GMS 2019 Attendees!

Adam Menter

I’m a systems thinker whose projects focus on catalyzing learning and building community. At Autodesk I’ve worked in a bunch of roles relating to learning, community, design, & sustainability. Some current interests include personal change, paradigm change, ritual design, and living sanely at a healthy pace and scale. I am home in the redwoods, and I’ve been to every Greenermind Summit!

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Adam Yukelson

I am an action researcher with the Presencing Institute, based in Oakland. Since joining in 2012, I’ve helped bring the organization’s work with Theory U to scale. I helped create and facilitate the MITx course u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future, which is seen as a model for how to blend online and offline elements to create transformative learning environments. I also working with social and environmental change leaders individually, helping them see new possibilities and develop specific capacities they need to get unstuck and sustain change that deeply matters to them.

Aly Sweet

Aly is interested in personal sustainability and is always seeking to live life to the fullest while respecting the planet. She discovered the zero waste movement about 1 year ago and was inspired to attempt to lower her personal trash impact on the world. She is looking forward to meeting people who work in industry to learn about more ways we are innovating to keep natural spaces alive and well for the future generation, learn more ways to live a green life and have a greener mind, and enjoy nature with a group of like-minded individuals.

Amanda Joy Ravenhill

Ravenhill is Executive Director at the Buckminster Fuller Institute and an active member of the international community focused on addressing imminent global challenges. She previously held the role of Executive Director of Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming. She also serves as advisor to the Center for Carbon Removal and is a member of the steering committee for the Nexus Global Climate Change Working Group. Other positions she has held include lecturer at Presidio Graduate School, teaching the Principles of Sustainable Management course; co-founder of The Hero Hatchery, a climate activist fellowship program; Business Partnership Coordinator at; and Americorp Sustainable Communities and Education Fellow.

Andrew Trick

Andrew is still learning how to live, but has figured out it’s mostly about creating things and connecting with people. He’s always happy to be solving problems, exploring nature, and appreciating the talents of others.

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Annette Poliwka

Annette is an adventurer who empowers women to get outdoors. She passionately helps people take that first step toward their out of doors goals, where they can own their personal power and build momentum around their dreams.

For her day job, she consults for governments, nonprofits and companies on Zero Waste, and is a Berkeley Zero Waste Commissioner.

Annette’s a Founder & on the Board of Clean Trails. Ask her how you (and your organization) can get involved in National Cleanup Day in September!

Ari Goodman

Ari is interested in all the things sustainable--especially where sustainability and tech intersect. She is an avid cyclist who founded a bicycle tour company in San Francisco and wine country and has spent the past 10 years sharing her experience of the Bay Area with locals and tourists alike. Ari loves the water and the outdoors and is committed to working to help preserve the things she loves most.

Arvind Venkataramani

UX researcher. Systems geek. Closet radical. Always nerdy, occasional thoughtful, never happy without sun.

Avary Kent

Bringing new companies from idea to reality is Avary Kent's passion. Avary blends scientific analysis with business acumen and operational expertise to help bring new companies and products to market. Avary excels in early stage companies that are focused on creating new holistic systems to manage growth and scale to create high impact products and services. She is the Executive Director of and applies her expertise in facilitation, experience design, capacity building trainings, neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and human centered design to support organizations to increase the effectiveness of convening as a tool for change.

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Ben Snyder

I live to be outdoors 🚴🏼‍♂️🧗🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️.  I believe in the power of environmental and public art to empower our imaginations, create pro-social community psychology, and reframe our cultural bias towards the collective.  I am active with the Sustainability Committee at City College of San Francisco.   In the past I've launched a co-working space, advised leadership at a clean technology accelerator, and managed a hub for civic innovation and public art. Professionally I am looking for collaborators and meaningful new projects that would combine my interests in climate and community.  

Benjamin Privitt

Storyteller, performance coach, operations witch, dad.

