Camp Coach Job Description

Title: Camp Coach

Reports To: Private Events + Camp Supervisor (SD)/Community Relations + Events Supervisor (RENO)

Department: Camp Team

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Classification: Seasonal

Location: Regional

The Why:

Mesa Rim’s vision is to improve the quality of life of our community. We believe that climbing can be transformative and we seek to inspire lifelong climbers who connect with themselves and others. Camp coaches bring this to life by providing a fun and encouraging camp experience for youth climbers.

The How:

As a Camp Coach, you thrive when working with kids. You have a positive attitude and know that camp is meant to foster learning, growth, and having fun! You are kind, patient, encouraging, and able to connect with kids and keep their attention. You take safety seriously and understand the diligence and attention to detail required to oversee a group of children for extended periods of time. As a Camp Coach, you enjoy climbing and are passionate about sharing climbing with others.

The What:

Instructional and Operational Excellence: Camp Coaches are responsible for coaching participants in camp, ensuring all Mesa Rim protocols are followed.

Coaching Presence Excellence: Camp Coaches are responsible for overseeing groups of youth climbers; Coaches must be attentive, demonstrate professionalism, and uphold Camp Coaching Standards.

Other work-related duties as assigned

Hours vary and minimums may be required according to the needs of business operations at each location



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