2 - The Literacy Blog

Consonant Syllables

The Relationship Between Incarceration and Low Literacy

The Article That Introduced The Simple View of Reading - David Kilpatrick  

Understand the Concerns About Teachers College Reading Workshop

Noble intent but misguided ideas: Reading and literacy in the NSW Curriculum Review

Twitter Thread about Lucy Caukin’s letter to her TCRWP Schools

How ‘Reading Instruction’ Fails Black and Brown Children

Article about SOLAR (Science of Language and Reading Lab) 

Teaching Reading IS Rocket Science  - Louisa Moats 

Read in April May 2020

Patrick Riccards: Twenty Years After the National Reading Panel, It’s Time for a Reading Rights Movement

The 7 Deadly Errors of Teaching Reading

The Very Peculiar Case of Goodman, Smith, and Clay (or why the whole language approach just won’t die)

From The Atlantic: Elementary Education Has Gone Terribly Wrong 

10 Signs of a Decoding Problem from Breaking the Code

 Putting Students on the Path to Learning: The Case for Fully Guided Instruction

Scarborough’s Reading Rope - Scott Geiser’s Tweet

Skilled readers do not use 3 cues! Tweet by Anchored in Literacy

Reading Science in Schools Assessment Schedule 

Every Child is Unique...And Every Child Has to Learn the Same Skills: The Right 2 Read Project

Christpher Such Twitter Thread on how much time children spend decoding

Is phonics a ‘method’ for teaching reading?: How to Teach Reading

The Science of Reading: Clarifying Misconceptions

On Sequence of Instruction: Shanahan on Literacy

Leveled Reading Groups Don’t Work! Why Aren’t We Talking About it?

The Compensating Reader from Orton Gillingham Online Academy


Read in March 2020

Melissa & Lori Love Literacy Podcast talk with Emily Hanford (via Twitter link)

International Dyslexia Association’s Structure Literacy Brief

Spelfabet’s The Spelling ough

Tweet by Scott Dieter on Simple View of Reading

Does Independent Reading Time During the School Day Create Lifelong Readers (Shanahan on Literacy)

High Five Literacy: Asking the Right Questions About Reading Instruction and Intervention


Jocelyn Seamer Education: Evidence Based Practice - The Prevention and the Cure

Twitter post - Stephen Parker: Did you know that sight words come in two flavors?

Susan A. Brady: Efficacy of Phonics Teaching for Reading Outcomes 

Kate Nation: Children’s reading difficulties, language, and reflections on the simple view of reading

The Reading for Understanding Initiative

Deans for Impact: Learning by Scientific Design

Deep Reading Brain in a Digital World: The Atlanta Speech School

Policy Statement on The Science of Reading - National Education Policy Center

Rapid Changes in Brain Activity During Learning of Grapheme-Phoneme Associations in Adults

Lyn Stone’s The Survival List: How to Input Structured, Memorable Words and Patterns to Long-term Memory (video) - ****Lyn is awesome!!!! Always a valuable resource :)

List of things read in January and February 2020

Constructivism and Balanced Literacy

New salvos in the battles over reading instruction - great podcast from Educate/APM Reports

Twitter pic of Lyn Stone's Decoding Dragon

Whole Language on Trial

The Writing Rope (inspired by the Reading Rope)

Several articles about the importance of knowledge from Perspectives on Language and Literacy

What the Science of Reading is Not (Twitter pic)

School Yourself: Phonics Edition

Poor phonics instruction fueling decline in children’s reading skills: study

From the International Dyslexia Association: The Science of Reading: A Response to the New York Times

List of research read in December 2019

****At a Loss for Words: How a Flawed Idea is Teaching Millions of Kids to be Poor Readers

****Hard Words: Why aren't kids being taught to read?

The two links above are great places to start!

Writing and Balanced Literacy

How Should I Teach Sight Words?

How Spelling Supports Reading Instruction

Orthographic Processing and Spelling Theory

The Neuroscience of Orthographic Processing and Spelling

List of videos from dyslexia foundation - NOT just for dyslexia!

Sign up for free webinar about spelling and language learning with Dr. Louisa Moats

Rethinking what we are doing with our dyslexic students

How to teach handwriting and why it matters

Simple Vocabulary Word Game

How Mississippi is improving reading with the Science of Reading

Foundational Skills to Support Reading K-3

Blog post that summarizes great videos about orthographic mapping and how kids learn to read

Reading Rockets - what are syllable types explanations

Orton Gillingham for All - Learn about vowels, prefixes, syllables and more - it's all here!

Facebook post from David Kilpatrick - addressing word callers and Simple View of Reading

Balanced Literacy's Crumbling Foundation What We Can Do About It

The Foundation Importance of Phonemic Awareness

How to pronounce the 44 phonemes

A list of decodable readers from Code Read Dyslexia Network

The Science of Reading Teacher Prep

A tweet that shows an awesome SOUND WALL

A tweet that shows VOWEL VALLEY

The Baseball Study - MUST WATCH to understand why building vocabulary and knowledge is so important!

Cognitive Load and how we acquire information - EXPLICIT instruction vs constructivism

Ending the Reading Wars: The Importance and Limitations of Decodable Readers

Great article about teaching the Big Six of Reading Instruction

Is Reading Comprehension Even a Thing?

Background Knowledge: The Compass Pointing to Reading Comprehension

Great video about direct instruction

Tweet showing comment from @markseidenberg in regards to when colleagues try to downplay the importance of phonics

Ending the Reading Wars: Reading Acquisition From Novice to Expert

The science and politics of reading instruction

Development of Sight Word Reading: Phases and Findings

A tweet that shows The Ladder of Reading

Tweet from @debbiehepp showing guidance for phonics routines

Experience the Simple View of Reading

Learning About Your Child's Reading Development Tutorial

Trauma and Reading