Bennett D Chabot

Bennett loves Greenermind for the community. He's been to a few summits in his 6ish years in the Bay, 5 of which now spent on the interface of renewable energy and the power grid at PG&E. Bennett's currently focused on the innovation function at PG&E, trying to push the practices in his workspace towards playful, improvisational, user centered, design thinking approaches. He also performs and teaches improv, climbs rocks, and skis where there are no chairlifts.

Chris Gagné

I'm most passionate about Agile and meditation. I am an Agile coach for a living. I've done 144 days of retreat and 2500 hours of meditation in the last 5 years. I also enjoy taking portraits of people and looking for ways of inducing altered states of consciousness with technology. I'm moving to New Zealand soon and can share my experiences about that, too!

Christine Jacobs

Christine Jacobs

SecondMuse, Sustainability Innovation Program Designer

Christine Jacobs

Colin Mutchler

I am an entrepreneur and artist on a mission to amplify voices that accelerate cultural change toward a just and sustainable economy.

What I love about Greenermind is the mix of mindful impact and creative expression, and how the community supports humans in a holistic way. My company LoudSauce (rebranded as Louder, acquired by in 2015), received lots of support from this community when I first attended 10 years ago, which I am deeply grateful for.

I work at, live in Oakland with my wife and two kids, and am a proud co-owner of the Rio Theater in Monte Rio, CA.

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Corinna Kester

Corinna is a corporate social responsibility strategist and consultant. She holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Sustainability from the University of Cambridge. At Greenermind, you'll find her instigating acroyoga jams under the redwoods, wearing silly hats on kitchen shifts, and caught up in late-night discussions by the fire.

Daniel Ford

Daniel Ford

Vium Inc, VP of Software and Data Science

Daniel has a wide range of interests, from art, to math, bio and physics, psychology, engineering, improv, meditation, and more. He can usually be found concentrating, begin silly, or dancing.

Darshan Karwat

Aerospace engineer. Assistant Professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society + The Polytechnic School. Activist engineering. Peace. Social justice. Verdant world. Wanting to get to know people who are not like me (in any and all ways).  I love good radio.  Also, let's go to space.

David Conca

I'm a Bay Area scientist originally from Rhode Island. I enjoy car-free living in the city, swimming in the beautiful waters of the bay, and practicing Iyengar Yoga. For the past few years I've worked with the SF Yellow Bike Project and Poder's Bicis Del Pueblo to promote low cost bike ownership.

David Jay

Coparent and movement builder, since his days as a baby queer activist David has been dedicated to nurturing deep relationships that drive meaningful social change. He is currently the Head of Mobilization at the Center for Humane Technology, where he uses relational organizing strategies to bring technology (especially social media) in line with our humanity.

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Elena Krieger

Physicist turned engineer integrating research on clean energy, science, health and environmental justice. Happiest in the middle of the mountains.

Elisa Orellana

Born and raised in Spain, world-traveler for 2 years, Elisa discovered the needs for sustainable living, recycling and a change in overall mentality around the globe while in Cambodia. In her daily job as a translator she tries to work with clients who sustain her mission. Among her volunteer work, she participates in the SF Public Bank coalition, to bring a public bank to the city which would help divest from big banks and reinvest in our communities. Elisa is also movement-oriented, performs as a silks artist and does acroyoga and handstands, among others.

Emily Cardwell

I am a composer, improvisor, and performer, and I am passionate for including poetry, collaboration, and environmentalism my work. I've been a classical, jazz, folk, and experimental vocalist and electronic musician with ensembles in New York, Austin, and Oakland. Lately, I’ve been mourning the precious things that have been and will be lost in this new wave of xenophobia. But I believe music can act as a bridge between people. I have hope for us on this beautiful planet — that, given a chance, most of us will choose love over fear, compassion over destruction.

Emily S.

Based in the East Bay, Emily promotes climate adaptation and resilience at one of California’s largest local governments. If you know recent college graduates looking for opportunities, her agency is recruiting for 6 climate action fellows. She is looking for horseback riding buddies!

Ethan Bialik

I'm passionate about 2 areas: 1) Climate change solutions - I currently work in analytics for an EV charging station company, 2) Combining meditation techniques and technology to improve self-awareness / transformation. I'm now discovering what makes me feel alive: singing, dancing, playing trumpet, being vulnerable, and intentional community.


Helena True

I'm a building designer with a deep background in green building and materials. I'm interested in process, efficiency and democracy. I spend most of my time caring for my family.

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Hitesh Soneji

Love nature, outdoors, meeting new folks. Faculty at CCSF in Engineering and Sustainability. Work in the distributed energy space, currently focused on transit electrification and grid services, of all sorts! Goal: reduce emissions.

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Holly Pearson

Holly is an urban planner specializing in local strategies to promote sustainability, with an interest in cities in the U.S. as well as in the global south. She has worked as a planner for the Cities of Oakland, San Francisco, and Vancouver BC. She has also worked on community-based planning projects in Argentina, Peru and Colombia. Holly is currently a senior planner with the consulting firm Michael Baker International and serves as the Sustainability Director with the American Planning Association’s California Chapter – Northern Section.

Jeanine Becker

I am passionate about leveraging collaboration for impact. My clients see the striking challenges of our times as potent opportunities and recognize that the transformation needed today cannot be created and sustained alone. As a coach, facilitator, professor of collaboration and Director of Convening 17 - I support purpose driven leaders to scale their impact through strong relationships - inside and outside their organizations.

Jessica Jordan

I'm a problem solver, a gap-filler, a bridge-builder. I like helping make things "click" - for people, projects and organizations. I am a knowledge seeker and a never-ending student of life. Currently I work for an active travel company running our "culture" department. That means I get to play with and apply ideas that relate to human fulfilment, motivation, drive, and contribution. I love all things behavioural neuroscience and behavioural economics. I love understanding what makes people tick. An entrepreneur at heart currently attempting to see if my shape fits into the shape of more "traditional" work, I am a transplant from Colorado soaking in all that this eclectic Bay-Area community has to offer.

Jim Turner

Traveling back to the wonderful land of Mendocino for a momentary respite from the Austin heat and so very excited to return to the arms of my GMS family for #10. By vocation, I help water utilities to educate their customers and enable transparency about their water-use with WaterSmart Software. At this important inflection point, I am interested in promoting critical infrastructure and environmental resilience, co-creating inclusive and enduring solutions, and practicing and teaching everyday presence and practical abandon.

Jocelyn Ryder

I am an accountability, equity, inclusion, and diversity consultant, social activist, restorative-justice practitioner based in Oakland. I am also the senior copywriter at My greatest joys are singing gospel music in my church choir, and cuddling with  my dog, Love. I avoid calling the police on marginalized individuals and communities. I’ve been coming to GMS since 2013, and I love this community! Find me at and Flashlightcomms.

John Galloway

John brings colorful, witty whimsical energy into unsuspecting professional settings as a socially sustainable, lighthearted reminder that we are humans being & not just doing. His deep passions for clean energy & air, community collaboration, bodywork, & fighting climate calamity (does that poll well?) lead him, by day, to count and cut carbon molecules in the aviation industry and use terms like “distributed energy resources”. By night, a wicked dancer & stand-up comedian in local venues like the shower & car. Excited for new collaborations & meaningful connections at this milestone reunion!

Josh Daniel

Josh Daniel

Software Engineer/Entrepreneur in Big Data and Sustainable Agriculture

Josh is a tech entrepreneur / software engineer passionate about climate change mitigation, regenerative agriculture, and big data, and is excited about the possibilities of social entrepreneurship, design thinking, and system thinking to help humanity survive and thrive. Josh has co-founded several social/environmental startups, worked on search at Google, studied the power of exponential technologies to transform the world at Singularity University, and studied artificial intelligence (and entrepreneurship) during his MSCS at Stanford.

Julie Menter

Julie is Managing Director of New Media Ventures, a fund and national network of early stage investors supporting startups that create progressive political change.

Throughout her career, Julie has searched for opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around her. As a strategy consultant, first with the Boston Consulting Group and then with Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting, she has worked with large companies and non-profit organizations to redefine what good business means. She is originally from France where she received her MBA.

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Kathy Gade

Kathy is a certified AcroYoga® Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist, Nutrition Educator, Chef Extraordinaire and Handstand Enthusiast who understands the importance of fueling the body with clean, healthy and delicious foods that nourish and allow us to stay energized and active.  With opportunities to cook all over the world, Kathy focuses on using local & sustainable ingredients allowing everyone to truly experience and appreciate local food culture. or find me on Facebook

Katrina Zavalney

Katrina is a community organizer and started a nonprofit this year Aranya Solutions to support community development around the world. She has spent most of this last year in Nepal. She is also a Rotarian and brings a new perspective to a whole village solution with a Master’s degree in Organization Development and over 15 years of community development, event planning and sustainability experience. Katrina likes to be involved in things that have an impact. She helped green Disney and Burning Man in 2006 inspiring the theme for 2007 to be the "Green Man". Lastly, Katrina loves to dance!!

Laura Driscoll

Laura is a Bay Area native, and a lifelong nature lover. She recently completed a PhD in environmental science, after the very first Greenermind Summit inspired her to go back to school (yeah GMS!). She's currently working for Greenpeace International as research coordinator for their food team, overseeing global research and advocacy for more equitable and environmentally sustainable food systems. Laura loves hiking, photography, meditation, home brewing, and baking sourdough.

Lauren Highleyman

Lauren is the Manager of Projects and Partnerships at Root Solutions - a Bay Area-based non-profit dedicated to using behavioral science to help organizations design and implement programs that are more effective at achieving environmental action. When she’s not leading workshops or crafting behavior change campaigns, Lauren can be found excitedly planning her honeymoon to the Great Barrier Reef, while at the same time wondering how in the world she’s going to manage to be apart from her dog and cats for more than 2 weeks!

Lavinia Frank

Learners Guild, Operations (and General Fixer)

I've been working with start-ups in the social and environmental impact space for several years.  I thrive on helping good people tackle large, complicated problems.  I'm good at asking the right questions to get to root causes of personal and organizational roadblocks, and thought-partnering on solutions to remove them.  I jump in and get shit done.

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Leif Bansner

Inventor, designer, engineer of mobile and stationary, inspirational & educational pedal powered products.

Lindy Mockovak

A social impact strategy and communications professional, who loves good stories, community, and connection. Born and raised on the east coast, Lindy is reaching her two-year anniversary of living in San Francisco, and still sometimes forgets to bring a layer. She loves to run, paint, write, and travel.

Lucy Chen

I am an education enthusiast designing for learning. I am finishing up a global journey as a founding class student at Minerva Schools. I am always learning about how people learn. I also design experiences for people to reflect authentically about ourselves, with the team of

Marilyn Waite

Marilyn currently leads the climate and clean energy finance portfolio at the Hewlett Foundation. She has worked across four continents in renewable and nuclear energy, startups, and venture capital and investment. Author of Sustainability at Work: careers that make a difference, Marilyn is editor-at-large at GreenBiz and writes the column on green economy ventures, The Innovators. Marilyn previously led the energy practice at Village Capital, modeled and forecasted energy solutions to climate change as a Senior Research Fellow at Project Drawdown, and managed innovation projects at AREVA (now Orano).

Matt Myers

Matt is a change agent whose expertise lies at the intersection of technology, investment, policy and the environment. Matt is Founder and Executive Director of the E-Capital Summit, a platform bringing together private capital, ecosystem partners and cutting-edge cleantech companies to form partnerships addressing the valleys of death throughout the life cycle of company. Matt is also Founder of EarthxHack, formerly EARTHACK, the world’s largest environmental innovation competition.

Meg Beveridge

I hold a liberal arts degree from Hunter College, CUNY, where I majored in Women's Studies and Anthropology, and have chef's training certification from the Natural Gourmet Institute. Having worked in corporate finance for the better part of the last 15 years, I'm seeking a path that will bridge my background with my desire to have a more humanitarian impact on the world, with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture and nutrition. In my spare time I enjoy vegan cooking, music, running, reading, hiking, travel, dancing, and my two cats.

Melanie Colburn

Lover of life, runner of trails, working on planetary + human health

Mikhail Haramati

Mikhail is an artist, thinker, energy policy wonk, and empathy master. She loves learning, intellectual conversation, new ideas, beauty, and encouraging others to be their best selves.

MJ Broadbent

Graphic facilitator, graphic recorder, sketchnoter, UX designer. Visual thought partner: listening, synthesizing, and drawing so people see to understand. I love making — and helping others make — visual explanations. Other personal passions: nature photography, plants, horticulture, and systems of nature. Avid indoor rower (Concept2) and spin cyclist.

Nathalie Arbel

Nathalie is a writer and editor who runs a consultancy and is interested in women's issues, racial justice, and spending time in nature.

Nathalie Collins

Nathalie is a Design Director at in San Francisco, a non-profit focused on designing solutions that expand opportunity in communities around the world. She climbs, cuddles, makes interactive art, and finds her favorite moments among smiles in the outdoors.

Nicholas Austin

Nick is a Berkeley-trained environmental techie who loves selling the business case for sustainable design, products, and ideas. If Nick didn’t have GHGs to drawdown (and bay area rent to pay), he would travel the world to learn about other cultures, while writing fiction and learning martial arts and dance. He’ll still do this someday.

Nicole Garzino

Nicole leads in cultural & nonprofit management, including innovative funding, audience engagement, coalition building, strategic planning, capacity building/financial sustainability, program implementation, & Board development. With an M.A. in Arts Administration, she has led museums, theatres, art centers, Arts Councils, and foundations. She is Dir. of Membership for Battery Powered/Battery Foundation, a Bay Area donor collective at The Battery, and has her own nonprofit consultancy, Audiate Creative. She is currently a 2018-19 YBCA (Yerba Buena Center for the Arts) Political Power Fellow.

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Nicole Greenspan

Nicole is passionate about collaborating with communities to co-create a more just and sustainable future, using tools like community-based social marketing, design thinking and regenerative design. Currently creating multi-touch marketing campaigns for local government to promote pro-environmental behaviors at Gigantic Idea Studio, she previously worked on sustainability initiatives at Stanford University, US Green Building Council, and Alliance for Climate Education. When not exploring wicked problems, you might find her dancing, singing, backpacking, meditating, and traveling.

Nicole Sroka

I teach and lead the people side of change for organizations using a holistic mindfulness approach. I'm a business owner, yogi, cyclist and outdoor adventurer residing in Washington DC. I'm jazzed about embodied/somatic leadership, organizational agility (the big A), the change of seasons and anything felt with the heart. GMS#6

Nya Van Leuvan

Nya founded and serves as the executive director of an environmental NGO, Root Solutions, that works to scale environment impact through infusing programs with best practices of behavioral sciences. Her past work at Environmental Defense Fund was focused on the application of research in institutional design, sociology, and economics to create policies and design principles that facilitate rational environmental decision-making, namely in service of preserving the world’s oceans. Nya holds a M.A. from the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University. She holds a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley.  She also co-owns a festival clothing business and makes jewelry carried in boutiques around the state.

Peter Gleason

Designer, engineer, climber, dad (twin girls), and more!  I love meeting and learning about people and talking crazy ideas (and then doing them).  3 months from now I could be a mechanical engineer, a life coach, a writer, or finally getting a Corgi and spending all my time loving it.  So...a bit all over the map at this point!  But what I learned from my last job is I want and need to be helping people somehow as part of my life and work.  Some areas of interest: diversity and inclusion (and belonging), gender equity and equality, appropriate technology, product design, and coaching.

Rachman Chung

Rachman Chung, DC, DACNB, Chiropractic Neurologist

I am a former skateboarder who transformed my passion for movement into dancing and exploring this amazing world. Professionally, I am a chiropractic neurologist and natural medicine practitioner who utilizes the latest advances neuroscience and rehabilitation to help those suffering from complex health conditions, such as concussion, dizziness, migraines, balance issues and movement disorders. I also assist your average weekend warrior with sport and spine injuries. Everything I have learned and use as tools to help others is based on my desire to understand and intentionally engage the forces and experiences that shape who we become injured, suffer illness and when we are striving for optimal health.

Rainbow Chen

Hi! A mentor once described me as a breath of fresh air for my unique blend of wise sage & playful child. I value my golden heart, fast mind, & supple body from dancing & singing my whole life. A seasoned career & relationships coach, I support top MBAs & smart professionals to have clarity in their careers & be more alive in the boardroom & the bedroom. I cherish my authentic living, connected relating, & being a "trusted guide to the edge". Shepherding new experiences & seeing people light up is a fun way to live into my birth name & be a colorful beacon of hope & possibility :)

Rebel Sanders

I'm an adjunct Associate Professor of Biology at Austin Community College and Huston-Tillotson University where I'm passionate about environmental education! My research interests are varied and include mitigating hatchery stress in Pacific salmon in order to improve sustainability in salmon populations, improving undergraduate education of diverse groups through inclusive practices, globalization of curriculum, and using evidence-based teaching & learning techniques. I aim for my students to be global citizens and understand that they can be the change they seek!

Ryan Kushner

The Accelerator Guy. Energy Futurist. Author of "Accelerate This!". Unfucking the world.

Sahar Massachi

Sahar was born in Israel to refugees from revolutionary Iran. Since then, he's focused his time on projects like writing, political organizing, computers, data, wisdom, jews, romance, family, startups, and the divine.

Lately he's been thinking about monopolies, new and traditional methods of building people power, designing spaces for healthy public conversation, and how to grow soul power in an age of machines.

Sandra Kwak

CEO/Founder of Certified Benefit Corp, 10Power, which is providing renewable energy internationally to communities that lack access to electricity.

Board member at the Foundation for Climate Restoration.

Previously worked with AutoGrid creating energy saving apps for utilities using smart meter Big Data, scaling the company through $14M in financing from prototype to a global brand.

Sustainable MBA from Presidio Graduate School, BA from Emory University taught Race, Activism and Climate Justice at SFSU and guest lectures at CCA and Stanford.

TEDx Talk (

Sara Morency

Sara is a Learning Designer, Coach, and Facilitator who builds and delivers high impact learning programs around the globe. Driven by a passion for deeply human leadership, Sara helps leaders develop the courage, connection, and resilience to thrive in complexity and change while respecting the power and responsibility of their role.

Sara started her career in the nonprofit sector, and grew through 10+ years in nonprofit operations and program management. She is an avid environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast, loves mountains as much as humans, and spends most of her free time outside.

Scott Cooney

5 time social entrepreneur, author, former professor in the MBA program at the University of Hawaii, creator of a sustainability board game, and currently the CEO of Pono Home, Inc. Pono Home does energy and water saving retrofits in homes and small businesses, and sells a zero waste line of organic, locally sourced products for the home (shampoo, soaps, sunscreen, lip balm, cleaners, etc.). Previous to Pono Home, Scott founded and ran Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., which operates a number of online properties, including the world's largest clean energy news website, CleanTechnica.

Shana Rappaport

Shana Rappaport has worked actively for over a decade as a cross-industry convener to advance sustainability solutions. Shana currently works at GreenBiz as Vice President and Executive Director of VERGE, the leading global event series focused on accelerating the clean economy and solutions to the climate crisis. VERGE convenes the world’s largest companies, public sector leaders, utilities and technology innovators to advance systemic opportunities for business, cities and society, while addressing our most pressing global challenges.

Sheetal Kapani

Sheetal provides clean tech and life science startups venture debt alongside free advice. She has lived across three continents and has been living in SF for 9 years now. Her latest claim to fame is that she just got appointed as the recycling advocate for her building! She loves dancing too.

Shing Kong

Trained as an environmental engineer, I once worked in water resources, water conservation, and international development. Life takes unanticipated turns and currently, I work at Burning Man Project as a project manager in art, and work on project management of large-scale art installations and art curation for festivals. I also practice Vipassana meditation, late-night dancing, and the life-changing magic of tidying up.

Shirin Ardakani

I’m a designer, strategist, and user researcher—a deep thinker with unquenchable curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit. When Iʼm not working to uncover user insights or (re)define a problem, I’m helping folks understand and integrate design methods and mindsets into their personal and professional toolkits. I recently returned to California after a year spent living and working in the teeny tiniest state in the union, Rhode Island, and I’m so very glad to be home. Can't wait to get back into the Greenermind groove with some good frolicking in the Mendocino Redwoods!

Steffen Kuehr

Steffen is a passionate entrepreneur in the sewing industry pursuing the goal to create more sustainable apparel & textile manufacturing jobs here in the United States. His brand focuses on diverting used materials from the landfill and upcycling them into unique and purposeful new products. Originally from Germany, Steffen spent many years working in the telecommunications industry in the UK and Austria before moving to California in 2007. He is a passionate traveler, photographer, tennis player and busy father of three.

Stephen Cataldo

Wrote "Cognitive Politics: a Communications Workbook for Progressives" and active on framing across the partisan divide. Hackathons. Previous life: built SpaceShare ride- and room-sharing for events.

Susanna Goldenstein

I’m a SF native, love to perform as a musician, travel with my camera, and have foodie adventures. I’m a software designer in healthcare/life sciences. 

Syche Cai

Policy analyst currently working on transportation electrification and emissions reductions from transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft. Spirited eco-warrior always looking for the perfect hike and spot to read a good science fiction book.

Tanya Libby

I'm an Epidemiologist with a passion for using data to inform public health policy. When I'm not investigating disease outbreaks or tracking antibiotic resistance, you'll usually find me rock climbing, backcountry skiing or frolicking in an alpine meadow. I previously worked in Tanzania and Ecuador and my current research focuses on the social and environmental determinants of health.

Ted Ko

My life seems to be all about the flow and storage of energy.  Professionally, it's about the flow and storage of electricity, using batteries to get us to a 100% clean energy future.  Physically, it's about dance as both an expression of the flow of internal human energy and an experience and opportunity to flow energy back and forth between people.  Socially, it's about finding ways to add positive energy to other people's internal "batteries" and growing relationships with people who do the same.  How can you and I connect and "plug in" to each other?

William Caemmerer

Tree-loving human from the East coast, I have a background in "user experience" design for the web, and am looking for ways to get involved in (and geek out on) interesting endeavors and good causes. Music is a participant sport I love to share. And frisbee.

Yael Meoded

I moved to San Francisco 4 years ago, after living most of my life in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since I moved, I am trying to find ways to build communities though Israel-Jewish cycles as well as promoting plant based diet and dance. I enjoy hiking, cooking and travel and my happy place is dancing. I love to make connections between people, whether it as part of a business platform or personal networking. Also newly wed and trying to find a new career path for me, so a lot is going on! Hope to meet interesting people that share similar interests.

Zeke Hausfather

Zeke is the US Analyst for Carbon Brief, a research scientist at Berkeley Earth, and is finishing a PhD with the Energy and Resources Group at U.C. Berkeley. He was previously the lead data scientist at Essess, Inc, an energy efficiency startup that develops vehicle mounted thermal imaging systems, the senior climate analyst at Project Drawdown, the chief scientist at C3 Energy, and the cofounder and chief scientist of Efficiency 2.0, a behavior-based energy efficiency company. His current research focuses on improving observational estimates of surface and near-surface temperatures, climate model/observation comparisons, and climate impacts of energy systems.

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